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Mysterious Call!
By Chessly Lynn Nesci   

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Our loved ones are always with us. Death is never the end. It is the start of a new beginning. ~Peace~



                          ~Mysterious Call~






       The time is 5:32 pm and my phone starts  ringing . When I say hello there is a strange silence. On the other end there is an elderly gentleman that says; “Hello” then hangs up. At first, I think it is the wrong number and decide to call my mom. She answers her cell phone next to the bath tub. She says she didn’t call me and there is no record of a call being made by that number to me. I tell her I will check my phone and get back to her in a minute.


       I check my phone and see her cell phone call at 5:32pm. It was her cell phone that called me but she had no record on her phone. Is it possible that someone was calling someone else and the lines crossed through to my phone??  Is there a logical explanation for the strange call?  I felt really strange like my father was trying to hear my voice from beyond. I remember one of my very favorite Twilight Zone episodes where the old lady got phone calls from her dead husbands’ grave. She was all alone and her phone kept ringing day and night. He would only say; “Hello” then would hang up.


       The last time he called she had unplugged the phone and it still rang. The very last image was a phone cord reaching into her husbands’ grave. Can our loved ones really reach out after they leave this earth? Does our spirit go on forever? When I found my father with his head in between his knees I lost faith. I felt his hard cold frail body and knew he was gone. Our body is just a shell for our spirit. I believe our spirit does stick around until it is time to come back. I also believe we have old souls on this earth and very new souls. The old souls have lived many lives learning something new with each experience.


        Our soul will finally rest in heaven after we learned everything we were supposed to on earth. Some new souls are very pure and haven’t experienced life. They might have to come back several times, or they might only live once.  My father was a very wise old soul and has been around a very long time.  I believe he suffered in his last life and now he is finally going to stay in heaven.  He is my angel protecting and guiding me through the doors of life. Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you knew them before?


       Well, I think when we have those feelings it confirms we have been here before and knew that person in another life. I also believe we connect with the same circle of family and friends in our different lifetimes.  Heaven and Hell really exist in my mind. If we are good loving people and treat others with respect we will be guided up into the sky.


      If our hearts are cold and hurt others we will be sent into the fire of Hell. My father has finally paid his dues and he is free forever. I will see him in heaven and join him in doing good deeds for others. What goes around always comes around. God will always take of us if we are pure in our hearts. We have to believe that heaven is really there or we will never see that magical place.


      I was in a horrific car accident and felt a warm light guiding me up into the sky. The voice told me to wake up; but I wanted to go into the light. I am proof that something more does exist because I was on my way there. It wasn’t my time yet. I still needed to learn some things before I could go. What I do know is that the feeling of warmth in the light was amazing. Something does happen when we die. I almost died twice and heard the same male voice both times. Who was the person talking to me inside my head? Was it an angel, or a spirit guide?


     They do exist because I have met a few in my life. My father had Gabriel escort him into heaven. I have the piece of paper my father left beside his lifeless body as my proof. He didn’t need me because he wasn’t alone. We are never alone when we die.  Everyone has someone holding their hand and guiding them into the light.


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We have to die to go on

It is what life is all about

A beginning and ending

Our bodies can't last forever

They are not supposed to

Our soul never dies

It just goes to another place

To stay for a while

Until it is time

To begin again

A new life

A new body

But never a new soul

That never changes

And will never die

Don't think death is the end

It is just the start of a new beginning


Copyright ©2009 Chessly Nesci
















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