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Kat And Frank Hammer: An Update, February 2012.!
By Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado   

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Katrina Hammer from Fairbanks, Alaska, updates us as to what is going on in her world.

Image (c) 2011, by Robert Berdan.

Fairbanks, Alaska, February  3, 2012, 3:26 a.m., Alaska Time~

Dear Journal~

I haven't realized it has been that long since I last sat down at the computer: last entry I wrote was dated June 0f 2010!!  Almost a year and a half?  Wow!! Incredible!!

Maverick James, our second-born son, is no longer a baby: he will be two years old this eyar, in August!  He has grown into a beautiful little boy who is the spitting image of me.  Smart as a whip and full of vinegar: he loves to explore and get into mischief.  LOL  Life is never dull when Maverick's around, I garontee!! :)

As for Frank, Jr. (still refer to him as "Junior"), he is a daddy's boy.  Follows his papa around like a shadow: full of questions and as quiet as Maverick is loud!  LOL  He is going to be starting pre-K in the fall.  Seems like only yesterday when he was born .... +Sigh ...+

We still have our animals: "Grinnin' Jack", our Alaskan Malamute who has grown into SUPER-DOG (he's HUGE!!), and our two cats who let "Grinnin' Jack" know that they are not to be trifled with.  Our kitties are "Opie" (a cream-colored Ragdoll with white paws, intense sapphire-blue eyes, and lilac-colored "points") and "Aurora Borealis Of The Far North" (a solid-grey Norwegian Forest Cat with dark-orange eyes).

The weaether here has been brutal, to say the least.  Very, very cold, highs averaging in the minus 20's and lots of snow.  In fact, as I write this down now, it is snowing; expecting upwards to an inch, but I personally think we are going to get more than that.  It's really coming down hard!  The snow is supposed to taper off by this evening, with clearing skies before midnight.   The temperatures are then supposed to warm up significantly with highs projected to be ABOVE zero by the start of next week!!

Break out the suntan lotion and the bathing suits!! (Yeah, RIGHT!! LOL)

Healthwise, we're all doing good.  Maverick was in the hospital back in October: a bee stung him near his eye and he had an allergic reaction.  He was in overnight, for observation (and some oxygen); come to find out that our youngest child is highly allergic to bees, so now we have to carry an Epi-Pen with us during the growing season.  Wonderful (NOT!) ...

Happily, we've managed to keep Maverick away from the bees, but we still get nervous if one flies too close ... he doesn't mind, though; he thinks those fat, fuzzy, buzzy bumblebees (or "Bumple-Bees", as he calls 'em) are cute and he wants nothing more than to pet them.  (This was how Maverick got into trouble in the first place.  He petted the bee; Mr. Bee did not cotton to being petted, so he stung Maverick right near his eye! O, how he hollered!!  That was before he started choking and turning blue.  Scared us both stupid!!)

Thank God our other son is not allergic to bees.  In fact, nothing bothers him.  If he falls or gets stung, no worries: he picks himself up and keeps going!  

Frank is still working at his Jeep dealership; I help out as receptionist/secretary.  We work five days a week.  When we are at work, our nieghbor watches Maverick and Frank, Jr.  They take very good care of the boys and the boys just love our neighbor so much!  

Soon she will watch only Maverick when Frank, Jr. starts Pre-K in the fall; she will have her hands full with him.  Maverick is a live wire; always has been!  Takes after me: he is definitely a Cajun, inside and out!!  LOL

This summer, Frank and I plan on taking the boys and visiting my old stomping grounds.  Know N'Awlins won't look the same, but it is great to know that she is coming back, bigger and better than ever!!  I am really looking forward to it!!  

Well, I am getting stupid (sleepy), so I am going to put this to bed and I will follow suit.  I will write in here again soon (hopefully I won't wait another year in order to do so! LOL); until later, this is Katrina Hammer saying so long!  May God bless you as much as He's been blessing us!

~Love, your friend in Alaska, Katrina.  :) 

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