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Nude-Night-Naughty 8!
By Mark M Lichterman   

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‘Paunch’? Yeah, in his dreams! Mitchell saw the body of a seventy-three year old man with a bulging stomach, his own set of hanging boobies, a major set of ‘love-handles’ and...

Naughty 8 follows Naughty 7


Nude-Night-Naughty 7

Now I know that most reading this will think of Mitchell Lipensky as a bit a shallow person when the mere sight of two creamy white, sparsely freckled, long dangling breasts would turn the mind, and attitude of this old man from being… oh, from being what one might think of as slightly flirtatious to… Oh, yeah, she does have boobs! 


His eyes followed Shannon as, patting Andy’s head, she – her previously   hidden, sixty three year old breasts fell (they were, after all, sixty three year old breasts, so fell) back into their flattened, non-noticeable state – as, straightening her back Shannon walked the seven feet back to her chair alongside Mitchell.


As, his eyes following: Shannon no longer looked as she had a mere…? three minutes ago. Somehow now she was prettier and somehow now –as, to him, she had never been before–Shannon was now alluring and, bewitched, bedazzled and bewildered, She does have boobs!  Mitchell Lipensky felt a twitch within his seventy-three year old penis. Which, for you younger guys, a twitch in a seventy-three year old penis is an okay thing.


Both sitting rather quietly for a few minutes: Shannon pretending, or maybe really not aware that she had exposed a goodly portion of her breasts; Mitchell still reeling from his recent soul/penis touching discovery.


Their dogs, “Harry” and “Andy”? Yeah, I know! One may think strange names but they were, after all, boy dogs.


Going on: Shannon Lynne and Mitchell Lipensky sat without speaking for a few minutes each watching the antics of their dogs. Actually, because it was a rather warm day Andy was stretched out sleeping while Harry slowly strode about sniffing the grass and, all was quiet until…


“You want to come over later on?”


“Yes!” As though waiting for the question, answering immediately, Shannon emphatically said, “Yes!”


On that day, at that moment, the slightly more than, oh, slightly more than slightly flirtatious talk ended by means of a seven word question and a one, “Yes” word answer.


His heart thumping at the thought of ‘being with a new woman’. ‘New Woman’? Well, he’d known Shannon for twenty-seven years. Yet, after all these years suddenly ‘wanting’ Shannon! Wanting her badly. Yet, worried at the fact that he was, after all, a chubby, seventy-three year old man. And even with pharmaceutical assistance ‘things’ didn’t always turn out the way he’d wanted, ‘things' to turn out.


Now that he’d asked and she’d answered; now complications came forward as plans had to be made.


“Shannon, eh…” now absolutely at a loss for words, “do you want to go out for dinner?” he asked.


At this point in time all that knew the Lynne family or the Lipensky family, including their spouses, thought them absolutely nothing other than platonic neighbors.  Which – even counting their slightly flirtatious talk – they were.


Possibly imagining, My, God, just show a guy a pair of little-old titties!  In reality, sensing a near forgotten glow of passion, her heart pounding, in reality Shannon had wanted to ‘be’ with Mitchell for years! Now, though, with his wife and her husband in hospitals, thinking it best not to be seen out together, “No,” Shannon said. “What if I just come over at, uh, eight.”


Reaching across the slight space between their two lawn chairs, both startled by the touch of the other, taking her hand, “Yes, Shannon. Eight will be fine.” 


Nude-Night-Naughty 8

Of course, over the twenty-seven years that they had known each other – only as neighbors, of course — even though at times there had been slightly more than, slightly flirty talk, of course they’d had occasion to accidently, truly accidentally touch or brush against each other. But on this beautifully warm day in mid-November of year 2007, approaching a heretofore unforeseen unapproachable divide, Mitchell’s question, “You want to come over later on?” brought them to the rim of a rock strewn sexual moat. Then Shannon’s surprising heart pounding but simply stated, “Yes.” caused both to know that they’d hurdled the first barrier of their life altering chasm, and then the simple touch of the hand of Shannon’s held within the hand of Mitchell’s that felt so…? The touch of their unfamiliar hands, of course, felt strange but yet, knowing what was coming later, warmly erotic.


Feeling extremely – though there was no one in sight or in a position to see them – feeling extremely self-conscious sitting side by side on the wide grassy area behind their homes, in the open, warmly holding hands with the thought that, after all her years of secret yearning, that she was actually going to ‘be’ with Mitchell. That she was actually going to make love and to be naked with Mitchell.


Uh,oh!  ‘Make love’! ‘Naked with Mitchell’! Sixty-three years old!  Shannon thought, I’m sixty-three years old and no man other than Burton – and doctors, of course – have seen me naked since… she couldn’t remember when any man, other than Burton – and doctors, of course – had seen her naked. Then visualizing her nude body with her size 34c cup, long hanging, sixty three year old breasts – minus, of course her early formative years – also visualizing her, in her mental eye; soft – after the, long, long ago birth of her two children, her stomach had never returned to it‘s youthful, taut stage, so – In Shannon’s mental eye she had ugly… Well, she thought, my boobies sure turned him on fast enough!  However in her mental eye, Shannon Lynne saw her long hanging, sixty-three year old breasts and an ugly, mushy stomach, as…


Maybe I’d better let go her hand. Mitchell thought, but loving the feel of a new female hand; of this female’s within his.


Still, sitting without speaking, still watching the antics of his dog, thinking of, and still visualizing the sight of Shannon’s hanging breasts; he thought of the fact that – after all of the many years of non-other than Marsha – Mitchell thought of the fact that he was actually going to see a different naked woman! After all these many years he was actually going to see the body of a woman other than his wife. That they would make love and be nude… 


Thinking of Shannon’s creamy white, sparsely freckled, long dangling breasts, glancing downward there was the  – at one time, many years ago – familiar bulge alongside the inside seam of his left thigh…


Thinking, I haven’t had a boner on my own for? Uh, since ….?


He and his wife had not made love… Often hardly speaking to each other, Mitchell and Marsha had not been intimate for the past two years.


With the aid of one-half of a fifty milligram Viagra, Just to make sure and keep ‘it’ in working order, he’d rationalized; occasionally… Well, actually more than ‘occasionally’, Mitchell Lipensky, with the help of twenty-five milligrams of Viagra, would partake in ‘personal manipulation’. Uh, just, of course, to make sure and to keep ‘it’ in working order.  


Thinking, I haven’t had a boner on my own for? Uh, since ….? Looking downward again, proud of his seventy-three year achievement,  he squeezed Shannon’s hand.


Turning her head, looking at him as…


Shannon and her husband had not made love… Actually, because Burton Lynne flatly refused to do anything about his excessive drinking, he and his wife had not been intimate for near four years and Shannon Lynne – even for an old lady – was really horny!


Turning her head, looking at him as…


Looking downward, in the general direction of the bulge alongside the inside seam of his left thigh, as…


Following his eyes, applying more pressure to Mitchell’s hand, Shannon looked downward.


Feeling the pressure, transmitting the fact – in Mitchell’s mind, although, really, it was true — that she looked forward to being with him at eight o’clock as much as he looked forward to eight o’clock.


 Uh,oh!  Reality now hitting home, Uh,oh!  ‘Make love’! ‘Be nude’! ‘Be naked with Shannon’’? Seventy-three years old!  Mitchell thought, I’m seventy-three years old! 


Seeing himself, in his mental eye, Mitchell saw a paunch…


‘Paunch’? Yeah, in his dreams! Mitchell saw the body of a seventy-three year old man with a bulging stomach, his own set of hanging boobies, a major set of ‘love-handles’ and, though, his face still remained on the extremely youthful side, there was – especially if… when he’ll be in the ‘on top position’— the flesh beneath his chin hung loosely.


However, his ‘shallow’ side overtaking ‘reality’, mentally shrugging his shoulders…  


The balance of this day going rather quickly as both Shannon and Mitchell, with a sense of heightening passion, mentally raced into the depths of their chasm of illicit passion.


‘Chasm of illicit passion’! Really? Remembering, after all, that Shannon is a sixty-three year old ‘Senior Citizen’ while Mitchell Lipensky, at age seventy-three, could only be categorized as a ‘geezer’.


Thinking about it, it may be a good idea to warn you that the next chapter might not be so pretty. 


Quite possibly the next chapter may be the last chapter…


Well, I don’t know now. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how much trouble the old lady and geezer get into.  


This I do know, though:  An unwanted pregnancy will definitely not be a problem with these two.


To be continued

©August 30,  2012 / Mark M. Lichterman








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