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Tweets on Writing Books While Aging!
By Lonnie Hicks   

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And to think I thought it would not happen to me.

"The biggest mistake I make is in seeking comfort & confirmation from others for beliefs I already hold. Can't see the future coming that way.
"It is not enough to be right about everything even if you are right about everything."
"Bad news in life is when looking out the window realizing that the train on the next set of tracks is moving, not you."
"I don't mind growing older I just don't want anyone around to watch."
"My kids forget too often that the person of their dreams also dream of finding a someone who has to be a dream person as well."
"If you always follow your "gut instincts" it just might be gas."
"The good decision-maker chooses the next best thing to do; the great decision maker chooses the next best for the next five things to do after that."
"Having too many ideas for a book is dangerous especially if you can't decide which ones are the best for the book."
If u want to be prepared for tomorrow talk to someone under 25.
If you are not prepared for the future there is trouble.
Change is usually what you are not prepared for.
"If you are really smart you don't change your mind, you simply are open to letting the world do that for you."
"Maturity is the process of gradually learning that your genius has not been in charge but dumb luck has been there most of the time."
"Much of life is gradually learning that change means you."
"The fact of life is that no matter who you are you end up getting trapped by the small things you come to love and don't want to give them up."

"When I was younger I was much smarter and had tons of friends, now I am not so smart and too many of my friends live on the printed page."
"The problem with my creativity is that it is sometimes made of jello and often just slips away."
"Good writers learn to be themselves; great writers learn to be their friends, enemies and neighbors."
"I tried to learn guitar and spent years practicing; and then something tremendous happened: I still couldn't play; so I became a writer."
"Cheerfully abandoning one's literary babies at the hands of Darth Vader editors is a skill every writer must have."
"Editing is death by a thousand nibbles."
"Some times it's the story or is the grammar; I always choose the story, and then I find I am tense-less and have to edit."
"All writers inexplicably subject themselves to the greatest torture which can be applied while sitting down: grammar."
"Those who think they are victims harbor a secret sense of superiority to those that think they are superior-so both "superiors" fight it out.

"The secret of a long relationship is to take the first five grievances you have and eliminate them; and then forget the last one too.
"Good music allows personal expression, great music allows participation."
"To forgive is a trick we need to learn from animals-dogs are especially good at this."
"Big mistakes can be rationalized away, it is the small ones which stick in your mind."
"The best habit to acquire is that of learning to tell the truth gently."
"The only absolute necessity of life is preserving one's sense of wonder. When that goes you are officially old."
"If had to choose between true love and true acceptance, I would choose the latter."
"The pace of life is such that what was true and relevant five years ago is no longer true and relevant today."
"Who you go to for advice assumes that person has lived your life. Not"
"Some times your best friend is your worst enemy--if they never tell you the truth trying to be "supportive."
So she asked him, "What are you trying to accomplish in this relationship?" And he said, "Accomplish?"
"Money can destroy love but it cannot make love."
"You rise much higher in life if you take everyone around up with you."
"You are too much into your characters if you are embarrassed to be seen with them in the daylight on the city streets."
"Each sentence should include one of the five senses; if not you are too close to doing journalism."
"Good authors write to be read today; great authors write to be still read 400 years from now. 
"There are two kinds of people; those that change the world, and those that sit waiting for the world to change them."
"If I knew what I wanted I would be smarter than I am."
"Good fiction is interesting, great fiction is transforming."
"Poetry exists to make fiction exciting; fiction exists to make real poetic visions; poets are the canary in the literary coal mine"
"The problem with being wrong is that people feel free to take advantage of you then."
The basic issue is who I am and who I want people to see me as."
"Saving the world for me is often just about not publishing my last bad book."


















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