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So What About Orgasms? Let's Talk!
By Lonnie Hicks   

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So what really happens in the bedroom around "The Big O"
See also "Body Stories From Within" and "The Whole Body Orgasm-both on this site--companion pieces.

Updated: 6/6/13 Female sexuality, drugs,cancer and sex after fifty
Updated 3/4/12 So what is hype around these issues and what is real?

What About Tantric and Victorian attitudes toward sex. The Victorian attitudes will likely shock or at least surprise you.
So how sex-oriented are humans compared to other animals?
Updated: Four articles on the Big O. The TED video on this topic is funny.

Updated: 3/17/12 Who is Wilhelm Reich and what does he have to do with orgasms?

Updated: 3/24/12
Yoga and sex? ABC has no shame.

Updated: 2/15/13 Facts about Sex and Orgasms

Updated: 2/17/13 Do some women fake orgasms for their partners sake?


So ABC news and the other major outlets are having to compete with COSMO and the tabloids and they are having a go at it pushing sex in headlines and articles where ever possible.

The normal rule of thumb is blood and violence leads the news but an equally prominent rule of thumb is "sex sells."

So what do we have here?

Now sex, love and orgasms do matter to many, if not most of us, but the question of what is exactly going on eludes most of us.

Luckily for us ABC rides to the rescue here  resurecting every single sex study they could get their hands on and published them as part of ABC "news."

I, as a writer in this area myself, (see my blog on this "The Whole Body Orgasm" on this site. I take the viewpoint that good sex begins and ends with good breathing and lay out specfic exercises which will help, proven to work mind you.

But me aside, what does ABC offer us in the way of pretending to offer advice while pressing the titilation button to the max?

In doing so ABC news has offered us some of the most explict sex-filled language I have ever seen on a major news website.

I will examine all of this blue language and evaluate it all and then sift the wheat from the chaft.

See what you think. Check out the link below and I'll get back in a few days.

Notice the "related" articles as well. They are part of the ABC all out assualt on sex and orgasms.

Starting tommorow lets have a look at this orgasm thing in a more mature light.

The first question I find my self asking is how common is this thing in the animal kingdom? Why is there so much interest in sex among us? What other animal has orgasms and why?And what of the claim that most women do not have orgasms without "help and aids?"

Then on to a recent history of bedroom highjinks and a serious look at the question of what actually has worked for males and females in successfully coming to the (ok, I have to say it) orgasm. The Victorian practices were surprizing to me.

Oh, boy, this is going to be good.

3/4/12 Chapter Two

But before we go all serious let's examine the various notions about orgasms that appear in the various articles at ABC news.

Why we might ask all the hype? Answer: To get people to watch the network and for ABC to get bigger ratings and to sell more advertising.

 Don't ignore the items in blue in these articles like "Gspot" and "Tantric" click on them because they take you to other articles and sites and you can get a good sense of the nonsense that is being put other there as "orgasm science."
First, the Gspot idea has been proven to be false.

Embarssingly it was found that the spot was actually close to the bladder and touching the spot actually simulated in women a sense of having to ah, go.
That sensation, it turns out, some women were confusing with orgasm, and even more embarissingly, some actually did "go" and therefore never tried that again.

Therefore, I have concluded some sober reflection on what is going on with ah, orgasms,  and offer my humble observations in the next few days and trust some light will shine on these matters that is not just utter hype and tittilation.

Stay tuned.

 For those interested in Tantric and Victorian sexual mores, see the links below. Victorian practices are truly shocking.

The above purports to be "scientific" explorations of the issue. See what you think.

How sex-oriented are humans compared to other animals? See link below

Below are a sample of articles on orgasms to be found on the internet.

See the TED video by Mary Roach (10 things you never knew about orgasms-(piasa below) It is funny.


For brave souls who want to see the connections between orgasms, Freud, modern physics, Aether and Einstein should see "The Function of the Orgasm" by the controversal figure Wilhelm Reich. Prepare for a mental journey of incredible scope.

Be sure to read the middle of the article where some of Reich's ideas were verified by other scientists.

 Amazon Review below of 'The Function of the Orgasm"


2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What it states on the cover..., August 28, 2010

In this seminal work Reich asks a number of basic questions related to the role of the orgasm in humans, such as:


If human females can be forced into sexual congress by the more dominant male (he was writing a long time ago :-) ) then why does nature bother to endow women with an orgasm?


If human females can only have a maximum of say 20 offspring over their reproductive life, why does nature endow women with cravings for sexual congress that can lead to thousands of orgasms over a woman's life?


What is the physical nature of human sexuality that leads to psychosis when it is not given free reign (ie Freud pointed out that a lack of sex leads to madness and WR asks, if that is true (which he accepted) what is the mechanism which brings that about.


WR concluded that the orgasm in both the male and female of the species has a role that is far more meaningful and important to our well being than a mere pleasure principle working us towards reproduction. In short, he argues that the orgasm helps balance us and restore our sanity when the knocks and disappointments of everyday life threaten to unbalance us. It is a bit like a bar magnet. When it is in its most pure state, the atoms of the magnet are perfectly polarised (our lives are in balance) when it is subject to hammer blows, the magnet loses its perfect polarity and its power (the nitty-gritty wears us down and saps our life energy). Remagnetizing the bar magnet (orgasm's job in us) restores that polarity and our natural sense of well-being.


This is a powerful argument and the book is one of the central pillars of Reich's entire work.

Yoga and sex? ABC continues it's sexual tititllation onslaught.

50 Facts About Orgasms and Sex at:

 Do some women fake orgasms for their partners sake?


Are women secretly sexually ravenous?

Viagra, and Female Sexuality

 Drugs which can ruin your sex life

 Sex after 60 linked to happiness

 No sex after 60? Wrong:

 Sex after Cancer? Yes.


So what is the average penis size?



















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