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the three little pigs and the big bad wolf!
By Albert Megraw   

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how three little pigs beat the big bad wolf.

The three young pigs and the sneak old wolf who is always hungry.


There were three pigs…. they were friends. Do you know what a pig looks like? You don’t…. well let me tell you what our little pigs looked like.

Their skin is oh so pink just like yours and mine. They have big blue eyes and long black eye lashes that curled up at the ends. Their noses are not like ours, but they are cute with two large holes that sit above long lips that use to dribble all the time. I laugh when I think of their pointed ears that sit up high on their heads and they have a little hair between those ears just as you do.

Do you know they have four legs where we only have two but I guess having four makes up for an extra two hands that we have. They have round tubby bellies; I think this is because they like to eat lots…anyway out three pigs have tails. The two boy pigs have straight ones and the girl has one that curls.

We like to play close to the forest, this place is dark as there are so many trees there that the golden sunlight can not shine down between the trees and make it nice and sunny and it is cold, so we don’t play there. Our mummy and daddy pigs told us that a wolf lives in there………….do you know what a wolf is, you don’t know…. Well I had better tell you before I tell you any more of this story.

A wolf is like a big dog with lots of hair, he has a long pointed nose, with ears that are always listening to hear what is around. For he likes to catch things that he can eat. He has four long thin legs and a very long bushy tail and his teeth are big and stick out between his lips. His tongue is pink and he likes to lick his lips when he thinks about something nice to eat like a pig…..hehehehehehe

These three pigs were playing in the fields close to the woods when the oldest decided to build a house. When he told his friends, what he was going to do the other two also wanted to build a house too. What are you going to build your out of asks Peter the eldest of the pigs to his friend Jack. Well…Jack thinks for a little while and then off he chats…. I thought I would use sticks as there are so many around close to the forest. What are you going to build yours out of Jack asks Peter…well…says Peter… I though as the farmer has a stone house, I though as I am strong and the biggest, I should build it out of stone. Gee…. that will be a super house states Jack,  and I wonder what Betty will build her out of says Jack asks Peter. Both boys giggle because girls usually don’t build things but Betty had been waiting for the boys to ask because she had already worked out what hers was going to be like. So when they asked her she said…Well mine is going to be build out of straw and I bet I will build mine first and off she went to beat the boys in their house making adventure. Jack takes off as do Peter to start on their houses…………

Peter spends a lot of time going around the field until he found the best place. It was a big hole in the ground in a hill close to the river. From the hill he could look out over the fields and the woods and it would make the best home ever………With his feet… well not really feet they call them hoofs he started to dig around that hoe and make it bigger and bigger. Pushing the stones away that he dig up using his back legs to help too. While his front ones dug in front of him. You do remember that he has four legs don’t you? That is good, that you did remember. Well, he worked all day long and just before the sun went down, he was able to shuffle into the hole. Tomorrow he would work more on making the inside bigger so he could move around without bumping against the sides of the hole. The next day he was up early before the birds came to wake him up. He was working away when the sun came up turning the night into day. Now he could see how his house building was going. . What a super big hole he now had and he was very happy with his stone house.


Jack had found the best place to build his house of stick It was close to a big old tree that had dropped lots of silver, gold and brown leaves close to a big old dried up bush. If I can collect more sticks, I can put them around the bush and push the leaves inside and they will make a nice soft place to sleep on. Off he went to collect as many sticks as he could; he was very luck because there were plenty that had dropped off the trees in the last thunderstorm. In no time as all he had finished his house and it looks so good, I suppose if you walked past it, you would not have known it was a house it looked like part of a bush. What a cleaver pig. He crawled into his house and was fast asleep in his warm and soft-bed in no time at all.


I wonder how Betty is getting on……… you think she has started building her house yet.? ..............Lets sneak up on her and have a look.


Let me tell you something about girls. Boys always think they can make things better that them, well that may be true but this time I knew I could beat then because I had for weeks been playing in a hay stack. Let me tell you about this haystack. The farmer helpers had tied up bundles of hay and had stacked them around each other, I was able to push one of two aside, and inside it was nice and warm and cool too when it got hot outside and the inner part was really quite large. I had broken up one of the tied up stacks and it made a great warm bed for me. Well now, I am finished I will check how the boys are doing.


I do not think I told you that Betty had gone to each building site of her friends, neither had done much at all so she said, and she never once stopped telling the boys hers was finished.


Today we all meet to show each other our houses. And as I was the first to finish we are all to meet at mine. You have done so well Peter tells Better and it is very sturdy Jack praises her.


As they are about to go to Jacks house to have a look they see a large grey wolf sneaking up on then licking his lips as he’s thinks  I am sure about eating each of the three pigs.

The pigs don’t sit around waiting to be eaten but run back to Betty’s house crowding tightly inside with hardly any room to move. Peter tells them all to be very quiet and maybe the wolf will go away. But no he is outside... ‘Little pigs little pigs the wolf calls out…….come out now or I will Huff and puff and make such a wind with my blowing that that house will fall down and then I will eat you one after another…..’

The pigs didn’t wont to be eaten and when the wolf blew so hard that the strew was blown away showing the three little pigs all cuddling each other. Quick shouted Peter lets get to Jacks house it is closer than mine…is… and off they went… running as fast as they could. The wolf was so surprised that he was caught out and by the time he has run to catch up with them, they was inside Jacks stick house. Well done friends Peter calls to his friends inside Jacks house, we made it here without any problems. Once again the wolf shouts out….’Come out come out, little pigs or I will come in and eat you all once I have blown your house down with my huffing and puffing…… you hear me little pigs?’ Once again, they wait.

All of a sudden, the sticks start to fly off the roof, leaves are blown in all directions, and the house tumbles to the ground. Once again they take off all running as fast as they can……………Where do you think they are going?


This way shouts Peter as he calls his friends to him, come to my house on the hill, come fast the wolf is close now and he is hungry. With lots of squealing and puffing, they all manage to squeeze into Peters house and it is so strong they all feel safe for the very first time.

‘Come out little pigs….who is calling this?

If you don’t come out  I will huff, puff, and blow your house in and then I am going to eat you one after the other. He huffs and puffs but the house is so strong….he keeps blowing and gets so tired and his belly rumbles, as he hasn’t eaten for such a long time.


LOOK MY FIREND Peter talks to Betty and Jack…...that Wolf is always going to be around and he is going to try to get us sooner or later. I think we should all stick together and go out there and kicks his butt back to his woods. Yeah, let us do that Better chirps up picking up a large stone close by. We’re not going to let him eat us……………..they stand before the wolf….who has big blacks eyes and that tongue that sides across his lips and he thinks about the meal to come…..hehehehe. You give up little pigs… who is going to be my first meal…………..Betty lets loose with her stone hitting him on his nose, they hear a large squeal  from the wolf. Jack follows with his stone, and then they are off chasing the wolf back to his forest. “There, wolf, stay away …shouts out Pater….or we’re eat you for breakfast, shouts Jack.

You know something my friends I learnt something today. ‘What’s that?’ asks Better.

Well is we all stick together was can beat the bullies that try to hurt us………..and so the little pigs went to live with Peter in his nice stone house…..well…. they had to work for some days to make it large enough for them all but in the end it was super.




                                                                     The end.





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