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Villisca Axe Murder House!
By Chessly Lynn Nesci   

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My girlfriend and I arrived at 1:30PM on Saturday April 23, 2011 to spend the afternoon alone in the Villisca Axe Murder House. Eight people were bludgeoned to death in their sleep with an axe on June 10th, 1912. Six of the victims were young children. While there were three people tried for the murder over the course of about six years, no one was convicted and it remains unsolved to this day...~Peace~


~Villisca Axe Murder House~
 As soon as we got to the house we took pictures of the windows. One of my pictures has a boy’s face in the window and two of my girlfriends had faces in them. She captured what looks like the youngest boy of the Moore family. She also has a picture of Josiah Moore in the window. The pictures are very clear with images in one window and not the next. One picture she took is extremely disturbing. The eyes are large and black with black long hair. This spirit didn’t look human at all.
My girlfriend brought two cameras’ that were fully charged and they wouldn’t stay on once she tried to take pictures. The camera would turn on, then off again, so she couldn’t record and only was able to take a few pictures the entire day. The house got very cold in the kitchen pantry. The tour guide said the killer might have been hiding in there before the Moore family got home from church. She also said she would only talk to us in the kitchen because she is afraid to go upstairs.
After about thirty minutes downstairs we decided to check out the upstairs where the family was murdered. First, we spent some time in the parents room then we were drawn to the children’s room. Immediately- the white dress on the closet door started moving. There were no drafts in the room so it was a mystery to us. My girlfriend started asking Paul the youngest, if he wanted to play?  After each question we would hear a rustling sound in the closet.
 I didn’t know much about the story so I went in the attic where most people have felt the most uneasy. That is the other place in the house where the axe murderer might have been hiding. On my video you can see a white light darting around the attic.
 I spent several minutes alone in there videotaping before feeling really hot on my neck. When I walked out my girlfriend was shocked to see what looked like a hand strangling me. You could see the thumb print right below my ear. She started to film and my neck turned darker red. Her camera kept shutting off so we couldn’t get a good picture.
  The energy is so thick when you walk on the land.  You don’t even have to go inside to feel like your being watched. The house gets very cold in certain areas. Your heart starts to race when you walk up stairs and also when you step into the attic. Could it be a hoax? I don’t think so.
 The only thing I did question is the upstairs door moving. Why is there a piece of plastic taped over a hole on the ceiling?  I was in there with the door closed and watched it go up and down like suction. That to me could explain the door moving.
After looking at our video we caught all kinds of strange noises, and a dark shadow in the attic. After each question we heard a noise. Could that just be a coincidence? My girlfriend thinks she communicated with one of the Moore children.  I don't understand why those kids would still be there hiding. They did nothing wrong so why would they be trapped forever in that house? What is holding them back from going into the light?
Maybe they were in Heaven all along and the house is haunted by something else pretending to be the victims? The evidence on EVP captures the killers names,  Andy, and Reverend Kelly. They both were suspects and fled the night of the murders.
There were two cigarettes found in the attic the next morning. The killers waited in the attic until everyone was asleep. They covered the mirrors so they couldn't see their reflection...Are their spirits in the house tormenting the family 100 years later? I did not like the way I felt in the attic space...
I had some physical evidence of a thumb print under my ear. An hour later I  had blood coming out my nose and throat. I have never had a bloody nose so it was strange to see.  Is there a logical explanation for what happened while I was in there? Maybe my blood pressure hiked from being scared and that gave me a bloody nose.
What about the hand marks on my neck? Maybe when I got scared my body was flushed and put blotches on my neck. I had different feelings in the house that day. I was very anxious until we were in the children’s room upstairs. 
There is something that can’t be explained going on in that house. I would of never believed it was possible until I felt it myself.  Just like the Amityville , people have been scratched, grabbed, and pushed...

When we got home from Villisca we were so drained.  Couldn't sleep for a week. My girlfriend told whatever was in the house to take our energy to move the ball, or close the door. The door moved but the ball never did. Our energy was zapped for many days after our experience...

We are both back to normal after some much needed rest and ready to explore some more. I told my girlfriend I would not return unless we were with a paranormal team. The overnight is booked for a night in September. Most people that book an overnight never stay all night...

 The EVP evidence from many paranormal groups suggests more than just the victims in the house.  When you are there you get a feeling you are being watched by something you sense but can not see… ~Peace~
 Copyright 2011 Chessly Lynn Nesci

Check out the link....The entire Ghost Adventures episode is on May 6th on the Travel Channel... You can watch them all on youtube.          

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