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Villisca Axe Murder House: Overnight!
By Chessly Lynn Nesci   

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June 10th, 2012 will be the 100 year anniversary of one of the most gruesome crimes. Eight innocent people died that day. Are the innocent victims spirits still there trying to tell us who did this to them? All I know is something is going on in that house. Spend some time there and decide for yourself. Peace

Villisca Axe Murder House: Overnight
 We didn't get to Villisca until 830pm. The only place open was a small diner next to the Linn museum. They were getting ready to close but stayed open so we could get a little something in our belly. The owner of the diner let us know that a lady from earlier had a bad experience. She was scratched and pulled into the children’s closet. After hearing that we decided to stay close together. No one could go anywhere in the house alone.  We arrived  at 9pm and brought one lantern from the barn for light. 
My girlfriend’s cousin and her boyfriend came along for the night. We had EVP equipment and also two night vision cameras. On our first potty break we turned on lights in barn and then turned them out when we left. We walked into the house then looked over at the barn and all the lights were on again.
We got some toys and walked upstairs to the kids’ bedroom. We set them down with a night vision camera and went downstairs again. A few moments later we went back upstairs and heard a noise. We all ran into each other then went back downstairs. We didn’t hear a little boy when we were upstairs but captured his voice on EVP. You can hear us talking about a noise when clear as day you hear; “I want some money!” It is a little boy’s voice.
When we were in the kitchen I kept feeling like someone was touching my hair. We got another EVP with a voice saying; “I am Phazar.” Then a woman says; " He is Phazar, die, die, die!” After we hear the voices you see two orbs dart around and disappear into the blue room. We have the evidence that proves there is something going on in that house. It is not a dust particle. In the video you see a round white ball that darts around quickly. There are several of them floating or darting around.
 At midnight we sang happy birthday to my father, my friend, and to Darwin Linn. Every ten minutes after midnight we would hear a train go by and it would shake the little house. We ate cake and cuddled close in the family room next to the piano. It was quiet for awhile so we split in two groups. My girlfriend and I stayed downstairs and her boyfriend and cousin went upstairs in the attic. They were up there for about twenty minutes.
 It sounded like furniture was being moved and we also heard very loud bangs. They said it was not them making all the noise. It was close to 2am when they returned downstairs. We heard what sounded like children playing in a playground. After the EVP was analyzed you clearly hear many voices screaming, not playing! They are children’s voices and they sound very scared. Until our evidence was analyzed we felt like the night was somewhat uneventful. We didn’t see any ghost.
What we did see in the kitchen pantry was a lot of white round balls clinging together in a small space. This happened close to 4am with our night vision camera.  Some paranormal groups say the pantry is a portal. All I know is what I saw and it was amazing. Each time I have stayed at the house it feels smaller. When I am upstairs the house feels like it is moving. It seems to change each time I visit. After we saw the orbs in the pantry the house got very quiet. We decided at around 5am to pack up and say goodbye to one of the scariest places on earth. ~peace~
          © Copyright 2011 Chessly Lynn Nesci  




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