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Cyber Affair9:Day1-7XXXX!
By Mark M Lichterman   

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“Honey,” weakly attempting to move out, “I’m going to...”
Knowing what was seconds from happening, her nails digging into his buttocks, holding him...


Their mouths together, barely touching, he felt the touch of her tongue on his lips and, his lips parting, the tip of his tongue caressed the tip of her tongue... When he made a motion to move, the light drawing pressure of her lips said, no, don’t move, don’t go yet! Mitchell’s mouth stayed against Barbara’s mouth... the kiss lengthened...


As the kiss lengthened, his hand, still on Barbara’s tummy – and not being much of a “tummy” man also – his hand moved lower, onto the silky fine floss of her... stopping the progression of his hand long enough to throw the blanket back.


Cyber Affair 9


Day One - 7: Friday, June 18, 2009

 First Night:                           

Her eyes closed, her hand encircling his, once again fully resurrected penis, widening her thighs as...


Two fingers rubbing along the moist fissure, feeling the heat, feeling the wetness... “Slide down, baby.” Urging her lower onto the bed, changing positions, his head to her thighs...


Knowing where he was going. Wanting him to do what she knew he was about to do. Wanting him to – wanting him to do that which her husband would never do – moving downward on the mattress, making room for Mitchell to lay lengthwise alongside of her. Opening her thighs...


Changing positions, looking at the lightly covered triangle of fine, dark brown hair,  sensing the tickle within his urethra...


Looking at, Oh, my God! seeing Barbara’s dark hued vulva, seeing her moisture flecked vagina, the moist, slight sea tang scent heightening the near unbearable eroticism, moving his head, his face where he’d dreamt his face to be, his tongue, where he’d dreamt his tongue to be...


 Inches from her mouth, Oh, my God!  Wanting to, taking it, taking as much of the length of it...


His hips moving gently to meet the warmth of her mouth...


Her pelvis moving gently to meet the erotic thrusting of his tongue...


The room quiet but for harsh breathing and the barely heard moans of each...


Both sensing a heretofore unknown, surrealistic sense of intense passion...


The mouth-filling taste of the flesh of his penis...


Breath coming harder, faster...


“Honey,” weakly attempting to move out, “I’m going to...”


Knowing what was seconds from happening, her nails digging into his buttocks, holding him...


Breath coming harder, faster...


Feeling the strong contractions within her mouth, far from repulsed...


Her thighs widening further, her pelvis pushing upward, upward...


Her moaning louder now...


Tasting the flood of fluid of the woman he loved...



All  lights off now, laying closely together, facing each other, held closely by her hand on his hip, and his arm laid along her outer thigh. 


Faces but inches apart, feeling the light breath of the other.


Actually silent, neither speaking but each hearing the thoughts of the other.


And the thought each heard: I love you!


Now and then, one would move minutely to the other and gently, so gently place a soft kiss onto the lips of the other.


Neither had to speak because the thought of one was the thought of the other: I love you.




Whispered softly, so softly, “Mitchie, honey, turn around.”


“Turn around?”


“Yeah, baby, I want to spoon.”


Knowing what she meant, “You want to be spoon one or spoon two?”


“Spoon two,” she answered seriously.


Turning, arcing my hips...


Immediately feeling the warmth of her conforming body.






                  “Laying closely to me...


Feeling the close warmth of her conforming body...





To be continued

©February 28, 2012 / Mark M Lichterman




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