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Rescue Me!
By Richard Lee Orey   

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A true story of adventure, salvation and enduring love

                                                                                                                                             Dedicated to my loving rescuer

                                                 Rescue Me

                                                                                         (Authored and recited by Richard Lee Orey)




                                   Once in time a teenaged youth not yet a man daringly fled from a life 
                                      of neglect and abuse to travel alone with only the sun, the moon and 
                                      God as his companions.


                                      In his travels, he wandered into a tiny village on a remote Indian 
                                      Reservation, and his life never again would be the same.


                                      Out of the mist of his loneliness and life of singularity, he came 
                                      to know the warmth of love of a beautiful village maiden who offered 
                                       unselfish dedication and commitment without condition or pretense.


                                      Across space, he perceived her image and found himself riveted and 
                                      spellbound with her gentle, unwavering smile and luscious lips 
                                      presenting a vision where he thought only Rescue Me.


                                     The youth came to his companion unfeeling and wandering in utter 
                                     despair and met comfort and understanding.  With soulful eyes, the 
                                     maiden gazed upon him and whispered, “I’ve been waiting forever 
                                     only for you.”


                                     Trembling in his soul, succumbing to the passions of his heart, the 
                                     youth stood spellbound and hopelessly intoxicated.  One taste of her 
                                     image and he was forever lost in love, even as the maiden 
                                     rescued him from spiritual death.


                                     In her rhythm of movement, the fair maiden reigned irresistible, her 
                                     swaying hips playing like a magnet on his soul.  As he listened to her 
                                     warm, lilting laughter, she tossed her head with an infectious smile, 
                                     and with the joy of instant attraction he was swept away, ablaze in the 
                                     appeal of her alluring excitement.


                                     With the first touching of hands and soft hellos, with the easy 
                                    talking and the sharing of likes and passions and fascinations, 
                                   the past of the youth vanished, and he entered another world—
                                      a world of love and harmony blessed with children and fulfillment.


                                     On Earth, a lifetime of seasons came and passed, but the 
                                     love endured, even as their children brought the gift of their
                                    own children, offering yet more rapture in the Circle of Life.


                                     In this time of aging  and fireside warming, the old man gives 
                                     thanks to God for the woman who answered his call of Rescue 
and knows that blessed are those by the Great Spirit 
                                       who serve their chosen companion with the comfort and 
                                      security of enduring love.


                                     Daily, now, the old man looks with adoring eyes and recites, 
                                    “Only by God’s  grace do I know the secret of your abiding presence 
                                        in my lodge. Indeed the Creator sent you to  answer my plea, 
                                      Rescue Me.  Today, with wisdom born of age and experience,  
                                    my heart and soul overflow with the knowledge of a great secret—
                                     I was made for you and you were made for me!”


                                     So mote it be.




    Richard Lee Orey
Copyright 2009





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