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Leap Year at the Coffee Shop: Tight Jeans!
By Michael L Eads   

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She wore tight, dark-gray jeans that fit well in all the right places. Mitch paid particular attention to her long black hair and pale-white face.


Mitch pretended to read the paper, but kept sneaking peeks at her over the top of the sports page. She shook the excess water from her shiny dark-green hooded raincoat and draped it over a chair. “There are twenty tables in this place and she picks this couch,” Mitch muttered to himself in a low inaudible tone behind his paper. Instead of feeling flattered he was nervous. He started to sweat a little. She was right across from him reading a tiny paperback book with legs crossed and one leg swaying back and forth like a metronome. This highlighted black leather boots with just enough heels to get noticed.
She wore tight, dark-gray jeans that fit well in all the right places. Mitch paid particular attention to her long black hair and pale-white face. She had a smirk he didn’t like. How could anyone look so comfortable—so cool? That’s the thing, no one could be that calm. Mitch sensed her cool composure was a façade. He wanted to test his theory. Mitch looked at her a dozen times, but she was lost in the book. Not knowing what else to do, he put down the paper and said, “So tell me everything you know, I’ve got a minute to spare.”
As soon as he said that, Mitch realized two things: One, this was the wrong thing to say, and two, he had seen this woman before. Something was different. As she opened her mouth and said, “Excuse me, are you talking to me sir?” Mitch realized the difference. Her hair was darker and she was without the cute blonde-haired, blue-eyed, little-boy. It tripped up Mitch a little and he was embarrassed by it. He always bragged he could recognize anyone, anywhere, even if he hadn’t seen them for a long time. At a loss for words Mitch exacerbated the problem by answering: “Do you see anybody else in here?”
The darkly dressed lady uncrossed her legs, set up on the couch and said, “I see you.” Here was a woman whose personality matched the clothes she wore. A mysterious, almost dark aura, exuded from her. She knew she made him nervous and was having a good time doing it. Mitch was nervous, but that wasn’t going to stop him.
“Where’s the cute little boy I’ve seen you with?”



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