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Mule-Face. (Part Six)!
By Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado   

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Agatha ("Aggie") Gutman updates us on what has been going on in her world. She is looking forward to Christmas break.

Image of turkey (c) 2010, by Karla Dorman.

Hi!!  Aggie here!  I hope this finds you all in a good way.

I am just about recovered from my turkey-induced haze.  Feasted on turkey from Thanksgiving; still have turkey coming out of the woodwork!  Had mom's sister and her family up from Anchorage and we had a great visit!  Also my sisters Bliss and Katie came home from college and for once they ddin't treat me like a bag of dirt: they were actually quite civil towards me.

Bliss and Katie left yesterday and for once I was sad to see them go.  I know in the past we had serious problems, but we are trying to work past that and learn to love each other (warts and all).  It's made a huge difference, especially since I changed my own attitude.

Instead of griping and complaining about things I have no control over, I should be counting my blessings.  I am very blessed.  I have my parents, I have my two sisters Bliss and Katie, I have cousins and aunts and uncles who love me almost as much as Mom and Daddy do, friends, my church, and a place to live as well as clothes upon my back.  In addition, I have my health.  So many others don't have what I do and for that I am truly grateful.

I also am thankful that I was born here in the United States of America and not somewhere like Afghanistan, Iran, or Africa, where war and strife continue to run rampant.

Another thing I'm grateful for is giving up my celebrity worship.  Now that I don't have to worry so much about what "The Beautiful People" are doing, I can concentrate on living my own life and not feel so bad about my looks.  I am not very pretty, but I am learning to like myself a little more each day.

Now it is coming up on Christmas and over the weekend, I helped Daddy and my sisters with the decorating.  Daddy  did the tree and the outside lights while my sisters (and myself) put the ornaments and lights on the tree and put up the wreaths and garland across the top of the fireplace and on the stairwell.  I think we all did a great job and what's even more amazing is that Katie and Bliss did not fight with me one bit!  

We actually got along like civilized people!!

The kids at school and I are stil ignoring each other, but that's okay.  I try to be nice to them, but if they don't want to acknowledge me or call me "Mule Face", "Monkey Butt Face", or other less-than-pleasing monikers, then that's THEIR problem, not mine.  They are missing out on a potential friend.  Their loss.  I am a very nice person, but a little shy and awkward at times (but then, aren't most teenagers??).

I haven't had any run-ins with "The Black Widows" lately.  I have seen them in the hall, but I refuse to get caught in their web of deceit and lies.  They've bothered me for the last time!

I just hope that I get the one thing I want most for Christmas: a kitten.  I would love to get a Ragdoll or a Maine Coon (preferably from a no-kill animal rescue league, where they are much cheaper than if you'd get one from a reputable breeder).  My friend Cara has a Maine Coon that she named "Squeakers", and it is the sweetest, cutest little thing!  I know it loves me because whenever I hold it, it dissolves into purrs and it makes me smile!

I also hope that I don't screw up "O, Holy Night".  I have been slated to sing a solo for church at their Christmas Cantata, and it's coming up fast.  I have been practicing hard and I only hope I do the song justice.  "O, Holy Night" is a difficult song to sing anyway, and I would like to sing it without any flub-ups!  

The Cantata is in two weeks (actually a little less than two weeks; it's a week from this coming Sunday).  So I have plenty of time to practice and make sure that my voice is in good working order and also make sure that I don't get sick.  That would just suck if I got sick before the Cantata!!

Well, I am gonna go back to bed.  Have school and I should be asleep.  I will write in here again soon; sorry it's been so long since my last entry!  I hope you forgive me!  Until later, this is Aggie Gutman saying so long!  God bless and let me be among the first to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

~Love, your friend in Alaska, Aggie.  :) 

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