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Little Miracles!
By JMS Bell   

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...answered prayer...


It was about sixteen years ago. I remember that 'my day'....was just coming to an end. I had worked my two jobs; 8AM - 4PM and 5PM-9PM. When I finished my night job, on my way to the train station, I called my youngest daughter and asked her to meet me at the neighborhood super market. 

She was there when I got there and after shopping and getting more than I planned, we left the store just before closing time. I had expected to catch a 'hack' to the apartment, which was about six blocks away with the last block being a 'long' inclined one, but there were none. Apparently, their 'day' had also come to an end and that was not good.

On several other occasions, I had been known to leave my house, walk to the same super market, do my shopping and walk back home. However, this was not one of those 'other' days. I was tired, plus my feet hurt after standing on them all day and, even with my daughter's help, I really didn't feel like toting my bags of food anywhere.

So there we were; standing outside the store, with the parking lot becoming more and more deserted by the minute. I had to do, I did the only thing I could do...I prayed. I lifted my eyes to heaven and I asked God to please help us. I told Him that if He deemed that we walk home with the bag of groceries, we would do it but...He would have to give me the strength because I didn't feel I had the energy to do it. I put the whole situation in His hands and thanked Him in advance for whatever He was going to do.  

As soon as  I finished praying I looked and there was a young man and woman walking out of the store towards a car. Up until that very moment, several people had left the store and gone to their cars but, there was something about this particular couple ...I felt a deep 'urging' to speak to them and ask for a ride. I followed that urge and when I asked, they immediately said, 'yes'. I was overjoyed and I told them I would gladly pay them, but they politely refused. Well, you say, that's no big deal...there are nice people everywhere and, if  I had asked somebody sooner I probably would have gotten a ride sooner. Am I right? Now I would be apt to agree with you, but what was revealed next shows the 'excellence' of God. When He steps into a situation...He fixes it to a 'T'! For not only did my rescuers refuse to take payment for their good deed, but as it turned out...they lived on the same block that I did! I didn't know them and they didn't know me, but God brought us together...blessing us both at the same time! God waited until just the right couple came out and then 'touched' me to asked them for a ride. They got blessed for being good samaritins, I got blessed and...God got the glory!

A little thing you say? You're right it is, but faith is built upon the 'little' things. Such as; it looks like it's going to rain and one doesn't have an umbrella so, one says a prayer; Dear God, please let me get home before it pours down - and as soon as one reaches home, the rain pours down. Coincidence? If you think it is...then that's what it is. I personally think God heard that prayer and held back the rain. I believe that one  becomes 'aware' of God in their lives by the 'little' prayers that are answered. Let me give you another instance; I was searching for another poet's community after closed. I was really dissatisfied and greatly disappointed with another site (which was supposed to be the 'new' and though their 'publishing' aspect was something to be considered ...they did not at all resemble what I had become accustomed to,  in terms of bonding with other poets and writers. I was not happy and I told God about it. Out of the day my baby girl and I were talking on the phone and she happened to mention that, while she was browsing the web, she had come across what seemed like a great gathering of poets and writers called Author's Den. I decided to investigate and found out that AD was just what I was looking for! And not only that, but they were 'connected' to Lulu Publishing...I could still get the benefits of publishing, when and if I wanted to! Now tell me 'that' wasn't God?!

I could go on and on, there is not a day that goes by that I don't 'see' God at work in my life, but the bottom line is this; I believe in miracles...especially the 'little' ones. 


 Jn 2:23

Ps 6:9, 119:18

copywrite; joyce m bell/10/05/2009  


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