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Lonely Girl: The Couch!
By Chessly Lynn Nesci   

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Lonely Girl was ready to sit down and share her story with her psychologist. Let's just hope she can contain herself and not jump his bones...Peace~

                              Lonely Girl: The Couch

Two months had passed since Lonely Girl was left at the shuttle. Her boy toy moved away and she knew it was possible that they might never see each other again. She really was smitten with his boyish charm but knew he would never be true. He wasn’t ready to love only one woman for the rest of his life. He was just a boy and hadn’t sowed his oats. Lonely Girl was crushed the night of the football game when she found out he had been with the ex-bimbo the night before.

She came there to take him away from her and succeeded. Having tight jeans and a camel toe was more attractive than classy Lonely Girl. At the gym she saw the ex-bimbo and couldn’t believe the transformation. The boy toy told his ex-bimbo that he made a mistake and never wanted to see her again. He also told her that he was in love with Lonely Girl and would do anything to win her back. Lonely Girl had to let him go. If he comes back it was meant to be and if he doesn’t it wasn’t.

He wanted a life long commitment but couldn’t because of his current job. All Lonely Girl could think of is how he made her feel when they kissed. Powerful electricity flows throughout when he pulls her near. His ex-bimbo turned out to be suffering from a personality disorder and blacked out all the time. She was in love with the boy toy and thought he loved her too, until he told her the truth. He charmed her into thinking she was the only one. Lonely Girl was happy to hear that news and decided to continue talking over lunch. The ex-bimbo was definitely not the sleazy camel toe girl she remembered. They talked for two hours and swapped numbers to stay in touch. After seeing his ex- girlfriend she decided a little therapy might help her understand why she couldn’t find Mr. Right. Lonely Girl was almost 26 years old and knew her clock was ticking.

With no man in her life she began to focus on herself. Getting up at the crack of dawn and running ten miles everyday kept her looking great. She was so beautiful on the outside with long wavy brown hair and green almond shaped eyes. Everyone told her she looked like a young Natalie Wood. All the girls were jealous because their boyfriends drooled over her natural beauty. Lonely Girl never saw herself that way. Instead all she saw were flaws that were pointed out to her everyday.

Her very first love beat her and threatened her life if she ever told another. Why couldn’t he just love her? Instead he made her deathly afraid of his intense rage. He told her she talked out of her ass and needed a lot of work done to be beautiful. She began to see herself as the image he projected. Then she lost self esteem and became very lonely. She had never felt what it was like to really be in love.

Lonely Girl decided it was time now to get some help and made an appt for the next day. She was so nervous to talk about her life because she kept it all locked up. She tossed and turned all night thinking about the next morning. After setting the alarm she feel into a deep sleep. In her dream she seduces the doctor as soon as they meet.

He is tall with thick black hair and piercing blue eyes. His white shirt smells of starch and he feels very large. They instantly connect and ravish each other. Lonely Girl feels comfortable with her new psychologist and pours out her heart while they are having sex.

First on the desk and then on the couch. They were so loud the receptionist knocked on the door. “Everything ok in there?” The psychologist quickly zipped his pants and replied. “ We are fine just working on some big stuff.” Some big stuff alright.

Lonely Girl finally met her match in the bedroom. She was feeling very hot when her alarm went off. The real world was calling her name. When she got to the doctor’s office the receptionist made her fill out some forms. After waiting several minutes she heard her name;  "Leighton Garrett you can see the doctor now." To be continued

       © Copyright 2010 Chessly Lynn Nesci





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