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The Seduction of the Vampire: Chapter Five!
By Lonnie Hicks   

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Sargon surveyed his audience, Vampire clans from the North, The United Human Nation states, The Hybrid Union and The Council of The Inhabited, the Nephilim Brotherhood, all gathered here in the Second Millennium confronting each other after Plasma war after Plasma war and another threatened. The next one might be the last Sargon thought.

The Vampire Clans were unwilling to give up their human hosts and thought if they did the Vampire race would face extinction.

Humans were confronted with the dilemma of becoming extinct or allowing the Vampire bite and live forever the life of the vampire dead.

The hybrids were half-human and half-vampire, but not fully of either and suffered from internal conflicts and from both humans and Vampires trying to recruit them to their cause.

The Inhabited were confronted with the internal battle of their inhabiting vampire and their human side. However, they were infertile and faced possible extinction as well.

There was too the Nephilim the Warrior class who suppressed the human wars and took from the human’s tribute, plundered their societies, and raped their women opposed only by the Vampires who sought to protect their food supply. The Vampire Clans used their super powers to contain the Nephilim and restrict them to the Equatorial zones.

It was indeed a complicated group before him, all convinced of the justice of their cause.

Sargon as the Ultimate Hadron of the Vampire clans, Lord Ruler of the Millennial Council rose to take the podium and all rose to their feet saluting him giving him the respect due his office.

The Nephilim representatives rose, too, grudging but ultimately obediently gaving Sargon his respect by standing offering to him the Nephilim salute.

Sargon waited for all of them to rise, his eyes laser-beamed upon Galliac, the Nephilim leader, demanding with his eyes, that Galliac make clear his obedience.

Galliac hissed his reptile hiss but obeyed and gave Sargon the Nephilim sign of master to servant.

Sargon grunted his acknowledgement, uneasy with the Nephilim; his gaze gradually settling upon the Molly host, lingering there watching her look back at him directly, hesitantly, thinking to himself, that habitations in humans by vampires was very difficult, and this one was especially difficult for him.

He had in a very few days felt his normal equilibrium start to fail him, as he started to feel for Molly what his human side could remember what a human male feels for a human female.

He could feel this because Sargon was a hybrid, a fact that would ruin him if the council became aware of that fact.

Sargon began his presentation:

“We are gathered here brethren, diplomats, those who desire peace and fear war, those who are determined to spare us more murderous times have come together to get done the glorious, get done the sparing of lives, Vampire lives, Nephilum and hybrids, and Inhabitants.”

His eyes met those of Molly, he imagined Layla hearing his words, but unsettlingly he felt his own emotions falter at Molly’s face. In her glassy eyed stare he could feel her and that was dangerous for a vampire and a human, dangerous for both he and her.

“Vampires for a thousand years,” he continued, “have been seduced by humans, humans who craved immortality, craved to cheat death and we Vampires have been all too willing to satisfy this craving in exchange for the life-sustaining blood humans gave us.”

“We, too, in ancient times were once human but population growth forced us to resort to human blood to sustain ourselves."

"Some of us created a new  human strain to provide to us the food we needed and we have supplied to humans, in return, eternal life.

From our unions hybrids evolved and Nephilim gained the Plasma force seeking control over the humans as well. And we have seen Vampire and Nephilim clash over control over the human populations.

But the Nephilim now have been plagued by a deadly virus, our Nephilim brethren are dying, their numbers diminish and some Vampire war-mongers seek to vanquish them and take possession of all humans dreaming of empire. Meantime some humans seek the elimination of all Vampires and become as the ancient ones were."


Sargon paused; "We are here today to make the world anew and avert a war which might extinguish us all."

"I began research 10 years ago on a serum to reverse the inhabitations of vampirism in humans and a serum to allow humans and Vampires to become human again and to stand with humans as brother’s sisters on this planet.

This remark was greeted with utter shocked silence-followed by the flash of a laser beam, whose light engulfed Sargon.

Falling, Sargon could see a matching beam engulf Molly as well.


To be continued.

















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