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Waiting For Gregory (Part Three)!
By Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado   

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The Brenner family of Ohio welcomes their newest child, a little five-year-old boy from Holland who has spina bifida.

Image (c) 2009, by Karla Dorman.

He is absolutely beautiful!!

Our third child (and second son), Gregory Jans, has safely arrived from Holland.  He came here on Wednesday; we haven't stopped rippin' and roarin' since.

We are now a bigger family by one.  Two parents and three children: two sons (Freddie, 13, and Gregory Jans, 5), and one daughter (Gina, 16).  And then you have my mother in law, Peggy, who is a regular visitor to our home; she stays with the children if Jim and/or myself have to go on any unforseen business trips or other excursions.

As of this moment, Gregory doesn't speak but few words in English.  What he mainly speaks is Dutch.  We know a few basic phrases, but other than that, we're up the creek without a paddle; we're always having to consult the Dutch/English dictionary, so we can all figure out what Gregory is trying to tall us.

It is kind of hard getting used to having a small child around: it's been over ten years since Freddie or Gina were that little.  We've almost forgotten what it is like!  LOL  It's also hard getting used to the fact that little Gregory can't get around as well as his big brother and sister: he uses crutches and wears braces on his legs in order to get around, but it seems that hasn't stopped him any.

Gregory is an amazing little child!  And so full of spunk and energy that small children are very well known for!  It tires us merely to watch him; by the time we're done for the day, we're about to fall over from sheer exhaustion!

Tomorrow (Sunday) will be the first time we will have taken Gregory Jans with us to church.  I know he will be the topic of many a conversation and no doubt his little head will be whipping this way and that as he takes in the sights around him.  He will be a very popular little child tomorrow!  And we are ready for it! :)

We will do everything in our power to help Gregory reach his physical goals and support him whenever he gets sick and/or has to go into the hospital (for whatever reason).  Just because he happens to be physically handicapped doesn't mean that our newest son can't have a fun, happy life full of adventure!  We will try to ensure that this will become a reality for our newest child!

~To be continued.~  

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