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By Mark M Lichterman   

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Hands held, the geezer led the old lady into his room for the first time.

Sitting on the foot of the queen-size bed, both Shannon and Mitchell at a complete loss as to what to do; at a complete loss as to how to start...


Nude-Night-Naughty 9

Rising from their lawn chairs at about 3:15; Shannon with Andy following closely behind angled to her gate to the left as Mitchell with Harry – because it’s nearing his dinner time – running ahead Harry angled to the gate to the right.


So now, with Shannon and Mitchell both taking note of the time; noting they had approximately five hours and fifteen minutes until the time that she would be with a ‘new man’ for the first time in…? Shannon thought forty-two years and Mitchell, thinking much the same thought; that he hadn’t slept with a ‘new woman’ in fifty-three years. Both thought, what in hell are we doing?  Well, actually both knew what in the hell they were doing and why they were going to do what they were going to do. Big question, however, for both was: How?


When younger… When one is not a Senior Citizen and the other not a ‘geezer’ things came kind of naturally: A kiss, another kiss, a touch, another touch. He fondling ‘those’ and, eventually, she fondling ‘that’. Clothing then would be shed and kissing went from lips to neck to breasts, to…  Well, in all actually neither had gone that low in years.


Still the thought continually on his mind:  I haven’t had a boner on my own for…?‘ Then again, What if, the geezer thought, checking with his wrist watch, knowing that it takes at least an hour for the stuff to work to achieve his – in the geezers case – achievement. Better’in three hours to go.


As at this time Viagra  came only  in fifty milligram pills and, as explained in the previous chapter:  With the aid of one-half of a fifty milligram Viagra, Just to make sure and keep ‘it’ in working order, he’d rationalized; occasionally Mitchell Lipensky, with the help of twenty-five milligrams of Viagra, would partake in ‘personal manipulation’. Uh, just, of course, to make sure and to keep ‘it’ in working order. 


Thinking, what if I take two of them?  The thought of taking one hundred milligrams of Viagra however, he could use Marsha’s pill cutter and only take seventy-five milligrams  – However, though the thought of one hundred milligrams was freighting due to the stern warning regarding ‘a drop in blood pressure’.  However, what if I take one pill at, oh, say six o’clock, than the second at about ‘seven’.


Inside: Her mind twirling; now something that Shannon Lynne had craved for years. Now, that in less than three hours she’ll be making love to Mitchell.


Normally, a rather passionate woman, Shannon’s  passion had slowly quelled for the years of and the duration of Burton’s slide into a bottle of Scotch.


Her mind again seeing the look on his face at the sight of her breasts... of what he had seen of her breasts.  For the first time in the twenty-seven years that they had known each other ‘now’ the first time that she’d sensed anything other than neighborly friendliness.


Yeah, okay maybe there was a bit of light hearted flirting going on, but other than that there had not even been the slightest hint at an ‘encounter’.


Sliding the double doors of her closet, wondering what to wear. Wondering what does one wear to the start of a sexual affair? Really, her eyes traversing the entirety of the long closet.  Her eyes traversing, her fingers ruffled as her mind rejected all that her eyes beheld and her fingers caressed.


Really, though! Just what is a female ‘Senior Citizen’ to wear to the start of an illicit, sexual affair. Oh, for a younger woman there’s a thousand things a woman can wear.  But a sixty-three year old woman with saggy breasts and a mushy stomach? Really!


And makeup? He’ll be closer than close and I get the impression that he doesn’t much like a woman with too much makeup. Shannon thought. But without makeup he’ll see all the wrinkles. But, really, she further thought,

that close he’ll see them anyway, only covered by makeup. Becoming exasperated: Well, after all, he does know that I’m a sixty-three year old woman and that things droop and go soft and even wrinkle. 


In order to take her mind off herself and her dressing and makeup problems, to say nothing of ‘becoming the other woman’, Shannon Lynne turned on the television, watched for a few minutes, then decided to take a shower.


Next door, what do I do when she gets here?  Turning the television on, sitting on the sofa, watching for a few minutes, what should I wear? Getting up, going to the bedroom, opening the double sliding doors to the closet in his bedroom. As it was a hot day out and comfortable in the house, Shorts, he thought.  Should I wear shorts or slacks, or jeans?  Underwear? Nah!  He thought, ain’t going to wear any underwear, so… Not wanting to be too obvious, Jeans, the geezer thought, I’ll wear jeans.


6:12: Shaking one from the plastic pill bottle, he swallowed the first fifty milligram diamond shaped blue pill with a mouthful of tepid tap water then, as it was habit to shave in the shower,  lathering his face at the sink, he then stepped into the shower.


6:21: She lay in bed nude with the ceiling fan on low.  Feeling the slight, cooling breeze waft over her body, Shannon sensed the pleasant tightening of her small, dark nipples. Her thoughts next door, thinking of Mitchell and what was an hour and a half away, she also sensed a moistening within her vagina, which was really surprising because, at her age, natural vaginal moisture was going to be, so she had thought, at a premium.


6:59:  Reclining nude on his recliner, abstractedly watching television, he was thinking of Shannon and her hanging, creamy colored breasts, and, surprisingly, his newfound deep affection for her. His right hand covering his flaccid penis, absently, with the slightest manipulation… There ‘it’ was, still ‘in working order’, The fifty milligrams doing a ‘stand up’ job’.


Looking at ‘it’, feeling the pleasurably warm rigidity, should I still take the second pill?  Still concerned about the ‘drop in blood pressure’ thing, debating with himself… Coming to a conclusion, what the hell ! Going to the bathroom, he removed the small pill bottle from the medicine cabinet, opened it and shook the second fifty milligram Viagra onto his hand and into his mouth. 


8:01:  The front door opened. Taking Shannon’s hand, leading her into the house, the Senior Citizen and Geezer stood a long moment looking at each other… Then, their arms about each other. Their unfamiliar mouths pressing. Their unfamiliar tongues touching, tasting. His hands clutching Shannon’s surprisingly firm, well defined  buttocks. Her arms about him, urging their bodies closer, “Shannon, let’s go to the bedroom.”  Feeling the press of his penis onto her thigh… 


Nude-Night-Naughty 10


Because so much time has passed since Nude-Night-Naughty 1 and Nude-Night-Naughty 10, I thought it best to give you a bit of a reminder that this, oh, so sad story is leading to what happened on that summers night in 2008 when Mitchell Lipensky and Shannon Lynne were banned from Westlake Lake…


Well, guys and gals, here’s where it began on this oh, so fateful evening on that beautifully warm day in mid-November of year 2007, when, approaching a heretofore unforeseen unapproachable divide, the geezer asked: “You want to come over later on?”


When, Senior Citizen Shannon Lynne emphatically answered, “Yes!”  She precipitated the ongoing events that will eventually lead to that, oh, so fateful summers night in 2008.


So now, on that still beautifully warm evening in mid-November…  Remember, if you please:  Nude-Night-Naughty happened  in Southern California where November might still be as summer...


“Yes, Mitchie. Let’s go to the bedroom.” Hesitating. “Uh, we’re not going to, uh, go into ’your’ room, though, are we?”


“ ‘My room’?”


“You know.” Feeling more than a bit guilty.  “Where you, uh, sleep with, uh, your wife.”


Still standing face to face – because, when wearing slacks, Shannon’s rear-side appeared perfectly flat – At this time standing face to face, both  hands held Shannon’s, surprisingly, well-defined buttocks.


As he wore no restrictive underwear, she still feeling the surprising, for a geezer, pointed press of his penis onto her thigh.


“I thought you knew, but…” But, really, never having bedroom conversation in the past, “we don’t… Uh, Marsha and me, we haven’t slept together for two years.”


Shannon and Burton still sharing the same bed, the thought that her neighbor and his wife – with he moments away from becoming her ‘lover’ – did not share the same bed had never entering her mind. “Oh, okay, then.”


Hands held, the geezer led the old lady into his room for the first time.

Sitting on the foot of the queen-size bed, both Shannon and Mitchell at a complete loss as to what to do; at a complete loss as to how to start.  Both thinking that it was so much easier way back then, when they were younger when ‘things’ just naturally happened.


Taking the incentive, his hand moving to the back of Shannon’s head, turning it , their mouths; for the second time in the twenty-seven years of living as platonic neighbors, the lips of sixty-three year old Shannon and seventy-three year old Mitchell came, very warmly, together. Lying back, his hands, moving their way to the rear looking, searching  for some entrance beneath her blouse as, moving his hands away, rising off her buttocks, Shannon pulled the dress she wore over her head.


Neither bothering to ask – as she wore but a pair of surprisingly sexy panties along with a surprisingly sexy, matching bra – in the heat of the moment neither thought to ask of the others preference to making love, for the first time, in a light or dark room.


Fully nude: The softness of Shannon’s flesh and the sight of Shannon’s body  especially her smallish – but slightly more than a hand full –breasts exciting him in a way he hadn’t been excited in…? Shannon excited him In a way he hadn’t been excited in longer than he could remember, and the old man’s body, reinforced with 100 milligrams of Viagra, responded.

As for Shannon: In the arms of one she had loved for years; one arm held tightly onto his back, her other hand held pleasingly around ‘him’,  as one of her small, now harded nipples were pleasingly, extremely pleasingly  held within his mouth.


He cared not a whit about Shannon’s wrinkles, nor her ‘ugly, mushy stomach that had never returned to it’s  taut state after the birth of her children’, and, especially, he did not care that her breasts were long and hanging and were sixty-three  years old … No! In fact he loved Shannon’s breasts… Yes! Indeed! The old man did love the sight, the feel and especially the taste of Shannon Lynne’s breast!


She cared not a whit about Mitchell’s paunch, his own set of boobies, his major set of ‘love handles’ nor the flesh that did hang loosely while above her…  While now within her, the flesh beneath his chin did hang, but nothing mattered more than she was here, now, beneath him, within him… With him.


Thinking about it, as stated in Chapter 9, it may be a good idea to warn you that what happened  next might not be so pretty  as the two  charged forward into their ‘chasm of illicit passion’! Really? Please remember after all, that Shannon was a sixty-three year old ‘Senior Citizen’ while Mitchell Lipensky, at age seventy-three could categorically be  categorized as a ‘geezer’.


To be continued

©September 26, 2012 / Mark M. Lichterman











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