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Lover of the fantastic and writer of scifi and fantasy. Classic science fiction and dark fantasy.


I have always loved science fiction, fantasy, comics and horror, books and movies.  I love to tell a good story in a fantastic setting, to world build and create memorable characters.  I have read literally thousands of books in the genre, as well as many more of science and history.  While not a scientist, unless you consider behavioral science, I have studied biology (minor), geology, physics, chemistry and other subjects, enough to know better than to follow some story lines.  I try to avoid tropes from movies and books that have been overdone or simply don't work.  Intelligent science fiction and fantasy, often of a military bent, is my goal.  I have written over twenty manuscripts to date, and have self published nine of them, with three more out soon.

Birth Place: Venice, FL United States

Accomplishments: Self published nine books in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.
PhD (abd) from the University of Alabama in Clinical Psycholiogy and a minor in biology from FSU.


Exodus: Empires at War: Book 1 by Douglas K Dandridge
Humanity thought they had escaped the terrors of the Ca'cadasans by moving ten thousand light years away. Now, two thousand years later it is a fight to the finish, and only one race will leave this battle of extermination....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)   

Afterlife by Douglas K Dandridge
What if you didn't believe in the afterlife promised by the religions of the world, and science offer an alternative? What if you had to fight to keep paradise?...

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
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Daemon by Douglas K Dandridge
The world is dying as magic sucks the life out of it. Daemon corporation thinks they have the answer, but something unstoppable is killing its employees....

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Refuge: The Arrival: Book 1 by Douglas K Dandridge
Millions of Earth humans are transported to a world of magic, where they are seen as life energy for dark magic. But the humans have brought along some weapons of their own, and the demigods of legend....

Kindle (eBook)  Smashwords (eBook)

Refuge: The Arrival: Book 2 by Douglas K Dandridge
The war goes on, as the forces of the evil Empire continue to press the human invaders with their mages and dragons. The humans have a limited time frame to use their technology, so it's use it or lose it....

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The Deep Dark Well by Douglas K Dandridge
A Kuiper Belt Miner jumps through a wormhole 40,000 years into future, to an enormous space station that was once the center of a Galactic Civilization. She must discover what has destroyed that civilization, before she joins the trillions who have died before....

Kindle (eBook)   

The Hunger by Douglas K Dandridge
Tormented in life, a woman becomes an avenging vampire, killing the scum who terrorize the living. The Church, the FBI and other vampires are out to stop her....

Kindle (eBook)   

Diamonds in the Sand by Douglas K Dandridge
When a perfectly fit scientist is found dead in a closed lab of an apparent heart attack, it is up to a Sarasota PD detective to solve the case. But everyone in the world is out to get the professor's work, no matter the cost....

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The Scorpion by Douglas K Dandridge
The Scorpion, once the world's deadliest living Terrorist,is now nothing more than a computer upload. And deadlier than ever, with the Great Satan as his target....

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Refuge: Doppelganger by Douglas K Dandridge
The wife of the Immortal Emperor Kurt is kidnapped, all indications point to a rebellious group of Elves. But is the Evil Empire of Tarakesh behind it all....

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Shadows of the Multiverse by Douglas K Dandridge
For billions of years intelligence species have disappeared from the Universe. No one knows what destroyed them, until now....

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Shadows of the Multiverse, The Saga Continues
 by Douglas K Dandridge
And then the Shadows arrived, being from another Universe and another dimension. And we found out where those ancient civilizations had gone as we found ourselves threatened by the same fate....

Shadows of the Multiverse, String Theory Gone Wild
 by Douglas K Dandridge
No one knew where the gates came from, the wondrous multifaceted globes that led to destinations across the Universe. And no one knew where the ancient civilizations had gone, only that they had all ...

Diamonds in the Sand, The Resurrection
 by Douglas K Dandridge
The scientist was developing nanotech, the ability to use nanoscale machines to build things from molecules up. And there are too many suspects to make it easy....

Diamonds in the Sand
 by Douglas K Dandridge
A healthy scientist is found dead of an apparent heart attack in a locked lab. Could it have something to do with the technology the entire worlds covets....

The Hunger, A Different Vampire Tale
 by Douglas K Dandridge
A Vampire avenger stalks the streets of Tampa, taking down evil one bite at a time....

The Hunger, A Vampire Novel with a Bite.
 by Douglas K Dandridge
A vampire book with vampires like they're supposed to be, evil....

The Deep Dark Well, The Journey
 by Douglas K Dandridge
A continuation about the development of the science fiction novel The Deep Dark Well....

The Deep Dark Well, A Novel of Passion and Love
 by Douglas K Dandridge
A post about the development of my science fiction novel, The Deep Dark Well....


Imagination Unlimited
Over forty pages of information on the fantastic, over 2,000 links for readers and writers, as well as background information on my writing.

Doug BrotherofCats Dandridge's Blog
My blog on Wordpress, where I tackle such subjects as tropes, history, science, excerpts from my books, and movie and book reviews.
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