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Live life by participation or it will pass you by.


The first sense of what he calls writing occurred when he was nine, far into the Pennsylvania wilderness near the coal mining towns along the banks of the Monongahela River. Driven by the sounds, smells and appearance of the river works, this author found his nich in the story-telling environment of the tug boats hauling coal-filled barges up the river and nature. Hard times and struggles inspire this writer to retell grandfather yarns of the old country.

His house is like a touring museum.  One wall is coated with airplanes. He loves flying and watching aircraft stories, observing planes in museums and learning about airplanes. The other wall is infused with writing. He loves writing. He writes fiction and non-fiction. In the fiction area he has written many short stories, satires and novels. His latest is a science-fiction novel, entitled, "Discovery at Alpha Centauri." On the non-fiction side, he writes articles for American Chronicle.



Birth Place: Brooklyn, NY USA

Accomplishments: Alpha Centauri & Beyond arrived August 2, 2010 to Blog Talk Radio. The show features outstanding, renoun guests. Reviewer for Sacramento and San Francisco Book Reviews, National author recognition, writes a column in American Chronicle, radio guest, State Teacher Certification, Private Pilot Airmen Certificate. Shawangungs rock climber in the 1980's, Matterhorn, Mt. Blanc & Grand Teton summit climbs, world travelled. Former editor of the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New York.


The Carpenter of Auguliere by D. Wayne Dworsky
The fate of the village lay in the hands of a stranger in whom the townspeople learned to distrust....

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The Teachers Always Write by D. Wayne Dworsky
The teachers may not always be correct, but they always write. Three guides direct this sojourn into the familiar and often strange world of surprises: those between students and teachers, those between pilot and passenger, (or pilot and air traffic controller,) and questions and answers. Subway refers to those ideas that come our way by hearsay. Quips from the Classroom, the Airport an...

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Touching the Sky (CD) by D. Wayne Dworsky
Touching the Sky CD is the companion to Touching the Sky (Book)...


Reflections on Distractions by D. Wayne Dworsky
A poetry chapbook...


Touching the Sky by D. Wayne Dworsky
Touching the Sky is a collection of endearing poetry....

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Short Stories

The Jewel of the Mountain
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
What jewel is worth the ultimate sacrofice?...

The Asphyxiation Caper
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Meanwhile, half a dozen police cars had assembled in front of the store. I observed that several uniformed men emerge from their vehicles with guns drawn just as I pulled off the road and drove into ...


Thanksgiving Day
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
All the goodness from the Earth...

Who Am I, Really?
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Horror theme...

I Cried from Warsaw to Auschwitz
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
I Cried from Warsaw to Auschwitz shows how the Nazis imposed their motto: If you are afraid, we'll take your brother or sister, mother or father, son or daughter, or your wife! The reason that I us...

Something Seized the Air That Day
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
As I left the school that afternoon, I couldn't help think about the horror that those people faced all of a sudden that morning. To help justify it in my mind, I composed the following poem as I wa...

Mortal Decadence
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
As I reflect upon a loss most dear to me, I cannot help reflect upon my very own mortality....

Summer Trance
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Summer Trance is composed of three related true haiku poems....


The Fabulous Potato
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
50 Ways to prepare it and eat it! Blurb: Culinary delights. Thatís what people say when they taste the many faces of the potato. Even Andrew Zimmern can enjoy the humble tuber! ...

A Brief History of New York City Schools
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Blurb: History is getting ready to repeat itself. No one wants to assume the responsibility of troubled students. Parents think the school is to blame. Schools think the parents are t...

Ten Ways Life on Earth Could End
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Scary new evidence suggested by the most elite scientific community leaders seem to point to an inevitable calamity. ...

The Incredible Praying Mantis
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
I always wondered whether the name implies that this creature looks like it is praying or that it preys on other insects...

About The Carpenter of Auguliere
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Is Good vs. Evil the theme of Sex and Violence?...

The Art of Self-Editing
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
This article attempts to illustrate ways writers can use to enhance their prose with self-editing....


How to Compose Brilliant Prose
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
How to Compose Brilliant Prose is now available on Amazon.com as an eBook. It is an essential for anyone wishing to improve his or her written and spoken communication skills. Read the reviews:

Alpha Centauri & Beyond has a T-Shirt Program
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Alpha Centauri & Beyond needs your help. In order to continue to provide interesting and educational science programs that discuss literature and cinema, we need your help to fund research and product...

It's Official--We're Going Live
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
The premiere of the all new Alpha Centauri & Beyond Show. The Show will feature discussions about science, science fiction and science fiction movies....

Alpha Centauri & Beyond's New Spin-off
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Although it was a long, hard struggle, Alpha Centauri & Beyond finally found a co-host. Please welcome Melissa Macfie. Biweekly, Monday nights at 8 pm. ET....

The Teachers Always Write
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Although the book will continue to be available in the Kindle Store for just $2.99, this special, free offer ends September 19, 2012....

Alpha Centauri & Beyond RSS Feed
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Find out what's going on at D. Wayne Dworsky's radio talk show, Alpha Centauri & Beyond by subscribing to his live RSS Feed....

Alpha Centauri & Beyond Show
 by D. Wayne Dworsky
Alpha Centauri & Beyond is a radio talk show over the internet. It will feature discussions about science and science fiction with exclusive interviews with famous authors....


Alpha Centauri & Beyond
Explains my show, Alpha Centauri & Beyond, includes a list of show guests and their blurbs as well a my comprehensive bio and travels.

My Books
About my work, publicity, summaries, praise, purchasing information.

RSS Feed
Keeps listeners informed of latest news concerning the show, including background information about guests and up-coming events.

American Chronicle
Look for my articles.

Additional information

Novel (Some call it a fable), The Carpenter of Auguliere. Dworsky appeared on the Morton Maclosky radio talk show WUSB FM 90.1 at Stony Brook in Long Island on June 26, 2006. Touching the Sky, A Book of Endearing Poetry; and The Teachers Always Write, a book of quips. Poetry readings all over New York.

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Concrete Jungle Press
Queens Village   NY   11428   USA

 D. Wayne Dworsky
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