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Featured Book
by Helen Vandepeer

A christmas story for children of all ages that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.Easy large print..  
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     Featured "Family" eBooks

     "Family" eBooks
      ¿Recuerdas en tus sueños? $0.99
by alex canton-dutari
Download to your Kindle,
La tercera novela corta de Alex Cantón-Dutari recoge recuerdos ancestrales y los entrelaza a través de la fantasía. El lector podría sentir la necesidad de perpetuar sus propias reminiscencias...

      365 Days of Christmas $4.99
by Charlene White-Jackson
Download to your Kindle,
A collection of short stories, poems, and more for every family to enjoy during the Holiday Season...

      A Cricket's Christmas: The Bethlehem Story
by David Hennessey
Download to your Kindle,
Chirp is a young cricket living in the manger where Jesus will be born. He and his friends witness the miracles that surround that event...

by Antoinette Richards-Garraway
Download to your Kindle,
This is a "must read" for all. It is simply a healing tool; designed to bring total wholeness to the divorcée...

      A Dog's Life
by Edward Garbowski Jr
Download to your Kindle,
Follow Franklin Cartwright as he moves to a small town to leave the big city behind. He finds a quirky little town and murder!..

      A Family Christmas. (Short Story)
by Eilise Burrows
Download to your Kindle,
The Wardens Motorcycle Club Series..

      A King in a Court of Fools
by Larry Enright
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
This is a story about a group of kids growing up in a time when things were simpler and every day was an adventure. Written from the perspective of an adult looking back, its humor, nostalgia and just plain fun appeals to all..

      An Irreconcilable Difference
by Lynda Fitzgerald
Download to your Kindle,
On Kindle Now!..

      Being a Senior Citizen
by Patrick Kennedy
Download to your Kindle,
When senior citizens enter this stage in life there are so many issues: Where is the money? Where do I live? How is my health? This book is a guideline to help these individuals adjust to what is happening in their lives...

      Box Set: Glenda Diana Short Story Collection Book 1 $4.99
by Glenda Diana
 Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
Box Set includes 3 short stories: No Sense of Humor -- A Taste of History -- Sunbeam..

      Burial At Sea
by Jerome Lusa
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
I wasn't present when my family cast my maternal grandfather's ashes into the Atlantic Ocean. This short story is how I imagine his burial...

      Cause My Daddy “Said” Reflections Of My Father’s Words Series Book 3
by R Greene
Download to your Kindle,
One Woman’s Journey of recognition, respect, and recollection of her father’s words… ..

      Discoveries: A Journey Through Life $9.95
by Shirley Parker
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Like the flash and dart of dragonflies, other busy lives surround ours as we prance unaware through our own world. Each absorbing story portrays a powerful sense of place, even when life's smaller crises are held up to the li..

      Dog Water Free, A Memoir
by Michael Jay
Download to your Kindle,
A coming-of-age story about hope, faith and a young mother's love that fosters an improbable journey to find emotional truth...

      Endangered Species: The Stealing of Black Children
by Raymond Sturgis
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,

      Exciting, Fun Stories
by Evelyn Horan
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Exciting, Fun Stories is a collection of adventure stories for children, teens, and adults. Each story is entertaining and meaningful to the reader. Further, The Preface is for parents, teens and adults with informat..

      EZ Sudoku: Sudoku Puzzle Secrets Revealed $3.99
by karen leung
Download to your Kindle,
When you travel alone especially a long trip on an air-plane, would you like to get into a game to spend your time while you're waiting in the airport? We introduce Sudoku to you because it is a brain training game...

      Finding Agnetha
by Real Laplaine
Download to your Kindle,
The ABBA fan's dream come true!..

      Grandpa Doesn't Know Me Anymore $9.89
by Terri Kelley
Download to your Kindle,
Azheimer's and dementia are devastating to most families. This book is told from a grandson's point of view...

      Her Peaceful Sleep $0.99
by alex canton-dutari
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
A short story depicting the Doc's struggle through the last period of his wife's life...

      Horse Tails by Shiloh $12.95
by Patricia Probert Gott
Download to your Kindle,
Shiloh tells his story about preparing and participating in a horse show... then he goes on a three camping trip into the mountains with six other pack- trippers...

      How to Raise Responsible Teens by Age 5 $5.95
by Kathern Welsh
 Download from Smashwords,
Responsible Teens is not based on a theory, which existed only in the mind, but instead, it is based on years of actual, hands-on experience. The experience that only an actual parent can obtain. This is just the first chapte..

      In Your DREAMS - Dream Analysis and Comprehension
by Dr. Joe Reed
Download to your Kindle,
Dreams can be Inspiring. Dreams can be Frightful. Dreams can be Erotic. Dreams can be Crystal Clear or Confusing. Has GOD ever spoken to you in a dream? What's that all about? Discover how to Inte..

      Irretrievably Broken
by Irma Fritz
Download to your Kindle,
Irretrievably Broken is the haunting, funny, and heart-breaking account of German ex-patriots Nora, Ruth, and Bettina Adler. The plot takes us across the U.S, to the bush country of Canada, and to a cold case murder scene in..

      Just Shut Up and Drive $2.99
by Chynna Laird
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
One teen, one cranky old man and the open road. What could go wrong?..

      Land of Santan $2.99
by Lucinda Bilya
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Breaking the family traditions of domestic violence, two brothers find humor their best weapon to beat the dragon...

      Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy $4.4
by Sharon Irish
Download to your Kindle,
A collection of real life funny stories and moments from Pregnant Women including embarrassing accidents and hilarious comments from Children trying to understand pregnancy..

      Life is Funny That Way $3.99
by sharon Lopez
Download to your Kindle,
With the help of Teddie, Jennifer goes on a journey to discover herself and what she is capable of in this crazy thing we call life. This is a story of life, love, heartbreak, and hard decisions...

      Lori $3.99
by Charlene Wexler
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Lori is the story of a woman gaining strength she never knew she could achieve, and of victory over adversity—a story with tragedies and triumphs to which every reader will be able to relate...

      Loving Andrew: A Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome
by Romy Wyllie
Download to your Kindle,
A mother recounts how the birth of Andrew with Down syndrome and the loss to cancer of a second baby start a family's journey through the maze of parenthood. With the support of a loving father, mother, and two younger siblin..

      My Best Christmas Ever
by J Dimare
Download to your Kindle,
A charming little homespun American Christmas story...

      My Father, My Brother & Me
by John Read
Download to your Kindle,
My father was addicted to alcohol; my brother to drugs; and me, to porn. In ancient Greece, a trilogy was a series of 3 tragedies in a play. It wasn't until the conclusion that you knew how bad (or good) the ending would be. ..

      Next Life Story IV: An Enshrouded Tale
by L. Alston
Download to your Kindle,
Next Life Story IV: An Enshrouded Tale is an inspirational family tale...

      Ordinary World $3.49
by D.J. Mitchell
Download to your Kindle,
As the financial system crumbles, a rural family learns to survive in an unfamiliar world. Their challenges are not always easy, but they face them together...

      Peck: A Book $2.99
by J.L. Hohler III
Download to your Kindle,
The story of one woman's life and the search for herself...

      Power in the House! - American Home Owners Seizing the Moment $5.35
by RB Roberts
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
The design of “Power in the House!” is to guide you towards making more of the right decisions which will protect you, your family, your home, your finances, and your future from unknown depths of tragedy, frustration, and na..

      Reflections of Rosalyn
by Theresa Franklin
Download to your Kindle,
Rosalyn is teenager facing adult issues. To stand by her convictions, she is forced to leave home and live on her own. Lots of drama and lots of laughs... your dreams? $9.99
by alex canton-dutari
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Fantastic grandfather-grandson adventure in search of ancestral roots..

      Roxi Needs a Home $0.99
by R.C. Drake
Download to your Kindle,
This book is about adoption. Roxi, a big red Irish setter, has to leave her family that she has lived with all of her life. She finds someone new to love and they love her back...

      Running With Vince $4.99
by Jonathan Kuiper
Download to your Kindle,
Two brothers redefine their relationship when tragedy strikes...

      Secrets Through Her Eyes
by Alonese Crets
Download to your Kindle,
About everyday issues resulting from challenged parenting skills...

      Slices of Life Italian-American Stories
by Joanna Leone
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from iBooks,
"Slices of Life" Italian-American Stories consists of collective memoirs about travel, romance, family, love, devotion and traditions...

      Sugar & Spice $1.49
by R.E. Hargrave
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Lacey Harrison has been dealt an unexpected hand in life: being a single mom. With her father's help and that of the residents at Royal Hills Nursing Home, she thrives and goes on to become a successful baker. She is content ..

      Tea Party Teddy's Legacy $1.99
by Dianne Harman
Download to your Kindle,
The story of a man who runs for office and jeopardizes his family...

      The Bad, The Good and Two Fly Fishing Women
by Randy Kadish
Download to your Kindle,
A novelette: Amanda is fourteen when her mother deserts her to be with a new man. Hurt and betrayed, Amanda loses faith in the world. To soothe her pain, she retreats into fly fishing, until she learns that her lovin..

      The Danged Swamp! $2.99
by Richard Mason
Download to your Kindle,
Richard and John Clayton stumble across a moonshiner's still deep in the swamp. The Danged Swamp is Volume 4 in the Richard, the Paperboy series. The Danged Swamp starts on Thanksgiving Day, 1945 ..

      The Enemy Between My Legs $4.99
by Stephanie Jones
Download to your Kindle,
The Enemy Between My Legs takes a true look at the effects of child sexual abuse. One in three females and one in five males are sexually abused. It's time to talk about it...

      The Libra Solution: Shedding Excess and Redefining Success
by Lisa DAnnolfo Levey
Download to your Kindle,
The familiar lament of dual-career parents raising children is, "I just can't do it all." The Libra Solution provides an alternative - a more satisfying and sustainable work and life approach - to the overwrought modern day n..

      The Orphan and the Sea $6.99
by Nita Couch
Download to your Kindle,
Anna Maria Comstock is an eight year old orphan from New York City who comes to live with her uncle Lineal and his family at the Mooseneck, Maine Lighthouse...

      The Red Velvet Box $1.99
by Christine Keleny
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
It is 1954 and Katherine Gale has just turned thirteen, though she likes it when people say she looks older. But no matter what year it is, when you’re thirteen, you still don’t like cleaning your room, having to sit next to ..

      The Separation Survival Guide Book
by James Raven
Download to your Kindle,
A consolidation of information to assist and guide those experiencing separation and possible divorce written in a concise practical handbook. An inexpensive resource to make it easier and less stressful emotionally,financia..

      The Shadows of Nikki $2.99
by Christine Patterson
Download to your Kindle,
"The Shadows of Nikki" is based on a true story of child abuse. The reviews are in. The book has been republished by a new editor as of October 26, 2014...

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Featured Book
Harkening: A Collection of Stories Remembered
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

The Midwest Review called this experimental cross between fiction and nonfiction "...captivating..."..  
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Featured Book
I am NOT ashamed T-Shirts
by S D

Stand Up... Be Bold, Be Brave and Courageous! Wear your T-shirt Lovingly and unashamed...  
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Featured Book
by Helen Vandepeer

A christmas story for children of all ages that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.Easy large print..  
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