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Featured Book
Secrets of the Seven Churches
by Will Clark

Do you want to really understand the warnings in Johnís letters to the Seven Churches in the Book of Revelation? If so, then you must read this book. Johnís lett..  
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     Featured "Religion" eBooks

     "Religion" eBooks
      7 Attributes That Can Make or Break You $4.99
by Jimi Akanbi
Download to your Kindle,
Jealousy, judging, pride, and living by chance are attributes that hinder a person from getting the most out of life. Most people who suffer from any or all of these characters do not even know it. In this book, the author gi..

      A Glimpse of Glory My Journey to Heaven and Back $3.99
by Rick East
Download to your Kindle,
A Glimpse of Glory is a wonderful testament to God's love and promises from one who experienced death - only reluctantly returning to life, as we know it from the hereafter. The author wipes away the trepidation even Christi..

      A Matter of Faith $3.95
by Benjamin Plybon
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
A discussion of relation between belief in science and belief in God...

      A Place in the Son: Fitly Joined Together in Love and Growing in Christ $3.99
by Clarence Ogle
Download to your Kindle,
"A Place in the Son" is a guide to growing in Christ in harmony with other true believers. It is suitable for individual or group study, with thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter and helpful appendixes...

      A Woman's Calling To Ministry
by Mary Rincon
Download to your Kindle,
A Woman's Calling in a Mans World ...

      A Year in Prayer With Jesus $9.99
by Marilynn Dawson
 Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
Do you struggle with the idea of a daily prayer life? Have you ever found yourself asking along with the disciples, "Lord, teach us to pray"? Then this book is for you...

      Anastasis - The Forbidden Book Concealed $2.99
by Susan Smith
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Providence moves a Bishop, a Queen, and a Lord to shine the Light revealed in the Forbidden Book in the Dark Ages...

by David Holdsworth
Download to your Kindle,
The Battle of Culloden through the eyes of a young Scotsman. A book of spirituality and adventure...

      ANNO DOMINI: A Month Of Sundays $4.99
by Joe King
Download to your Kindle,
The complete, full-color collection of the nationally awarded Christian Editorial series on Creationism vs. Darwinism. -72pp, full-color, paperback, perfect bound..

      Anti-Christ's Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery
by Jesus Villalobos
Download to your Kindle,
STEVEN JOHNSTON is a man imprisoned in a Colorado insane asylum. His crime? Knowing too much!..

      Apocalypse Codes - Decoding the Prophecies in the Book of Daniel $5.95
by Robert Rite
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Are we within seven years or less from the dreaded apocalypse? Discover why the book of Daniel is probably the most important prophecy book in the Old Testament, and complements the book of Revelation. Without understanding ..

      Apokalupsis - The Forbidden Book Revealed $3.99
by Susan Smith
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
The Apokalupsis Ė the revelation of Jesus Christ Ė shakes up the old order in the Dark Ages...

      Apostasy!: The Word-Faith Doctrinal Deception
by Jeff Kluttz
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
This book is an examination of the "Word of Faith" theological trends so visible on much of Christian Television. In short, it compares the doctrines taught by this movement with scripture to reveal a completely counter-Chri..

      Armorbearer Training Series: In the Spirit of Armorbearing (revised)
by Earma Brown
Download to your Kindle,
Filled with biblical examples, insights from the author, and inspiring quotes from worldwide thinkers, In the Spirit of Armorbearing offers clear evidence that God's Old Testament design for His leaders and supporters is stil..

      At The Table
by John Read
Download to your Kindle,
For those who give communion meditations, this book is an attempt to focus completely upon our Lord's role in our redemption. Reverent remembering it the goal...

      Avoiding the Ten Common Church Crises $3.99
by Dr. Kirby Clements Sr.
Download to your Kindle,
Avoid 10 of the most common challenges in the church with this informative and practical guide...

      Babylon the Great is fallen, is Fallen! $0.99
by Robert Rite
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Why is Babylon the Great one of the most important mysteries of the bible to understand? Did you know that once you understand this mystery, you will be able to unlock many other secrets of the apocalypse codes?

      Basic Truths $2.99
by Chester Gross
Download to your Kindle,
Study the basic doctrines of Hebrews Chapter Six..

      Be Revived Open the Box
by Mike Cesar
 Download from Smashwords,
This book will challenge you to tear down the walls of restriction that you have put upon God in your life, and encourage you to hand over the control of all aspects of your life to God..

      Be Revived Prophecies & Revelations
by Mike Cesar
 Download from Smashwords,
A collection of prophecies about revival in Ireland..

      Be Strong... Be Men: Responding to the Christian Call to Manhood $2.99
by Roderick Evans
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
The Christian man, thus, has the responsibility to reflect Christ's image. Learn what God requires for you as a Christian man...

      Biblical Studies Student Edition
by Michael Findley
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
Bible Teaching for all ages, historical background, ancient manuscript studies, Bible Doctrines, Old and New Testament, commentary, review questions. Many topics correlated with free YouTube videos...

      Blessings for Generations a Christmas Love Story $4.99
by Lorenzo Spencer
Download to your Kindle,
Blessings for Generations a Christmas Love Story is a Christian childrenís book. It is called blessings for generations because we must teach our children about God starting at a young age. It is about Tim and the greatest lo..

      Blood Moons Rising! Unlocking the Mystery of the Coming Blood Moons of 2014 $0.99
by Robert Rite
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Are the end of day prophecies already revealed in the heavens, and by the coming Blood Moons (Lunar Eclipses) of 2014 and 2015? Do these signs have a divine significance?..

      Book of Bible Articles [Kindle Edition]
by Elder Sean
Download to your Kindle,
A Book of Articles created for the Church which makes people stop, think and hopefully study more in-depth than before...

      Bottom line Christianity $3
by Mike Abel
Download to your Kindle,
Bottom-line Christianity is conversational in style. It conveys the simple essentials of Christianity, in fresh ways that are easy to grasp, ponder and use. The central idea of the book is to identify a handful of basic and b..

      Bread for Adversity $1.99
by richard toney
 Download from Smashwords,
Bread for Adversity is a daily devotional and bible journey filled with God's words for overcoming everyday events that threaten to dampen your faith...

      Building Teams God's Way $2.99
by Chester Gross
Download to your Kindle,
Learn how to build teams the work..

      Casting Out Demons $5.99
by Dr. CK Quarterman
Download to your Kindle,
Deliverance from Demons..

      Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way $3
by Michael Snow
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Biblical discussion of issues of war and peace...

      Chronicles of the HEdge $9.99
by Jeff Ovall
Download to your Kindle,
In spite of the ever-looming threat of capture, a brave band of evangelists join forces to preach the Gospel to a lost and hostile world. John Rex, one of the leaders of this underground network, is the focus of HEdge's sear..

      Dialoguing The Bible $4.99
by Kevin Morgan
Download to your Kindle,
This book examines how the Bible evolved from a collection of poems, narratives, songs and prophecies to a best-selling holy book that is revered by several major world religions. The unique aspect of Dialoguing The Bible is..

      Did Jesus Buzz? $0.99
Download to your Kindle,
Here's a booklet that's short and to the point. You'll find it an interesting read no matter what your views are on alcohol consumption...

      Do You Feel God Walking Beside You?
by Raymond Sturgis
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
God is in life, and how we acknowledge his presence is in this book. We all go through problems, and knowing that is with us, makes the road to recovery that much easier...

      Driving the Devil Crazy
by John Read
Download to your Kindle,
"He drives me crazy" is a phrase we use many times about people who get under our skin. A good way to get even is to let God do the "getting." Here are 365 ways, a whole year's worth, to drive the devil crazy by exposing his ..

      End-Time Church Mysteries and Revelations $2.99
by Donald Corder
Download to your Kindle,  Download from Smashwords,
Sweeping in revelatory content, prophetic utterance and declarations - this work simply must be read by anyone desiring to move into the cutting edge of the supernatural realms of Christianity...

      Exploring Re-Visioned Kabbalah: A Study Guide... $2.99
by Judith Laura
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,
An e-book study guide to the 4 chapters on Jewish Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, and a more egalitarian visioning,in the print book, Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century..

      Faith Song Devotionals for Women
by Ruth Lanham
Download to your Kindle,
Faith Song Devotionals for Women is inspired by the scripture, Isaiah 42:10. "Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth, you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it, you islands, and all who liv..

      Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God's Will $4.99
by Pamela Carmichael
Download to your Kindle,
Financial Empowerment is about managing your finances based on biblical principles. It identifies some of the challenges we face in nine key areas of our finances and gives God-based solutions on how to solve them and become ..

      Freedom from the Curse $2.99
by Chester Gross
Download to your Kindle,
Freedom from the curse deals with two cursed which God has removed. The curse of sin nature and the curse of the law...

      From My Soul To Yours
by Cedric Myrick Sr
Download to your Kindle,
My God has used me as one of his vessels to express my feelings in poems. My poems are my reflections of my inner feelings, thoughts, and expressions, which I may not have shared with that particular individual, but God allow..

      From the Other Side of the Couch: A Biblical Counselors' Guide to Relationa $4.99
by Judy Lair
Download to your Kindle,
My Roadmap to Freedom shows how to walk through the valley of woundedness, liberate your feelings from captivity, wrestle inaccurate beliefs into submission, plant your flag on the mountain of truth, and learn how to live in ..

      Gazing At Grace:Six Sermons To Show The Savior $2.95
by Chris Canuel
Download to your Kindle,
In a day in which many people are unsure of how to read the Bible, and much of the preaching in our churches revolve around moralism or whatever social issues are dominating the day's headlines, Chris Canuel is convinced that..

      Go For It!: Motivating Christians To Do God's Will $0.99
by Jeremy Woods
Download to your Kindle,
Has God been laying something on your heart for you to do? Make sure it is God's Will, not just your desires, and then prepare to do it. Then go for it!..

      He Will Never Leave You $8.99
by Jaylin Palacio
Download to your Kindle,
People will betray us, but God will never leave us or forsake us. He gives us the ability to truly forgive and be set free from the pain of betrayal...

      Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours $3.99
by Melody Ravert
 Download from Smashwords,
Now available in e-book! In the book, Heaven or Hell: The Choice is Yours, the author offers insight through scriptures and references to help answer questions regarding life after death...

      Hell's Gate Battle For Man's Soul $3.99
by Don Guthrie
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,
Hellís Gate is a novel about the struggles man has with demons, and the help he can receive from God if he believes. It is a story of angels and demons and manís faith...

      Holy Qur'an: An Intimate Portrait $17.96
by John Herlihy
Download to your Kindle,
The journey of a sacred revelation from a cave in Makkah down through the centuries until the modern era when the book still serves to enlighten billions of people and guides them through the journey of their own lives...

      How We Began $4.99
by Graham Cumming
Download to your Kindle,
The tentative theory of Evolution is shown to have serious flaws. If we do not eliminate supernatural factors from the investigation, Creation is a viable alternative...

      Hurt No More! A Journey of Healing from Abuse
by Kelly Ann Evers
Download to your Kindle,
Find Peace, Healing, Hope, and Comfort through Prayer and the Word of God...

      I Am that I Am, Tracing the Footprints of God $2.99
by Judy LeBlanc
Download to your Kindle,
This book contains all of God's covenants, all of Jesus' parables, miracles, divine names and titles, maps, tables and over 50 illustrations...

      I Will Bless the Lord, 28 Days to Praise and Worship $4.99
by Katina Davenport
Download to your Kindle,
This is a Christian praise and worship devotional...

      If They Be Prophets: Rediscovering the Ministry of the Prophet $4.95
by Roderick Evans
Download to your Kindle,  Download to your Nook,  Download from Smashwords,  Download from iBooks,
This book brings clarity to the role of the prophet in the New Testament Church...

      iMessages like quotations $2.99
by Mike Abel
Download to your Kindle,
iMessages like Quotations, offers short messages of thirty words, or the length of a 140-character tweet. The short messages also serve as great quotations which you can use in your messaging. In addition, you'll find that ea..

      In Defense Of The Cross Of Christ $3.99
by Steven Holley
Download to your Kindle,
Penetrating analysis of cause and cure of spiritual anemia, counterfeit Christianity, and shipwrecked leadership. Based on Philippians 3:18, ďFor many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that t..

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Featured Book
Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: from Kabbalah to
by Judith Laura

The award-winning Second Enlarged Edition of this highly acclaimed book, contains all material from the original 1997 edition plus additional content, including a Forewor..  
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Featured Book
Twice Born Ministers you can help- -We are all ministers
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Sam Shoemaker worked with Ministers and employed the principles of The Oxford Group. His work made a significant difference in the lives of the Ministers and their Paris..  
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Featured Book
Truth Seeker: Objections To Christianity
by Warren Mueller

This is the latest book in my Truth Seeker Series. It is a dialogue between myself and my father who was a critic of the Bible and Christianity. My father was a prolific ..  
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