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Featured Book
Marvels for a Wednesday Dawn
by Teresa Pelka

A collection of 13 pieces intended not to make much expectation on time as well as place. The book has two translations from Kohanovsky; 38 pages, full color, variform ty..  
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Featured Book
The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 2, the collected poems
by Albert Russo

PEDESTAL MAGAZINE: It is one of that rarest of books, one which seems to contain a hearty cross-section of the writer’s output over the past several years,its th..  
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Featured Book
Prayer Poems for Mother (A Great Gift for Mother)
by John Domino

What can you give mother that will last forever? A prayer poem book that says, "I love you!" This is the ultimate gift for mother or grandmother. It's much better than an..  
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     Featured "Poetry" Books in Kindle Edition

     "Poetry" Kindle Edition eBooks
      1 God - Poems on God , Creator $9
by Nikhil Parekh - Indian Poet

The compilation of poems depicts the Omniscient Creator in his infinite unconquerable shapes and forms . Goes to irrefutably prove that there is just one Creator , you choose to call him by whatever name - and for everyone on..

      108 Bhakti Kisses, The Ecstatic Poetry of a Modern Day Gopi $4.95
by Sonya Tomlinson

Ecstatic Poetry..

      28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History
by Latorial Faison

28 Days of Poetry is an eclectic collection of poems celebrating the history and legacy of African-Americans. The book reflects on slavery and the civil rights movement and paints poetic pictures of the south during a time wh..

      28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 3 $2.99
by Latorial Faison

28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History III is the 3rd book in Faison's trilogy collection taking a historical and creative look at the history of Africans in America. The author explores, through poetry, the rich history..

      28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History: Volume 2 $2.99
by Latorial Faison

28 Days of Poetry Celebrating Black History Volume 2 is a profound collection of some of the most commemorative poetry you'll find on Black History. This author, for the second time, gives us 28 more poetic selections celebra..

      A Canadian's Poems $0.99
by Doug Bentley

One of the best kept secrets in Canadian English Poetry today! Discover what all of the buzz is about! ..

      A Collection of Poetry (1st Revision) From A Poet's Expression $2.99
by Marco Reynolds

Marco Reynolds is a published author, web designer, graphic designer, artist, photographer, hospitality professional, husband and father. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, where he majored in Hotel and Restaurant..

      A Collection of Verses from the Drunken Poet’s Society $2.98
by Piaras O Cionnaoith

On Life, Death and Other Stuff!..

      A Flower of the Lost Garden $0.99
by anthony pellizzeri

A collection of incoherent thoughts and words in a poetic style..

      A Golden Fuchsia-Laden Girl (Hardcover)
by Richard Rydon

Collected poems of Richard Rydon..

      A Golden Fuchsia-Laden Girl (Paperback)
by Richard Rydon

Collected poems of Richard Rydon..

      A Haunting and Sad Collection of Poetry
by Melissa Marmino

32 poems about my being possessed by a man and a evil fallen angel creature. And also about my love for Ville Valo, the lead singer of the band H.I.M...

      A Journey Through Life $8
by Joseph Ogbonna

An anthology of poems on religion,love,nature,politics and so on...

      A Leaf Falls
by Cheyene Lopez

I want people to notice nature and the world that encircles each and everyone of us.Notice how a leaf falls, or the changing guards of the seasons. Notice the way it warms and the way raindrops falls from spring and summer th..

      A Little Taste of the Good Times $0.99
by Walt Lamberg

This is a collection of 25 country music song lyrics and lyric poems...

      A Southern Heart: Heart Of The South In Poetry
by Cheyene Lopez

This book is about being southern in heart and it is a sort of Advice book as well. This book comprises of poems of the beauty of the deep south and its hospitality through welcoming peoples. I bring a rare kind of humbleness..

      A Walk In My Shoes $0.99
by LaQueisha Malone

Through Valleys and Ridged Mountains, LaQueisha Malone expresses her thoughts and feelings through poetry...

      Adua Mar $2.99
by Alessandro Baruffi

In trame giovanili di poesie damascate, l'Adua, il fiume limaccioso, come fra irte rocce e verdastri declivi, quasi inerpicandovisi, anela la vastità del mare...

      After The Storms: The Power Of Nature In Poetry
by Cheyene Lopez

This is my newest book of poems all about nature and natural events of living. This book is especially about those storms that hit the east coast hard recently. I dedicate this book to the memory of those injured and those wh..

      Alabama Heart Of Dixie Poems: Where Stars Rise And Fall Upon Alabama
by Cheyene Lopez

This is my newest book pf poetry all for my native home state of Alabama the beauty of the land, the kindness of its people and proud history from past to the modern day. I believe in Alabama. Once forgotten Alabama welcomes ..

      America First: Amber Waves Of Grain
by Cheyene Lopez

I now introduce to you my newest book of celebrated poems all about America our country USA to you the public,my fans,the readers and buyers everywhere the world over. I dedicate to you the American public this book. I give t..

      America's Change a Poetic View $2.99
by Arnita Fields

This collection of poetry will help to instruct, comfort, edify and also provoke each reader to embrace God's change for their lives...

      Ananya Priya Lavanya $3
by Praveen Kumar

Collection of poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..

      Another Ten Thousand Miles $0.99
by Walt Lamberg

This is a collection of 25 country music song lyrics and lyric poems...

      Are you looking through the window of my soul?

Are You Looking Through the Window of My Soul? Take a look. Past: My journey through life, my highs, my lows, my victories and defeats. The positives, the negatives and just surviving. Present: My ..

      As A Poet Speaks! $3.99
by Kenneth Hare

All about the love of my life...

      AWAKE: Poems for a World Emerging
by Dawn Richerson


      Beautiful Contents $8
by Joseph Ogbonna

A Poetry anthology based on Love,life,religion,stories..

      Beauty, Poetry & Flow...Birthed in Travail $12.95
by Shirley Houston

This book chronicles my life from childhood trauma to triumphant rediscovery and reintroduction of my revived, authentic self...

      Beloved Isles $5
by Maureen Brindle

All types of poetry narrative acrostic and descriptive. Over 150 pages..

      Beloved Supremacy $4
by Aaron Ozee

Same as book description...

      Bhavana $3
by Praveen Kumar

Kannada poems by one and only Praveen Kumar..

      Bipolarity and ADHD to Folding Mirrors
by Marc Latham

Poetry of the mind searching for meaning, from raw rock music related youthful questioning to middle-age observations on everything about life within a highly structured new form...

      Book 3 ... The Songs and Verses
by Jim Scott

80 original works of lyrical verse drawn from the writers' experiences and encounters during extensive travels over much of his life...

      Book of Unsung Songs
by David Earl

Songs for the soul..

      Buildings In A House Of Fire
by Graham Tiler

Buildings In A House Of Fire is the first major collection of work by Glasgow based writer and poet Graham Tiler. It is an astonishingly brutal and honest personal journey concerning the emotional and physical extremes and ex..

      Caboodle $8.96
by Jeff Burton

Jeff Burton writes. 'Caboodle' is a collection of the wit and wisdom of Jeff Burton. It is mercifully brief...

by Pratheek Praveen Kumar

“Whatever career you may choose for yourself - doctor, lawyer, teacher - let me propose an avocation to be pursued along with it” said Martin Luther King, Jr. I am a technocrat by pursuance and a poet and writer by dream. I..

      Caught Up Midnight Dessert
by Thomasena Martin-Johnson

If you identify, you have been in love or Caught Up in Midnight Dessert...

      Celestial Glow $5
by Praveen Kumar

Recent romantic poems authored by one and only Praveen Kumar..

      Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm $4
by Aaron Ozee

Same as book description...

      Cell of the Mind $0.99
by LaQueisha Malone

Have you ever been held Captive by your own emotions? How did you become free?..

      Chains of Chaldea
by Roderick Gering

Poetry book inspired by an 18th century style, using a unique rhyming pattern over 9 lines per verse it has become a favorite of mine and I plan to use more often. It is like writing a short story or epoch with poetic verse. ..

      Chase The Wind A book of poetry. $3.99
by Sherman Kennon

This is an inspirational book of poetry that touches on various topics, all geared to uplift...

      Chicamauga: Battle of The Blue and The Gray
by Lee Gabor

Poem of reincarnation regarding the Chicamauga Battle of the American Civil War...

      Chinese Incarnation $8
by Sha Yan

Chinese Incarnation..

      Cleave $3.99
by William DeVault

An all-digital edition of 69 of the Romantic Poet of the Internet's intense and seductive works...

      COLD MOUNTAIN Transcendental Poetry $2.99
by Wandering Poet

Expanded and revised 7th edition. Contains 100 poems by the T'ang Zen poet Han-shan, translated by Wandering Poet...

      Compound Delusions: The Rise & Fall of our Design
by Donato DiCristino

Compound Delusions: The Rise & Fall Of Our Design is a book of creative nonfiction. . This is the fifth book by American Poet and Independent Author Donato DiCristino. The author uses abstract, free-verse and epic poetry to t..

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Featured Book
17 Syllables
by Joan Huffman

Cherry blossom festival..  
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Featured Book
Twilight years
by Audrey Coatesworth

Twilight years is a book of 67 poems for 'old folk' - the final age group for my books - MY age group!..  
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Featured Book
Love: Its Wonderments, Sufferings and Consumations (Free Aud
by Lonnie Hicks

Love stories, love poems, inspirational in nature are the core of this volume. Again, taken from individuals around the world, and of course, the authors own contribution..  
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