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Background in NY/LA entertainment and arts, Now Novelist/Poet/Humanist. Two novels published: ECHOSIS, 3 WAY MIRROR. Poems published in "Said and Unsaid" Vol 1. In 2012 - 2 volumes of my poetry were published: "Prosetry at Work," and "Perceptions" (The latter as photo/prosetry art book on Lulu) I am especially intrigued with prosetry and slam poetry artists, especially those who come across wit


 I've been fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your POV) to have worked a lifetime in film, stage, TV and writing.  Influences have been too many to mention, but some of primary importance have been: David Foster Wallace, Travanian,  Paddy Chayefsky, Fellini, Ingmar Bergman,  Henry Miller, Christopher Hitchens, Norman Mailer  and Ray Kurzweil. 


Birth Place: Salt Lake, UT America

Accomplishments: Directing Drama-Logue Award


ECHOSIS by Odin Roark
What causes America's mainstream media to fear and try to destroy a group of artists and their work? What happens when such a creative movement grows in strength and threatens media's bottom line? Why would extremists find it necessary to take action against such a colony of artists?...

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Perceptions by Odin Roark
"Perceptions" is a Limited Edition book of prosetry and photos where prose and verse are interrelated to explore philosophical ideas....

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Prosetry at Work by Odin Roark
This book represents a thirty-day period of my poetry journal. Each poem addresses the dominant thoughts occupying my mind during the early morning hours of a given day....


Said and Unsaid - Vol 1 by Odin Roark
The anthology includes 10 of my poems. On book shelves in March 2012...

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3 WAY MIRROR by Odin Roark
3 WAY MIRROR is about a lost identity as experienced by a twenty-eight-year old who thinks he's Charles Randall, until strange events suggest otherwise....


Short Stories

Surreal Dummy--Still Here
 by Odin Roark
(2nd draft) A bit of prosetry and flash fiction on the art of seeing what is arguably (to me, anyway) important to be seen. How about this neon outfit, eh?...

 by Odin Roark
An angst-purging bit of flash fiction should IT come visiting, i.e., like an unwelcome salesman showing up on your doorstep, IT needs to know the sound of “I ain’t buyin’.” Maybe the cliché: “Where t...

Faux Companion
 by Odin Roark
Sometimes aloneness spawns strange ideas. Some flash fiction, or maybe some prose with a dash of poetry usually helps. ...

Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
 by Odin Roark
What would we do without memory? Stop learning that everything cycles back to its origin, sooner or later. (Image by Bloogie)...

Beer Neck Flower
 by Odin Roark
My rewrites of “Echosis” challenged not only what was on the page, but the back stories that supported the characters. It’s surprising to me that prosetry allows certain kinds of thoughts to find grou...

 by Odin Roark
A flash fiction exploration for the journey of dreams that sometimes carries the burden of what’s left behind....

What Do You Do?
 by Odin Roark
What started out as a poem, ended up as a piece of prosetry/flash fiction. Some would argue that “what you do” as your identity seems empty, and that there might be another way to define ourselves....

When the Wheels Stop Turnin' (flash fiction)
 by Odin Roark
Age, especially witnessing it in parents, does have it’s lighter moments, few as they might be....

 by Odin Roark
Even for genius children, comprehending societal decay remains problematic. (Prosetry/flash fiction)...

The Nap
 by Odin Roark
A flash fiction/prosetry exploration: Revelations have their own agendas. ...

Empty Airports
 by Odin Roark
Some prosetry unpacking, a short story hoping to find with time that vagaries will fade, wisdom will appear....

6 Sec. Trailer
 by Odin Roark
A flash fiction ode to those tween twits who keep the marketing departments employed. Used to be, you 'd seen the only parts of a movie worth paying for when you'd watched the 2 or 3 minute trailer...

Nomadic Heart
 by Odin Roark
(Flash Fiction) With so much wanting, so little fulfillment, the problem's solution seems totally out of reach for some. ...

Nightmare Tunnel - Merry-go-Round
 by Odin Roark
An empty subway car in the middle of the night becomes populated with guilt from the past. Balloons, ice cream, stuffed animals are clutched by the accusers in this Nightmare Tunnel trial for a sadist...

Surreal Dummy
 by Odin Roark
Some flash fiction on the art of seeing what is arguably important to be seen....

Hummingbird at 30,000 ft.
 by Odin Roark
History never tells the whole story. Many have answers. Some have questions. Thus, an allegory of sorts follows....

Animal Chain Atrocities
 by Odin Roark
Having just read a book of startling facts associated with the manufacture of the meat supply, purging was the only remedy for depression. Hardly poetic, but perhaps informative. Findin...

 by Odin Roark
Finding the right format for what needs grounding is troublesome at times... especially when one is addressing a universal malaise and feels impotent to impact a change. So… flash fiction. ...

 by Odin Roark
This is a short story lift from my published novel 3 WAY MIRROR. It is a pivotal part of the story, circa the '80s, and the introduction of two characters, Max and Julian who serve as ce...

It's Only Fair
 by Odin Roark
Just another recall needing time to "be" again....

Hunger Pangs
 by Odin Roark
Transporting oneself to an imaginary place works wonders for a rainy day. (A prosetry/flash fiction exploration)...

Lest We Forget To Remember
 by Odin Roark
A prosetry reminder: Some would argue that today’s readers are unaware of how unyielding some writers of yesterday chose to be--at any cost. ...

Reality Becoming...
 by Odin Roark
A flash fiction question: At what point does existence become something else?...

Counting Backwards
 by Odin Roark
Sometimes the best way to express long distance journeys is to compress the traveling into bite size passages. Thus, some flash fiction experimenting. ...

Not Much Time
 by Odin Roark
In this flash fiction/prosetry amalgamation, I tried to picture the planet’s technology leaping ahead exponentially. As such, it’s easy to forget how isolated and intimate happiness can be sometimes. ...


Misnomers of Fame
 by Odin Roark
How often do we forget names of artists who have made a difference in our lives, yet the impact of their work stays as a constant companion for us. (Image by Escher) ...

Eye-Opening Light
 by Odin Roark
“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it” – Edith Wharton...

Marsupial Prison
 by Odin Roark
As global countenance continues its masquerade into obsessive make-believe, consciousness is left having to consider the obvious alternative. (Image by Ryan Hayward)...

Dejection, Rejection, Connection
 by Odin Roark
Because Time never stays idle, there’s always a tomorrow waiting to be survived…or lived. So the decision challenges—no different today than decades ago. Hope is always around. ...

Once He Wrote
 by Odin Roark
A simple ode to the many aged New Yorkers with diaries, but no one to read them. ...

Closure Revisited
 by Odin Roark
With no gender bias, this prosetry purge is for all of us who continue working at the task of managing the painful residual of an unhealthy past relationship. (Image by the flickerees)...

Echoes of Silence
 by Odin Roark
Awareness serves the mind’s alchemy well, at times providing the only defense against despair. (Image by Belarus)...

Mr. Worm
 by Odin Roark
There’s much to be admired and respected before it’s all gone. (Image by Lissuin)...

Chameleon Battlescapes
 by Odin Roark
Many would argue that the algorithmic fate of the digital age represents both the means to enhance free will as well as exacerbate humanity’s imprisonment. (Image by karatron) ...

Missed By No One
 by Odin Roark
Some prosetry exploration into why it can often take very little to impact even the unexpectant. ...

Passion's Shoal
 by Odin Roark
Arguably, that which we often perceive as protection is in fact a hidden lesson for our learning....

 by Odin Roark
To reflect on one’s experience of aloneness versus oneness is to find a special sanctuary for contemplation. (Image by JrinksJr)...

 by Odin Roark
Are we destined to exist with but one common denominator? (Image by Adoma)...

It's Only Fair...Really
 by Odin Roark
We all need our recalls resurrected from time to time. It’s the only way they can “be” again... of course with a modicum of levity, via some prosetry. (Image by dijangodurango) ...

Socrates Furiously Sleep...Still
 by Odin Roark
It is truly sad that a being such as Andreas Lubitz chose to focus on “Everyone will know me one day” as opposed to him exercising the more important effort to know himself. Such begs the question: w...

Mystic Fly Casting
 by Odin Roark
When staring at the ceiling, we sometimes forget how valuable our often upside down nighttime perspective aids our everyday fantasies. (A prosetry piece in progress)...

Tears Ever of War
 by Odin Roark
With today’s war-drenched headlines, it’s easy to identify with what the media labels conflict. But what about our own personal battles? Those often disappointing efforts to exist with dignity. At...

 by Odin Roark
(A revisit) A prosetry experiment in time and space, as seen through various focal lengths of perception chronicling a focal length of life. (Image by benlawrie) ...

Anticipating Yesterday's Tomorrow
 by Odin Roark
Some would argue lasting love can never be realized without archiving the past disappointments into a safe place…perhaps to be revisited in one’s twilight hours...together. (Image by pinterest)...

Destiny's Nemesis
 by Odin Roark
Many often live out their fate, rather than creating their destiny. (Image by Johansson)...

Listening For the Light
 by Odin Roark
We often take our senses too literally. They are, after all, there for creation. (Image by panduri)...

Downpours Unexpected
 by Odin Roark
As children grow older, the parental memories never leave them, even when they can’t be recalled. (Image by elysabet)...

Down the Up Staircase
 by Odin Roark
The often-quoted meaning for the stage play and movie, Up the Down Staircase “…means to make your failure as your weapon to become successful.” Fifty plus years later, one now has cause to define...

Excellence Knows Loneliness
 by Odin Roark
Today there is a threat of lexiconic-annihilation, a proliferation of regurgitant language needing to find a 21st century vomitorium, where the purging of infantile word usage can take place, saving t...

Quiet Opulence
 by Odin Roark
To homogenize something is to change its parts so they are the same or similar, reminding us for every rise, there may well be a fall. (Image by behance)...


Discipline of the artist
 by Odin Roark
An article from the esteemed Eric Maisel, whose life as a counselor and therapist for artists, as well as writing numerous books, shares a lifetime of study and evaluation of the artist in society. B...

The Dogs of Sochi
 by Odin Roark
Mr. Olberman still has a touch....

A Crow With Super Smarts
 by Odin Roark
Watch this and marvel....

Targets Be Warned
 by Odin Roark
Sometimes, even a poet has to vent. Just listen to the 911 calls put on line 12/4 for the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook and ask just one question: WTF is wrong with this country? This is not a p...

Simple Times (an observation)
 by Odin Roark
With technological devices providing so much escape today, along with the inherent “Big Brother” thumb print, there’s reason to consider what we might miss of the little remaining reality we can tou...

Cavemen in Tuxedos (an editorial)
 by Odin Roark
The world’s accelerated chaos begs perhaps unanswerable questions. One must regret it’s not an American exclusive problem....

Ghost Town Ghosts
 by Odin Roark
The country’s leadership is in a shambles… elections carried forth for the right reasons are a joke. Where might the awakening reside?...

Note to Self
 by Odin Roark
Climbing some rock then a quick dip in the ocean below… For some of us, it doesn’t get any better....

Essay on Poetic Theory
 by Odin Roark
Although dense in its layout, Oppen's remarkable essay is well worth the annoyance....


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