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Sept 11, 2001
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We feel the best information about AuthorsDen comes from the authors themselves.

What continues to make the AuthorsDen experience a powerfully unique and inspiring one for me is the presence of an online community populated by informed writers who also happen to be insightful readers––and informed readers who often happen to be dynamic writers. That’s a rare kind of creative synergy to engage, absorb, and contribute to with the result being a tremendous amount of cultural satisfaction. Aberjhani author of ELEMENTAL, The Power of Illuminated Love, and ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE ~ 
Read about Aberjhani, or Login and Contact Aberjhani
I'm a webhead and don't deny it. One thing I guarantee any author interested in AuthorsDen is that if you want to be found on the Web, then an AuthorsDen site will assure that you are found and found quickly. Its owners have mastered the art of Google! Furthermore, its webpage features are user friendly. As for its members, AuthorsDen is a growing community of unique and talented writers from all genres and disciplines. I recommend it highly, especially to the writer who wishes to showcase work. ~~Nordette Adams, Mojo411 and NJ Spoken Word ~ 
Read about Nordette Adams, or Login and Contact Nordette Adams
AuthorsDen offers exactly what it says: a "den" where authors can put together all their work, invite their readers, colleagues, & friends to check out their latest books & events, & a spot where professionals who want to find out about an author's written works, & readers who want to locate a great variety of good writing, can visit & come together. A special place, long since needed in the collective author's electronic world! ~ 
Read about Linda Alexander, or Login and Contact Linda Alexander
Read about James M. Becher, or Login and Contact James M. Becher
AuthorsDen provides authors with a platform to share their works with the public. It is sites like these that make it possible for we, the authors, to become known and to learn from each other. Thank you; AuthorsDen. ~ 
Read about Tony Bertot, or Login and Contact Tony Bertot
We welcome The media to our Den where our authors may receive the recognition they deserve, as true poets....... William "D'Artagnan" Bonilla ~ 
Read about William Bonilla, or Login and Contact William Bonilla
Read about Alan Brenham, or Login and Contact Alan Brenham
AuthorsDen is an innovative excursion toward finding authors of merit. ~ 
Read about D.E.Z. Butler, or Login and Contact D.E.Z. Butler
I am a first time, just published author and I am extremely pleased with the marketing power of AuthorsDen. I am a recent member and can comfortably state, at this early stage, that AuthorsDen delivers a tremendous amount of bang for the buck. ~ 
Read about Stephen R Cafaro, or Login and Contact Stephen R Cafaro
A Lonely world being an Author? Yes sometimes. Then hit and Wow! you are at a great party where everyone wants to see what eachother has composed, is writing, gaining inspiration, hope and meeting friends. It's an unbelievably creative club...just a click away from the in Scotland...and even when I got hold of a laptop when I was the Camp Manager in Pakistan. ~ 
Read about Miller H Caldwell, or Login and Contact Miller H Caldwell
Read about Gary Caplan, or Login and Contact Gary Caplan
AuthorsDen has offered me an incredibly solvent forum to showcase my works, sell my novels, and interface with others of like mind. I am very impressed! ~ 
Read about richard lloyd cederberg, or Login and Contact richard lloyd cederberg
AuthorsDen is a excellent web site to display your work, get feedback and learn more about the writing community. Author Stacey Chillemi  ~ 
Read about Stacey Chillemi, or Login and Contact Stacey Chillemi
AuthorsDen is on it's way to finding new talent every day. ~ 
Read about Marsha Cook, or Login and Contact Marsha Cook
AuthorsDen provides a valuable service to writers by letting them post their work for all the world to see. Better than keeping their stories and poems hidden away in a spiral notebook. ~ 
Read about Alan Cook, or Login and Contact Alan Cook
AuthorsDen is a great forum to get useful feedback from readers and valuable tips from other authors. I just wonder why it took me so long to find this great place! ~ 
Read about William S. Cottringer, or Login and Contact William S. Cottringer
With between 60,000 to 80,000 books published each year, finding a way to promote and publicize them seems next to impossible. AuthorsDen has provided a way for authors and readers to bridge that gap and allow for lesser known, talented writers to connect with those readers. Keep up the good work and never say die........ ~ 
Read about Ron Cox, or Login and Contact Ron Cox
AuthorsDen has been a great place for me to share some of my work with readers for the enjoyment and information. ~ 
Read about Dr. Stanley Crawford, or Login and Contact Dr. Stanley Crawford
My latest book,"Bader Field" is listed on my site at which was recommended by my publisher Nightengale Press. I have had more than 59,000 hits in just under one year. The exposure and response are amazing. I am able to post references to my book, articles, events, links to my other websites, etc. This is the greatest vehicle I've seen for broadcast capability and marketing success!  ~ 
Read about Carl E David, or Login and Contact Carl E David
AuthosDen has been an exceptionally able allie in my stuggle to sell Symbols in Sand. When I have been slow or remiss in using all the features they have made available to market it, they have sent prompts and constructive comments. They're GREAT! help. ~ 
Read about Grant Dickinson, or Login and Contact Grant Dickinson
AuthorsDen is a dream come true for aspiring authors. It has everything to promote an author's work. WOW! ~ 
Read about D. Wayne Dworsky, or Login and Contact D. Wayne Dworsky
AuthorsDen has greatly assisted me in publicizing all of my books, including Through Katrina's Eyes, Poems from an Animal Rescuer's Soul - the recipient of the 2006 Merial Human-Animal Bond Award. AD is an excellent website for writers to showcase both their work and their writing resumes. ~ 
Read about Mr. Ed, or Login and Contact Mr. Ed
AuthorsDen has been a boon for my work. It is relatively easy to use and provides a good sounding board for other writers to experiment, evaluate and encourage each other ... ~ 
Read about Jansen Estrup, or Login and Contact Jansen Estrup
I am delighted with the help AuthorsDen is giving me in getting my works known around the world, and would like to be further in touch with the Media. I would also welcome contacts from the Media to discuss my latest works.  ~ 
Read about Derek Adie Flower, or Login and Contact Derek Adie Flower
AuthorsDen is a wonderful place for authors to strut their stuff and put their work out there for the whole world to see. I found it through another writer and I am so greatful. It's makes selling books a whole lot easier. ~ 
Read about Carol S Fowler, or Login and Contact Carol S Fowler
It's great to have a site like AuthorsDen. Authors seldom have much of a personal budget to advertise their works. It's great to have a place to show off my new book. ~ 
Read about Deborah K. Frontiera, or Login and Contact Deborah K. Frontiera
When lifes lows out shine the highs,distractions are in great demand. Everyone needs a fantasy. And thanks to AuthorsDen, dreamers have a place to come together- pretend for just a little while. ~ 
Read about Patricia Garber, or Login and Contact Patricia Garber
AuthorsDen is the best place for an author to be. I'm amazed at the verified exposure (in hits) this site has given me, mostly without cost. And, when I have ordered fee-based services, the price was right and the benefits many. ~ 
Read about Alfred J. Garrotto, or Login and Contact Alfred J. Garrotto
Bravo & Brava~!! I have investigated countless sites that offer space to authors. None have proven to be as generous, helpful and savvy as And is free! I have been recommending it to every author I know!
Phyllis Jean Green ~ 
Read about Phyllis Jean Green, or Login and Contact Phyllis Jean Green
AuthorsDen is a unique site providing a valuable showcase for budding authors. I am excited by its possibilities! ~ 
Read about Alan Greenhalgh, or Login and Contact Alan Greenhalgh
My writing has been mostly technical, until I discovered the joy of writing from the heart ~ 
Read about Walt Hardester, or Login and Contact Walt Hardester
This is a great site to promote your manuscript. I recently published a book entitled "Adrenaline Junkies" A Paramedic Nightmare. It has now reached 10 countries from around the world. This book was written by a paramedic with 30 years of experience. A review can be seen on Barnes and Noble website. Go to or for more details about this rollercoaster of a ride book. ~ 
Read about Craig Alan Hartpence, or Login and Contact Craig Alan Hartpence
I have recently discovered and think it is an essential resource for those of us who have published books and need to be discovered. I look forward to a long ad propserous relationship with the site. Mel Hathorn ~ 
Read about Mel Hathorn, or Login and Contact Mel Hathorn
Ebooks are the wave of the future and AuthorsDen is right there to help promote and inform the public about our available books. It's a promotional resource for all writers. Plus it also benefits the readers in helping to choose the kind of books they want to read. ~ 
Read about Rita P Hestand, or Login and Contact Rita P Hestand
Author's Den is an excellent site for authors and those interested in the full gambit of media. Love it. ~ 
Read about Lonnie Hicks, or Login and Contact Lonnie Hicks
AuthorsDen is most helpful to we cyberpterodactyls! AuthorsDen is an excellent tool for those of us who are new to the world of publishing! latest book:CatsPaw:Blue Death, 2d in series of cozy type amateur sleuth set in London ~ 
Read about m j . hollingshead, or Login and Contact m j . hollingshead
Joan Hall Hovey says~ "This is a wonderful opportunity for authors to reach their readers and for readers to get to know more about their favorite authors. And discover new authors. I'm delighted to be here, to share my stories and articles and tell you about my books. Thank you, AuthorsDen, for providing this wonderful high-tech service. That it's available at no cost to either author nor reader is truly commendable. ~ 
Read about Joan Hall Hovey, or Login and Contact Joan Hall Hovey
I am so glad that I found a resource like AUthorsDen. It has been a great way for me to start to get the word out about my debut novel, 'Let the Truth Be Told'. As a new writer it's hard to find that special community of interest, and AuthorsDen has so many writers and readers that are passionate about the subject that it's proven to be a really valuable asset. There have been hundreds of people that have read about my book and clicked on my site to learn more about me, the book, where to order it, etc. It's one of my most important marketing tools. ~ 
Read about Sonny Hudson, or Login and Contact Sonny Hudson
I only recently discovered the AuthorsDen but was so impressed by what I saw, I joined, immediately! I have my own website, but the thing that really impressed me about is, that in 4 years my peronal website has clocked 3,481 visitors. BUT, my Author's Page in has garnished 7,848 hits--since July this year! Stunning!! ~ 
Read about David M Humphrey Sr, or Login and Contact David M Humphrey Sr
In slightly over 5 years now. I have had over 300,000 visits, or 'hits.' Haven't earned a 'plugged nickel' and not one review from a publisher, but the fellow authors here are quite kind. My first book, "BAWLMER, MERLYN - HOME OF THE HONS" was a FLOP, and was cancelled because of lack of demand, but I am working on an edit with the intent of republishing as an eBook! Cordially, Tom Hyland. ~ 
Read about Tom Hyland, or Login and Contact Tom Hyland
It is the best site for authors I have ever seen. The staff is courteous, frendly and extremely helpful. They are just great, ~ 
Read about Arthur Jackson, or Login and Contact Arthur Jackson
I'm proud to have Radical Action: A Colt Kelley Thriller featured on AuthorsDen. What a great resource for authors and readers! ~ 
Read about James D. Kellogg, or Login and Contact James D. Kellogg
AuthorsDen has been an amazing marketing tool in helping me get my name and work further out there. I would recommend it to any author - new or veteran. ~ 
Read about Chynna T. Laird, or Login and Contact Chynna T. Laird
I have been in need for help in promoting my book "The Overcoat" and AuthorsDen is the first help I have gotten. all the best thanks conrad ~ 
Read about conrad larson, or Login and Contact conrad larson
I liked AuthorsDen when I first joined as a bronze member, and I like it even more after I saw what has been added to my site after I Up-Graded to the GOLD MEMBER list. Author's Den is a wonderful site. It gives authors a chance to have their work seen by thousands of people, and it gives the the public easy access to authors and their writings. Keep up the good work, AuthorsDen. ~ 
Read about Hank J LeGrand, or Login and Contact Hank J LeGrand
AuthorsDen has offered a platform for my writing to be read and reviewed by other readers and writers. I have discovered a rewarding world here where I have also made new friends. ~ 
Read about Lloyd Lofthouse, or Login and Contact Lloyd Lofthouse
As an ex-selfpublisher I know what marketing is about. I didn't find the time to write one word in ten months trying to sell my book. This a golden opportunity for all writers. ~ 
Read about Albert Loren, or Login and Contact Albert Loren
I am a veteran journalist-turned-author who is not camera or microphone shy and would have no problem discussing any baby boomer-related issues and subjects. ~ 
Read about Beverly Mahone, or Login and Contact Beverly Mahone
Author's Den ( is one of the greatest resources yet invented to spur the creativity of writers, and to entice readers; bringing both together in a harmony as yet to be duplicated by any other method. ~ 
Read about Jeff Mason, or Login and Contact Jeff Mason
Where the unknowns become great and the knowns become beloved. Author's Den has provided a way for me to stretch from shadow and reveal my words to many readers. In addition, the page stats and reviews are valuable for the author to study which works most impact the reader. With AD's recent release of a Book Factory and Book Store, it's proven itself to be an invaluable tool in self publishing with professional results... no money out of pocket. ~ 
Read about Lori S. Maynard, or Login and Contact Lori S. Maynard
Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you wish. ~ 
Read about Albert Megraw, or Login and Contact Albert Megraw is to be congratulated on the simplicity of their user friendly web site. I know how important it is because I have dyslexia. Writing my book Rigby's Roads was a challenge for me, but not as challenging as editing it. Dyslexia often plays tricks with your reality. I started to create my own web site but AuthorsDen made it so simple for me beyond my expectations. Every author contemplating creating their own site and paying expensive prices should visit AD first and see for themselves. Simple, fast, a captured audience who appreciate books, and user-friendly … what more can you ask for? Thanks AD. Michael Charles Messineo Author - Rigby’s Roads  ~ 
Read about Michael Charles Messineo, or Login and Contact Michael Charles Messineo
Hours after appearing on a public radio talk show (In the Public Interest) in Washington, D.C., I had an e-mail from a listener who'd tracked me down through He had already ordered my book "Maryland Lost and Found...Again" through, which links to my site! ~ 
Read about Eugene L. Meyer, or Login and Contact Eugene L. Meyer
I enjoy AuthorsDen for its excellence in exposure for new authors who are looking for an expanded audience and contact with people that can further my writing career. ~ 
Read about Jennifer Miller, or Login and Contact Jennifer Miller
Easy enough to work and I like to be able to check all my stats. It's easier than my unfinished web site. Thank you AuthorsDen!!! ~ 
Read about Bob Mitchley, or Login and Contact Bob Mitchley
AuthorsDen is perhaps one of the few sites on the internet where one can find people who are writers of considerable worth and merit. It is a treasure house for anyone looking for authentic, good and discerning writers. ~ 
Read about Shoma Mittra, or Login and Contact Shoma Mittra
Read about Darden North, or Login and Contact Darden North
Author's Den is best website for targeted marketing that I have come across. It virtually eliminates the need for large publishing house promotion. You can do it all yourself right here. It truly has changed the way people can market and sell their own books. To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING Click here to read my blog!  ~ 
Read about Neil D Ostroff, or Login and Contact Neil D Ostroff
This is home for any Author who is serious about getting his or her work out to the public. the Authors in the Den are so helpful and are great gudes. It'she best sincerely Carl Tuchy Palmieri ~ 
Read about Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri, or Login and Contact Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
AuthorsDen has given many of us an excellent outlet to share our work with other writers, receive feedback, and discover great writings from others who were not able to break into the difficult, time-consuming, and stressful world of finding a publisher. Lark Pogue, Texas ~ 
Read about Lark L Pogue, or Login and Contact Lark L Pogue
AuthorsDen offers many opportunities which I am just now noticing and implementing. ~ 
Read about Claire Power Murphy, HonDL, or Login and Contact Claire Power Murphy, HonDL is the most interesting, exciting site on the Internet for anyone interested in work by fascinating new writers ~ 
Read about Maryanne Raphael, or Login and Contact Maryanne Raphael
AuthorsDen has afforded me and other writers our own online community of like minded people. It is a community where we can showcase our works and be judged for our worth. ~ 
Read about Pinckney D Rivers, or Login and Contact Pinckney D Rivers
At 130 to +200 hits per day I'm a happy chappy. The feedback I get on my work is s strong encouragement to keep writing. AD is such a pleasure. ~ 
Read about Keith Rowley, or Login and Contact Keith Rowley
AuthorsDen helps me in two ways: One - as a writer, it helps me to promote my poetry and books. Two - as an ezine editor, it helps me to discover exciting new talent and invite poets to be featured or interviewed. AuthorsDen is a very valuable resource for writers, giving feedback almost instantly, for every work posted. As an author I find that it's like having an excellent agent, working for me online. I recently upgraded to Gold Member and I would recommend others to do the same, as there is a lot of extra promotion for your books, at not much extra cost. You will probably earn it back in sales, and your name "rises to the top" more often. As rockers Spinal Tap once said in the song Just Begin Again: "Rise for you are cream!" ~ 
Read about Sara L Russell, or Login and Contact Sara L Russell
Hi, I write both non-fiction and fiction. I have two non-fiction books being taken into America right now, Virolution, which changes the way we view the evolution of the human genome, and Metamorphosis: The Beautiful Mystery, which looks at two of the great mysteries of the biological world. I have just published my first teenage/adult fantasy, The Snowmelt River, which, though it opens in Ireland, has an American lead character, Alan Duval. Two of my books took front page reviews in the New York Times and Washington Post. One of my non-fictions, The Forgotten Plague, was book of the year for the New York Times. Another, Darwin's Blind Spot, was the chosen book by Charlie Munger. My fantasy, The Snowmelt River, is the Chosen Book for 2010 for John West in Ireland and the UK. I support AuthorsDen because of the unique opportunities it offers for interaction between authors, the media and the public. ~ 
Read about Frank P Ryan, or Login and Contact Frank P Ryan
AuthorsDen has helped me to sell a lot of books. The number of hits I've gotten in a short time is unbelievable. Its a great resource for writers. Carole Whang Schutter, author and screenwriter ~ 
Read about C W Schutter, or Login and Contact C W Schutter
"I look at AuthorsDen every day. It's almost as addictive as" ~ 
Read about David A. Schwinghammer, or Login and Contact David A. Schwinghammer has been a great resource for me to advertise my work and to meet other authors that have given me great advice. Thanks AuthorsDen! Amy Sellers ~ 
Read about Amy Sellers, or Login and Contact Amy Sellers
I have been a reader and member of AD for over six years, if not for the support of the readers here I never would have published my first book of poetry. I have never looked back since that time I now have two novels under my belt as well.. Thank you AD family for all your support. ~ 
Read about Cheryl B Sellers, or Login and Contact Cheryl B Sellers
I dabbled in the AuthorsDen for a few short months. Then I decided to go Gold. I am so glad that I did! People noticed! And the best part is that I've met new friends and feel like I've expanded my writing exposure! Thank you AuthorsDen for providing a wonderful place for writers to connect and share our God-given gift of expression through the written word. ~ 
Read about Frances Seymour, or Login and Contact Frances Seymour
I just found out how wonderful AuthorsDen is. I've been a member for a number of years, but didn't take advantage of what AD had to offer. I will now use this as my primary site, instead of splitting myself up in several other web-sites. Sherri Smith - Author Bitter Water Troubled Water Peaceful Water Simply From My Heart -Poetry ~ 
Read about Sherri Smith, or Login and Contact Sherri Smith
I have been spreading the news about AuthorsDen ~ 
Read about Theodore Carl Soderberg, or Login and Contact Theodore Carl Soderberg
International exposure for Authors through AuthorsDen is incredible, but more importantly, providing access for the general public to a wide range of publications and topics is empowering. ~ 
Read about Suzanne Tabor, or Login and Contact Suzanne Tabor has been a great source of help for me. The "Happiness Tips from Tina newsletter I publish through AuthorsDen has been a great success, my books sell there, and it's a great addition to my own website. Now, I'm using it to promote my "DR Romance" Blog! ~ 
Read about Tina B Tessina, or Login and Contact Tina B Tessina
AuthorsDen supports writers providing them with an inexpensive platform to promote their writing. ~ 
Read about Michael L Thal, or Login and Contact Michael L Thal is a fantastic website that encourages, promotes and is an incredible medium to make authors successful! ~ 
Read about J.E. Thompson, or Login and Contact J.E. Thompson
AuthorsDen is a proven, outstanding tool for new and unknown authors. At first, I had no idea how to use it properly. But with the help of the AuthorsDen staff, I was able to construct a fine website that reaches out to those readers who are interested in discovering new authors. Each and every time I receive a review from a reader, I immediately email that reader and thank them for taking the time to read my work. All these reviews aid in motivating an author to work hard to improve on their work. AuthorsDen is fantastic and I'm proud to say I am a member. Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri ~ 
Read about Joe Tuffy, or Login and Contact Joe Tuffy
AuthorsDen is a home, away from home. It is a Den - this highly personal and warm place where one goes for creativity and peace of mind. It is a showcase with a human touch. In short: it is a family and a community. ~ 
Read about Sam Vaknin, or Login and Contact Sam Vaknin
I have found AuthorsDen to be the ultimate safehaven for writers and readers alike. The exposure they offer for my work(s) is unmatched, and the professionalism they have displayed in doing so is equally impressive. Every genre is represented and represented well! Enjoy! ~ 
Read about Terry L Vinson, or Login and Contact Terry L Vinson
I have been a member of AuthorsDen for well over 5 years, and I am convinced that it is the best place for authors to showcase their works, and interact with other authors and readers. Roger Vizi Profile of a Murder Angels on my Wings Forced Hot Air Furnace - Troubleshooting and Repair ~ 
Read about Roger S Vizi, or Login and Contact Roger S Vizi
Graham Whittaker is a retired advertising and media executive from Withernsea in East Yorkshire. He writes with location in mind and is always happy to talk to media. His latest novels The Girl From Kosovo and The Butterfly Effect spend time in the seaside town of Withernsea, and range the world. He loves to talk dialect. ~ 
Read about Graham whittaker, or Login and Contact Graham whittaker
AuthorsDen is the best, it's a most supportive and friendly site and provides an excellent service worth every penny. ~ 
Read about Paul Williams, or Login and Contact Paul Williams
Everyone who shares a passion for writing should check out and join the AuthorsDen. For within these walls of computer chips and fiber optics resides an entire community of caring and compassionate people. It is not only a wonderful place to meet and make new friends, but its a place of adventure where hundreds of authors take you on fascinating journeys. It is also a place for you the writer to share your experiences with others as it affords you a chance to be seen and read by thousands. If it were not for the AuthorsDen, I seriously doubt that I would be a published author today. For it was by way of the "Den," that I was able to get the attention of a publisher and have my works put in print. For this, I offer not only my thanks, but my support as well. J. Allen Wilson ~ 
Read about J. Allen Wilson, or Login and Contact J. Allen Wilson
I am so grateful to AuthorsDen for letting the world know that I and my words exist.I hope that the words that I write will make a positive affect in the lives of our youth today. ~ 
Read about Shirley Woods, or Login and Contact Shirley Woods
AuthorDen has been hosting my works since December 2008. They are professionally astute, and their technical work has consistently been state of the art. I couldn't have come this far without AuthorDen's professionalism with the exposure of my works, in this highly competitive and challenging writing and publishing industry. Warmest Regards, Herman Yenwo [Writer in multiple Genre]  ~ 
Read about Herman Yenwo, or Login and Contact Herman Yenwo
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