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" When in doubt, tell the truth." Mark Twain



   Hello, I am Barbara J. Henry, Founder and President of RaineBoe Productions Publishing Company. I am also the author of  Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now, published in 2008, and Coming Full Circle, a book of poems,prayers and quotes,promoting hope,faith and personal growth; this book was published in March, 2012, and it is finally available for purchase here in The Den as an E-book (Kindle and Nook,some other e-readers too) softback and hardback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble; read my blog post for June, and you will get some insight about the Book.

I live in River Forest, Illinois, a  western suburb located just west of the City of Chicago and next door to  Oak Park, Illinois, the home of  the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, Frank Lloyd Wright,  the renowned architect,and other notable men and women,such as the creator of ' Tarzan',Edgar Rice Burroughs,the Belushi Brothers,as well as the actor Gary Sinise, among others.

   A law degree, an uncanny ability to solve problems,enhanced by clerking for four judges, and twenty plus years as a high school educator, have prepared me well,I believe, to relate to people on multiple levels. The lessons I have learned as a result are quite helpful to me,and to others,I believe, in navigating life's many twists and turns. Believe me when I say: It can get awfully challenging at times.

   Until June of 2007, I taught high school, junior and senior English. Since 2007,I have tutored,on a voluntary basis, home schooled teen aged students,a sister and brother, in English and Writing; they graduated from high school in June of  2011.    Since then, I have found other teenagers to tutor.

   I also help care for my partially paralyzed sister who has not walked since October  2006. Her health challenges have helped me to see the benefits of daily journaling, and she has begun journaling as well, since I wrote the book.

   Most  of my time is spent writing and speaking or preparing to write (blogs, poems, etc.) and speak.Usually, in my talks, I highlight the many life affirming  experiences I have had over the past fifteen plus years,( the length of time I have journaled daily,and I mean that literally ) experiences that should help others as much as they  help me, on a daily basis, to make some sense of life, and to be successful in reaching desired goals. My talks also emphasize the importance of ongoing personal development, self-growth and spirituality.

   Although I no longer teach, in the traditional sense, I especially like sharing my life experiences with high school and college students who desire to make the right choices early in life and who sometime need objective input, from someone who understands,supports and seeks to empower them. That is why I seek and take advantage of every opportunity to speak to these two groups about personal growth issues as well as issues involving leadership and spirituality.

  The changing quotes, with my picture, reflect  my continuous efforts to become very knowledgeable, and quite comfortable, with the many facets of myself.

  I would appreciate your comments on the quotes. You may have noticed that I change them regularly.

  I have been writing all of my life,but I became focused, in 2007, when I retired early from teaching to begin a writing career.

  My first book, "Journaling: Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now," published in 2008 by RaineBoe Productions, is dedicated to my Mother who died in January of '08,and I finally wrote the poem ,"Mama's Hands" 8/012 , I had planned to write for quite some time.It is also dedicated to my Mother. She was, and still is, the major influence in and on my life. My Father, whom I never got a chance to know, died in August ,and I was born a couple of months later on October 23rd. My Mother and my siblings ( I am the youngest ) painted  many vivid pictures for me of my Dad, through their many stories.

  Mrs. A.R. Brooks, my first grade teacher,  Mrs. Vivian J. Tellis, and  Mrs. Eula Danzy, two of my college English professors, also left indelible impressions on both my mind and heart for the valuable " lessons" they imparted to me (one introduced me to professional theater, to which I am devoted today; the other helped me to  write more clearly ) in addition to the literature and other English courses they taught. The three  share some of  the spotlight with my Mother.

  Writing is clearly  my passion, and I have been writing (journaling) daily since June of 1995. I have been writing poetry even longer, and I had forgotten about this aspect of my writing until I began  the book in 2007.

  My trip down "memory lane" was quite revealing. It was also  very  therapeutic in many ways because it led me to redirect my focus to writing and speaking to young adults about their choices and goals.

   One result of my imaginary return  to my childhood was  rediscovering my love of poetry,the reading and writing of it; I then went looking for and found some of my earlier poems; several of them are posted on my site here.

    I have also written many new poems since finding the earlier ones,and I have posted some of them here too. I will post more of the old and the new poems in the upcoming weeks and months.

    The ground work for my next book project has already been laid, and I am sure, before it is completed, many changes will occur. I will keep you posted on its development, although the progress is slow at the moment;  the momentum will pick up, and I will be seeking your input.

    In the meanwhile, the finishing touches on an E-book of self-help, inspirational,and spiritual poems are complete, and the book is available now here in The Den, among other places. See above comment about Coming Full Circle.

A hard copy version of the book 'Coming Full Circle,'  written in English and Spanish,was scheduled for publication in 2011, but setbacks of sundry types have slowed the publishing. It is my intention to get it out as soon as possible.  

Please accept my apologies for the long delay in making  Coming Full Circle available to you. Get your copies and more information about the book now by calling 888.795.4274,ext.7879. Or you can get them here at Author's Den.

     For additional information about my other interests,such as the scholarship I have created for high school seniors, and the services I provide in my small consulting business, please visit my web site here:  http://www.barbarajhenry.com

    I would love to come to your child's (children's) high school to talk about  success after high school graduation. I have very helpful, relevant information that will make transitioning from high school to college much easier for your son or daughter.

Contact me to discuss fees and scheduling here: 708.488.1277, or you can visit my website at: http://www.barbarajhenry.com.



Birth Place: River Forest, IL USA

Accomplishments: *Listed in Who's Who among High School Educators;

*Self Published first book- Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now; Second book, Coming Full Circle, completed and published in January 2012.

*Created the Barbara J.Henry Scholarship Award for Excellence in the Language Arts for high school seniors who attend my Church,The International Churches of Christ, and the three Chicago Public High Schools, John Marshall, Edward Tilden and Benito Juarez, at which I taught;

*Selected for membership in Cambridge's Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry;

*Named an expert in the areas of personal development and self growth on the # 1 Self-Growth Site:WWW.Self Growth.Com.

*Article,"10 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary",featured on the Home Page of Self-growth.com.


Coming Full Circle by Barbara J Henry
'Coming Full Circle' is a book of poems, prayers,and inspirational quotes that promote hope, faith,and personal growth....

Price: $1.50 (eBook)
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Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now by Barbara J Henry
Journaling:Twenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,contains a 9 step fool-proof guide to problem solving. This book also highlights the therapeutic and effective benefits of daily writing....

  Download Free Preview!

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBarbara J.Henry 

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10 Words to Delete from Your Vocabulary
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New Book!
 by Barbara J Henry
A new book, Coming Full Circle,will be available soon! The book of poems, prayers,and quotes,promotes hope, spirituality,and personal growth....

Book Signing
 by Barbara J Henry
Book Signing of 2nd Book- Coming Full Circle...


POETRY READING:April-National Poetry Month 4/16/2015
Join me in celebrating April, National Poetry Month!...


Barbara J Henry Author | Inspirational Speaker
All are welcome.The site is primarily designed for writers,aspiring writers, avid readers,and others who are interested in self help,personal development,and spirituality. Visitors can be sure that information shared will be held in the strictest confidence.

In the above community of Self Growth Members,I am listed as an expert in the areas of self growth and spirituality.This site is the number one personal development site on the web,and I am honored to be considered one of its experts.

Please go here to find out more about me,my hobbies,the types of music I enjoy,and some of the places I have lived.

Please visit me here to learn more about my business interests and pursuits. Thanks very much.

Additional information

*Highlighted in the River Forest newspaper: 'Forest Leaves'as a new local author,pioneerlocal.com; *One of the featured authors in The Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest, IL. *Very successful Poetry Reading of poems highlighting personal development,self-growth and spirituality,Tuesday,June 30.

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Fax: (708) 488-9987
 Barbara J Henry
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