Helen J Vandepeer

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I am an Australian living in Canada married to the love of my life. An internet romance thatbecame the great love of my life.


A retired registered nurse I now have the time for writing the poems and stories I always longed to write. Reading, writing, the theatre and any one in trouble have always been my main interests in life.

My play "After the Fair" won second prize in an international play competition several years ago. Now I write mainly for the internet; poems stories and Rhymes. I have three children's stories published on LuLu.com and a poem published in the Goose River Press 2009 Anthology.  I am currently editing my novel, an Australian story;"Tom Ugly". 

Now that winter is coming close and we will be snowed in for months I will write more often. The garden is like a siren calling me during the short summer.

I am starting to gather a collection of my work here.

Birth Place: Ardrossan,  Australia

Accomplishments: Registered Nurse; retired.
Secon prize winner in the UNESCO intenational playwrite competition with my play, "After the Fair."
Finalist in 10 minute play competition Australia.

Published at GooseRiver Press 2009Anthology.


Tom Ugly by Helen J Vandepeer
The story of a boy who was born to an Australian Aboriginal girl and a white man. Tom who belong-a-nobody...

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Rhyming tales of Victor Thomas by Helen J Vandepeer
Rhyming stories about a small boy in Australia. His adventures at the zoo at the beach and on a cold winter day. Children, universal treasure....

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Gifts by Helen J Vandepeer
A christmas story for children of all ages that can be enjoyed anytime of the year.Easy large print...

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Short Stories

An Adventure in my own Back Yard.
 by Helen J Vandepeer
What can happen when one is taking medication. A visit with a chipmunk!!...


Australian storm
 by Helen J Vandepeer
The interior of Australia can go for years without rain. Storms may come but seldom rain....

The Bitter Wind of Evil
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Armageddon....we have the unrest, do we have the love to prevent it....

Cananda Wintertime
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Just fun, written when the Canadian cold winter winds Blow!...

 by Helen J Vandepeer
My take on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. ...

Orchestra of Nature
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Stop and listen to Nature's music that surrounds us....

Last Night.....
 by Helen J Vandepeer
snug in my bed while the snow lays deep. A wolf calls the pack to hunt....

Helen of Troy
 by Helen J Vandepeer
History made easy and fun with just a few words...

Mother's Lesson
 by Helen J Vandepeer
The pain of letting go. the pride of letting go. When a boy becomes a man. ...

When Nanny comes to stay
 by Helen J Vandepeer
fun for small children who enjoy games with their Grandparents. A bed time read....

Moon Goblins
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Too many Government forms can drive even a sane person crazy and I never did promise sanity anyway....

 by Helen J Vandepeer
She loved him more than he loved her The last laugh was hers alone....

Before the Dawn this morning.
 by Helen J Vandepeer
A short poem for Children about Gnomes that just might be palying around in your house....

 by Helen J Vandepeer
I am not an expert with Haiku so I call it Haiku-ie. Haiku is a challenge,it seems so easy..... until I began to write....

Last Leaf.
 by Helen J Vandepeer
when it is time to move on in life Nobody should accept abuse....

 by Helen J Vandepeer
Justice was denied her and she could not bear the pain. Something had to be done....

Chickadee feeding
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Nonsense for children to enjoy ...

Santa had a little deer
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Childrens Christmas poem for little people....

 by Helen J Vandepeer
Who doesn't love the aroma of baking bread Oh and then to cut a slice still warm,,slather it with butter........

Moon Madness
 by Helen J Vandepeer
trying something different...

Haiku and fun,
 by Helen J Vandepeer
winter is on the way in Canada I start serious and end with silly. three in one....


I am Angry
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Anger because I feel scammed....

Things just Ain'twhat they used tobe
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Dreaded car trouble; and remembering back when a vehicle was built to last. I never thought I would be saying....back in my day.........

 by Helen J Vandepeer

Unscientific Opinion
 by Helen J Vandepeer
An overloaded citizen trying to sift through the mountains of distress signals the experts feed us....

Hi Mom.
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Laugh and the world laughs with you. Look at what I found. We call him Mr.Graysome....or Ralph Rotten ...Rusky ....or Brat Cat....

Whatever happened to customer service
 by Helen J Vandepeer
My biggest concern, my dear husbands health; jeopadised by the lack of proper service for his equipment,bringing him to tears. ...

Where the wind blows hot from the North.
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Remebering back many years. Living on a farm in Australia and preparing for a summer Christmas....

A fly away weekend
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Christmas shopping for the beloved lovers delighting in childish innocence....

The Entry
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Read to the end of this article to find what it is all about. ...


Flying next Saturday
 by Helen J Vandepeer
What I can expect on my long haul flight next week....

My first adult book
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Tom Ugly the story of a boy born to an aboriginal girl and a European man. A boy who belong-a-nobody....

a new book on LuLu.com
 by Helen J Vandepeer
The lgens of the oak.... Circle of life...

short story is now published
 by Helen J Vandepeer
Goose River Press Anthology 2010 ...

 by Helen J Vandepeer
A short story about my Grandparents love is to be published this year....


Rhyming tales of Victor Thomas
stories for little people about an Australian boy. Vicotr Thomas.

Goose River 2009 Anthology
The latest Anthology includes my poem "Chopin'

Additional information

The family Saga as I know it.A history from my view. Anecdotes, poems stories a book that I continue to update for my son and Grandchildren but not for publication. The most recent update was earlier this year when I married my dear Canuck.

Contact Information

po box 1356 po. box 1356
Pembroke     k8a6y6   Canada

Fax: 6136387080
 Helen J Vandepeer
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