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I am the light for some. The bathing beauty for others. Shine on me or let me enlighten you.


I am an entirely amateur poet, who writes entirely from the heart. I have been writing poetry since I was in the fifth grade, when my teacher first introduced the medium in my elementary school class. I instantly fell in love with the process and the ability to express myself so succinctly. Now, as an adult, I am still enamored with the process because it gives me an opportunity to touch people with just a few words.

I try to write often, as often as my time will allow. However, I work hard, travel often (99% of which is for business) and go to school at night. My schedule often eats away at my time for writing and reading what my fellow Den-ites have discovered about expression through words. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read me and whom leaves a gracious comment.

Being at Authors Den has been a wonderful experience for me these past few years. I have made many friends and learned a lot about life and myself. One thing I have learned from this wonderful experience is that the strongest emotions influence me the most. Whether it be extreme hate or the ecstasy of love (or is it the pain of love, hahahaha).

I have always been a rebel with many causes. Some will become apparent some will require thought and your willingness to investigate what and how I say things for hidden meanings. But all in all I fight for what is right.

Birth Place: Tel Aviv,  Israel

Short Stories

To "Mom's" Family -- With Love
 by Sara Coslett
May 13th, 2007 Mother's Day reffections....

Road Warrior Cries the Blues
 by Sara Coslett
A woman in the security check point line commented on how complicated flying it today. I replied, "Only when you don't know what you are doing." So here is some info on how to do it with ease....

Life's Comedy - Or How Not to Catch a Snake
 by Sara Coslett
Despite our worst efforts, life manages to survive human intervention....


Unfunny God
 by Sara Coslett
Three years ago--and after a 15 year relationship--my brother and his partner married in NY after the passage of a marriage equality act. Soon after they set out on creating a large family. One year l...

Terminating Failure
 by Sara Coslett

desire you
 by Sara Coslett
Supergirl, Reamon: ...

Standing By
 by Sara Coslett
My inspiration was this video. ...

To love . . .
 by Sara Coslett
In my anger over the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary, I started this poem to reaffirm my belief in the improbability of a supernatural being. But then I decided to pose this question to myself: If the...

Give Me Strength
 by Sara Coslett

Proletarian Speaking
 by Sara Coslett


Tax Cuts - A Simple Lesson In Economics
 by Sara Coslett
I did not write any of this. It was sent to me in an email from a former customer of mine that is now a very good friend of my husbands. He used to be the VP of a large Supermarket chain in the Southe...

Ruff Work
 by Sara Coslett
Putting the 73 million pet dogs to work in the field of bomb-sniffing or chemical detection....

Plagiarism in an Online Community
 by Sara Coslett
It seems to me that an Internet community of writers, where the writer is paying for accolades, the addiction to praise becomes a strong reward for plagiarism. However, we should not forget that plagi...

I'm Not All Liberal
 by Sara Coslett
- Balancing right against wrong is a difficult challenge. But at some point in our lives, common sense must prevail. Nicholas Berg died at the hands of a vicious serial killer. To have any mercy for ...

How Many Terrorists Does it Take...
 by Sara Coslett
I am becoming a hopeless pessimist. I can't help but worry. I used to think the internet was the cure, now I think it may just hasten the disease. It is not out of the realm of possibilities that ...

A Letter to Mankind
 by Sara Coslett
---------------------------------------------------->>>>> Dear Authors and Readers, I call your attention to this very important letter that was sent to me recently. It comes from a ...

What Is An American?
 by Sara Coslett
This is a reprint of an article by Peter Ferrara where he defines what constitutes an American....


Global Nation
 by Sara Coslett
A one world democratic government awaits....


Global Nation Organization
An organization comprised of members of society who wish to secure our future through love, hard work and integrity.

Additional information

All of my recent works can be found within the ones and zeros of cyberspace....if I let you you will find me.

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Global Nation Organization
21005 O'Brien Rd 
Groveland   FL   34736   USA

 Sara Coslett
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