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MBA, novelist, poet: 17 books total including novel "The Gospel According to Lilith" as well as new book "Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature." There are other pieces on Obama, History, and Economics. The piece on Obama was done real time during his quest for the Presidency. It goes on to recommend changes for America, ones I believe essential for our survival as a nation. website: www


for our special $2 book offers on 17 of our books.

See also:

Website: www.lonniehicks.com

I came to the written word from an early age. My passion is to take the ideas, emotions and perspectives of those I encounter and put them to prose, poetry, novels and shortstories.  Therefore, many of my writings are inspired by the real experiences of real individuals who write to me.

In "Politics, Poetry and Love in the Age of Obama" I interviewed hundreds of individuals via the internet during the campaign leading up to the election of Obama and took their feelings, reactions and life concerns and placed them inside poetry, essays and prose.

I am also a fan of Faulkner and Shakespeare.

I have spent many years teaching as a grad student at  Berkeley and other local colleges including Institutional studies classes, usually including teaching  the history of institutions in the United States--political, social, economic, and religious. Later I moved into the non-profit area as CFO and Executive Director of several of the largest non-profits in the bay area including the Pacifica Radio Network, the largest independent radio network in the United States.

Also, I completed  a second master's degree in politics, in addition to the MBA from UC Berkeley. See my website: www.lonniehicks.com

All books available at :      


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Birth Place: Chicago, IL US

Accomplishments: Humm, I finished my novel "The Gospel According to Lilith" It was very exciting. I have a related blog at my website which makes the argument that the bible as a literary and political work spawned ideas which can be seen at work in the American Constitution and in American history and political life. In fact, I conclude that the intent of the early Israelites was clear: create a nation based on radical,egalitarian ideas. It created the world's first outline from God, in their view, for how a country ought to be organized. As a political statement the bible is seminal document and gave the world new ideas around democracy and justice. See the NOVA November 2008 special on this issue. There is ample archeological evidence to support this view which is now being gradually accepted into the main stream. The bible must be seen in an entirely new light with this new data. See my audio book on this topic at my website (www.lonniehicks.com)


The Gospel According to Lilith: Fantasy (10) free audio chapters) & Videos by Lonnie Hicks
This is an historical fiction novel re-telling the story of the bible from the point of view of Lilith--God's wife, who as bewitched by Lucifer in heaven, conceived a child and both were exiled to Earth by God as a result. All of the back-stories of the bible are told and all of the major events in the old and new testaments are revealed and the secrets behind those events....

Amazon.com  Hicks Publishing  Amazon.com

Love: Its Wonderments, Sufferings and Consumations (Free Audio Samples-41) by Lonnie Hicks
Love stories, love poems, inspirational in nature are the core of this volume. Again, taken from individuals around the world, and of course, the authors own contributions make this work unique and good reading....

Kindle (eBook)  Hicks Publishing  Amazon

Letters From the Earth: Faint Hopes and Lamentations by Lonnie Hicks
This volume has the various elements of Earth speak directly to us. Available at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lonnie+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lonnie+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks Copy the above link into your browser window....

Price: $5.30 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Hicks Publishing 

Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age by Lonnie Hicks
This is a large volume of poetry (560 pps) which seeks to capture the spirit and issues ordinary individuals (myself included) struggle with here at the on-set of the Obama Age. Link: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lonnie+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks...

Kindle (eBook)  Hicks Publishing 

The Obama Chronicles: Stories From the Heartland by Lonnie Hicks
This is a book done "real time" which traces the rise of Obama, written from the perspective of his political values and background. It goes on to predict how he will govern as president based upon his background and values. It predicts how he will handle the myriad problems the nation faces and offers real solutions and advice to the president. It includes also the perspectives of many Americans ...

Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Amazon. com  Lonnie Hicks

Einstein, Religion, Politics and Literature-461 pps by Lonnie Hicks
A look at the United States in terms of the major institutions in the country and the role they play in American life. Based on real time blogs, this book is a collection of essays on: 1-The Obama Administration 2-Politics and the Congress 3-Family and Politics 4-The Internet 5-Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the Banks. 6-Einstein and Modern Physics 7-The...

Amazon.com  Lonniehicks.com  Amazon.com

Short Stories

Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 5/29/15
 by Lonnie Hicks
Well, how do galaxies work? Updated: 1/10/15 Mysterious Molecules on the Plane of the Milky Way Updated: 5/29/15 "The Primer Fields" A Magnetic View of the Universe and Matt...

A Sea of Melancholy
 by Lonnie Hicks
Swimming and Paddlin'...

Movies I Love
 by Lonnie Hicks
This begins a series on movies I love Updated: 2-3-15 Eight of the Authors YouTube Videos Updated: 1/29/15 King Kong 1933 colorized version Updated: 1/28/15 "The Battle for Algie...

 by Lonnie Hicks

 by Lonnie Hicks

Love's Remains
 by Lonnie Hicks
Love's Remains...

Who Ever Controls the Money Supply Controls the World
 by Lonnie Hicks
The best rant I have seen on this issue. Great summary. ...

Finance: Foreclosure; What To Do About It and When
 by Lonnie Hicks
Foreclosure: The Bank is not your friend...

Books, Writers and Stories I Love
 by Lonnie Hicks
These are my favorites. I will add to them. ...

Iron Drops
 by Lonnie Hicks
Sequestering Not...

Psychopaths and Institutions
 by Lonnie Hicks
There is a growing body of literature which makes the argument that certain institutions attract, breed and promote and are headed by psychopathic personality types. Could this be true? Let'...

Music I Love-Updated 4/18/15
 by Lonnie Hicks
I always wonder what kinds of music an author loves. Here is my list and I include it because a great performance with good lyrics can and does inspire a lot of my poetry and short stories. ...

Nether Time's Gloaming: Chapters One-Seven Updated 4/17/15
 by Lonnie Hicks
Soothing Time...

Yesterday's Gone To Pages
 by Lonnie Hicks

The Kiss
 by Lonnie Hicks
First Kiss...

My Onlies
 by Lonnie Hicks

Story Poem Quartets #2
 by Lonnie Hicks
Some stories are poetical...

Story-Poem Quartets
 by Lonnie Hicks
Four is a good number...

The Seduction of the Vampire-The Video-Plus Eight Others
 by Lonnie Hicks
Can a short story be told in a video format with music? Here is one attempt. Updated: See all nine videos in one spot below. ...

The Rose and The Thorn: and Six Other Videos
 by Lonnie Hicks
This is an experiment integrating short stories and poetry on video with music....

America's Health Care System: What are the Facts? Updated: 2/25/15/ Pt. 2
 by Lonnie Hicks
See also part one on this site. 2/26/15 Doctors getting money from drug companies? 2/25/15 The Risks of Anesthesia to kids and babies 1/1/15 Health Care Testing in Florida S...

What WIll The World Look Like In 20 Years-Part Two Updated 1/7/15
 by Lonnie Hicks
Continued from Part One on this same site. 2/24/15 US Government expenditures to 2017 2/7/15 Alien Technology Given to Silcon Valley? 1/12/15 More on Time Travel 9/7/14 Discl...

Can Eminent Domain Laws Help Homeowners Who Are Underwater-New Idea-9/12/13
 by Lonnie Hicks
This is a debate about this going on now-what are the pros and cons? Updated: 2/21/15 New Precedent Might Help Homeowners keep their homes. Updated: 2/8/15 Self Defense tactics in Fo...

Is the United States Government Preparing for Insurrection?-Updated 9/5/13
 by Lonnie Hicks
I am not the paranoid type normally but at this point you have to wonder what is going on? Updated: 9/5/14 A mind boggling interview on US Secret Projects Updated: 6/24/13 What the I...

Five Months: Weekly Newspaper: US and UK Editions-Updated: 2/15/15
 by Lonnie Hicks
You can catch up on world news in our weekly newspaper...


 by Lonnie Hicks
Sudden Vacuum State...

Paper Thin
 by Lonnie Hicks
Paper Thin...

 by Lonnie Hicks

 by Lonnie Hicks
Love's Womanhood...

BarFly Queen
 by Lonnie Hicks
Rodeo Towns...

The Flower
 by Lonnie Hicks
Yearning's Consummations...

Body Quakes
 by Lonnie Hicks

 by Lonnie Hicks
Up,Down,In And Out...

80 Experimental Poetry Videos
 by Lonnie Hicks
It just might be a new art form...

Face Down Novel
 by Lonnie Hicks

 by Lonnie Hicks
Portals We Feel...

Metaphors and Similes
 by Lonnie Hicks
Speech has borders....

Umlaut Me
 by Lonnie Hicks
Punctuation, Smuctuation ...

Love Story
 by Lonnie Hicks
Does the world need yet another love story? Yep....

Spinal Art
 by Lonnie Hicks

Ruby Red
 by Lonnie Hicks

Innocence Revisited
 by Lonnie Hicks

Scarlet Skies
 by Lonnie Hicks

Man and Woman
 by Lonnie Hicks

 by Lonnie Hicks
Love Poem Abiding...

Integrities Wisdom
 by Lonnie Hicks
Home Truths...

Perfection's Past
 by Lonnie Hicks

Hand To Hand, Hearts Unshaken
 by Lonnie Hicks
Side by Side...

Spring Laments
 by Lonnie Hicks
Spring Weeps...

Being Is
 by Lonnie Hicks
What is Being In Life?...


Upcoming Soon: Anatomy of A Forceclosure. The Real Story
 by Lonnie Hicks
We take a look at what homeowners can do to protect themselves...

Upcoming Essay: The Next 50 Years: Whither Weather Population & Technology?
 by Lonnie Hicks
In which I take a look at what the possibilities are....

Seven Story Videos
 by Lonnie Hicks
These are seven experimental videos exploring video ways of telling a story....

Ferguson: The Book: Now on Immediate Kindle Download
 by Lonnie Hicks

Publisher Seeking Authors
 by Lonnie Hicks
Publisher seeking a small group of authors to complete works already started. Share in any profits. Initial self-publishing and then we will seek a contract with majors. We have a marketing group ...

Five New Books Coming Up on Amazon Next Week
 by Lonnie Hicks
Blogs and Essays now coming out in book form....

Links to all 692 shortstories and poems & the 2100 Tweets of Lonnie Hicks
 by Lonnie Hicks
Everything in one spot...

UFO's, Time Travel, and Aliens: What Are The Facts? Updated: 10/17/14
 by Lonnie Hicks
I have been looking into all this. Still don't know what to think or what is true. Here are some videos. See what you think. Updated: 10/17/14 UFO propulsion techniques Updated...

Coming Soon: How Safe Are Cell Phones?
 by Lonnie Hicks
With cell phones in the hands of 70% of the planet and increasingly in the hands of children, we want to know how safe are they. If there are questions, what can we do to protect ourselves until the h...

Upcoming Book: The Problem With Mr. Freud
 by Lonnie Hicks
Wherein I examine the basic ideas of Sigmund Freud the World of Psychiatry and Psychology Updated: 9/17/14 Freud Ambivalence? Civilization vs. Pleasure?...

New Radio Show
 by Lonnie Hicks
Don't have time to read. New radio show will broadcast so you can listen, download and subscribe to RSS feeds. You can get a show too....

Coming Soon: Writers and Writing-The Videos
 by Lonnie Hicks
We look at writers on video talking about their work. More to come in the coming weeks. Updated: 8/17/14 Michael Eric Dyson Updated: 8/17/14 Mary Karr Updated: 8/16/14 Anne Lamot...

The Hicks Weekly
 by Lonnie Hicks
This is going to be based on the idea of the personal multi-media presentation. I will start with newsprint and then move on to radio, TV and video-weekly...

12 New Books Out on Amazon--Thanks To Author's Den
 by Lonnie Hicks
As I have said, if you have little money and don't have time to wait a year to get published you can do it another way, inexpensively. Twitter and Author's Den make it possible....

The Politics of American Institutions
 by Lonnie Hicks
The Major Institutions In the United States and Their Politics ...

The World Water Crisis
 by Lonnie Hicks
No one likes bad news all the time but water is a serious issue and getting worse. 6/24/14 11 US Cities Which May Run Out Of Water Soon? 6/23/14 Water Crisis: The United States and C...

Announcing: The Lonnie Hicks Newspaper
 by Lonnie Hicks
The LHN will feature news reports from around the world, plus feature articles-A-Weekly. New and Recent Editions Below Indie Authors Note: This is free and a great traffic builder....

Coming Soon-The History of the Human Race
 by Lonnie Hicks
The History of the Human Race: Benchmarks and Salient Facts: Who Are We? ...

Coming Soon: Wealth and Personality Types
 by Lonnie Hicks
The Poverty of Wealth and Power will be explored in this blog. ...

The Sharing Economy-The Economy of The Future?
 by Lonnie Hicks
Coming soon....

Elections 2014
 by Lonnie Hicks
What will happen in 2014 Elections? We know where it will be decided: In The Purple Counties....

Handwriting, Name Analysis and Numerology-Is There Anything To It?
 by Lonnie Hicks
Handwriting Analysis(Graphology) Name Analysis and Numerology have been around for many years. This upcoming blog will take a look. Is this bunk or science? ...

Using Twitter With Author's Den
 by Lonnie Hicks
On twitter I have 54k followers and everyday I tweet to them and bring them as readers to Author's Den. You can too....

Coming Soon: Prosititution, Sex Workers and Single Moms
 by Lonnie Hicks
This blog will look at prostitution. Certain patterns are becoming apparent. We take a look....

Coming Soon: How to Read the Other Like A Book
 by Lonnie Hicks
If you pay close attention you can read the other like a book-here's how....


Lonnie Hicks' website
You can google and read my daily blog, see my published books and buy them there at a discount (see the 99 cent offer) and listen to chapters from my new audio book. Hear 31 chapters of the audio book at www.archives.org Also over 30 links of other sites on writing are available there. Will add Author's Den as well. You can hear my spoken word CD at lonniehicks.com as well. See also www.smashgrabnow.com a website devoted to young artists and musicians.

Search on the site above using my name and I have there over 760 essays, poems, and short stories, many downloadable. Also see www.smashgrabnow.com where my son and I have started a new company to help struggling artists, writers, and musicians.

The Obama Chronicles
This is a book detailing the Obama election, real-time, with essays inspired by individuals who watched that historic event unfold. Beyond that I offer an analysis of American challenges at the on-set of the new decade, but more, I offer my views on what the solution-sets might entail and make concrete suggestions as to what America at the brink needs to do to re-gain its foothold on financial and political stability.

31 chapters from the new Lilith audio book available at my website
The audio chapters are done by Lisa Peakes of NPR New Hampshire. The completed audio book will be available mid-June. (If interested 31 audio chapters of 59 are currently available upon request.

Additional information

See above. I have a blog going on my web site and on this website entitled "How to Write the Great American Novel" which examines the craft of writing in great detail with many detailed examples. The paperback is coming out as a companion guide to the Lilith book. Most of my work can be seen on Amazon.com. search books for lonnie hicks; no quotes around lonnie hicks. All Kindle books can be downloaded to your PC without your needing a Kindle unit. Paste this link below into your browser window to get the software. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lonnie+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks Books available at: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_12?url=search-alias%3daps&field-keywords=lonnie+hicks&sprefix=lonnie+hicks The Audio book version of "Lilith" will be ready in mid-March. See other blog material at my website including "What America Must Do To Survive" and "How To Get That Book Published." Finally, on this site there is a new essay now available on Einstein and literature. The latter attempts to show relationships between the findings of modern physics and literature. Audio books and downloadable MP3's are available on most of these works at http://lonniehicks.posterous.com/lonnie-hicks-april-19-2010-post (See my website www.lonniehicks.com Also see www.smashgrabnow.com a companion company devoted to young musicians and artists.

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