The humble member secretary,
Justice Sri Krishna commission,
Vignan Bhavan,
Moulana Azad road
New Delhi.


Subject:-Memorandum on opportunist Andhra leaders against their colony, Telangana and its people from the period of 200 BC to present day with a request to consider Telangana demand against its exploitation only despite considering it to be exploited in future. by the foxy Andhra leaders, regarding

I Ayub Mohammed on behalf of Indian Muslim rights and reservation movement, do here by submit few points in favor of Telangana from the history of treasure behind the scene of formation of Andhra Pradesh state which is first in the list of linguistic base in addition of having the strong idea of weakening the Muslim domination and their influence in the old Hyderabad state that:-

1. the then prime minister of India pundit Jawaharlal lal Nehru announced about the formation of Andhra Pradesh only after three days of the death of Sri Potti Sri Ramulu, who died on 15 December 1952. it has been put in prime minister’s mind as his agenda to form a new state on the name of first linguistic state in India .after the establishment of east India company the madras state has been built and developed by the British where the Telugu and Tamil speakers were under the control of the madras state. The Telugu speaking Andhra were not as competent as Tamils were in all fields. Sensing about uncertainty of their future, they started the voice for owning the madras as their demand to settle there. They came out with the demand of “Madras Manade”. .On 1st October , Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, inaugurated the Andhra Pradesh state consisting eleven districts of coastal Andhra and Rayala seem with karnool headquarter as its capital city.

Here the mind and nature of Andhra leaders during the process of formation of telugu speaking state in India, from the date of death to the date of formation of Andhra Pradesh could be understood. Sir c. Shankaran Nair sent a report to the council of centre, discussing why madras does not belong to the Tamils, keeping the unjustifiable demand of owning madras in mind against the opportunist Andhra leaders, in response the JPC consisting Pandit Jawar Lal Nehru, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sita ramaiah and c. raja Gopala Chary asked the Telugu speaking people to leave madras if they want a new state. They compelled to comeback to their newly emerging Telugu speakers state. the government of India at that time did not feel necessary to consult the Telangana leaders before taking such crucial decision against Telanganan people and favoring the Andhra people. During this period of transformation politics were in the move the people of Telangana and other districts of old Hyderabad in present Maharshtra and Karnataka were in communal riots and heavy killing were taken place during the operation polo initiated by the Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Valla Bhai Patel against the king nizam. Here in Telangana the Telangana armed struggle was on the rise against the Nizam and local landlords and desh mukhs on the demand of land to the tiller under the command of united communist party of India. During and after the operation of polo more than fifty thousand people were killed in the Hyderabad state and the Andhra leaders were busy in influencing and gaming to own the Andhra state as their own and it is created only in the context of madras state in the interest of the Tamil people who were at that time proved that they were very advanced comparatively to the Telangana people. And at the same time Telangana people were not much more aware about the consequences of merging and emerging politics on the name of Telugu state. The Telangana leaders did not sense the consequences of allowing them into their own land something like a Palestine people here in Telangana. To understand the nature and origin of the Andhra people I like to submit to your kind notice from the book of “The history of Andhras” written by Sri Durga Prasad , Guntur ,” according to R. G Bhandarkar, the Andhrabhrithyas dynasty in the Puranas in the same as Satavahana dynasty of the inscriptions the basis he relied upon is that the names accruing in the inscriptions and on the coins as well as the order (of the succession) sufficiently agree wirh those given in the Puranas under the Andhrabhrityas as meaning “ANDHRAS “ who were once servants or dependents. Dr.k Gopalachary asserted that the Satavahanas were Andhra by tribal connection. He suggested that either they were scions of the royal family in Andhradesa or Andhra fortune-hunters who accepted service in the western Deccan under the Mouryan suzerain thereby getting the puranic appellation. “Andhrabhritya and that after Asoka’s death their descendents might have struck a blow in the interest in the land of their adoption.”

“Sathavahana is the name of the family (Kula).they might have been part and parcel of the Andhra race”

“No doubt Telugu is the language of the Andhra and it had its origins probably in the Desi of the first century A.D .however the use of Pracrit might be custom of the period. It was used in the inscriptions not simply by the Satavahanas but also by their successor’s Iskhvakus and earkly Pallavas. Even in the Buddhists also wrote books in Pracrit which was perhaps the language of the masses”

Hence it is clearly proved that their demand for united Andhra should not be justified as they want to own the “developments” of others and they would never shed any drop of sweat in building any structure in any place other than juxtaposing. They had the time and sufficient money to develop the Karnool as their capital city from the day of the declaration of the then prime minister much prior too the setting up of the states reorganizing commission. But they did not do because they want the easy and short cut way of own the things of innocents on the name of same Telugu speaking states people. But they adopted the policy of owning the Hyderabad after loosing the madras in the game of owning readily despite of constructing their own state and their own capital.
Justice Fazal Ali Commission was appointed in 1953 and it had submitted its report in 1955 and the states were reorganized in 1956. But the prime minister at that time announced about formation of Andhra state only after the three days of the death of Sri Potti Sri Ramulu in the month of December 1952. So it is clear that the intention and mind of the central leaders in the context of the madras state, they announced about the formation of the telugu speakers state. I urge the commission and to its chairman to note the point and report it in its report to the government of India as the demand for the united Andhra Pradesh be dismissed and the Telangana demand be considered on the first point of its terms of reference. On the other hand the present demand was already suspected by the D.A R committee while forming the new states on the linguistic basis that the language is not the sole criterion in forming the states in India

2. On the issue of Hyderabad, it is now I want to submit that the Aurangabad district of Maharahtra state was capital of the Mughal rulers and continued up to the period of Asif Jah 2 who shifted his capital from Aurangabad to Hyderabad in 1769 and continued up to the date of operation polo and ended on 18th September 1948. Hyderabad state has 16 districts and divided into four divisions under the Hyderabad state. The official language of the state was Urdu at that time ending day of the Hyderabad state. There were 67.25% of Urdu speakers there in Hyderabad city and telugu speakers were 22.29% only. Only six districts are remained in the newly formed Andhra Pradesh. Other ten districts were curved out from the old Hyderabad state on the name linguistic based Andhra Pradesh. The majority Muslims in the ten districts gone out from Hyderabad state and reduced to the second and even to third position in Maharashtra and Karnataka state. This act and principle was badly affected the strength and their influence from the side of nation and regional levels. Of one is the formation of Pakistan state and the other reason was to claim the independent status within the territory of India on the name of the Hyderabad presidency. Consequently in the national level and at the Hyderabad level the Muslims were seen as a further threat to the nation in the eye of the deputy prime minister Sardar Patel as he has the strong idea to weaken the Muslims in the regions wherever they occupy strong holds turned the worst effect of the communal forces and security forces. So the blood of the Muslims shed like a river and the Hyderabad state and the Hyderabadi Nizam area Muslims has the right over the Hyderabad only. No question will arise to give Hyderabad to Andhra. As a result of the formation of the state the Urdu speakers and their strength reduced to the level 30-33% only and the Telugu speaker’s percentage was increased to 65-68%. Who says the formula of forming the linguistic states is correct? It is very clear that the roots of the Telugu language are in Andhra region only. Telugu language first assimilated the local, desi, Pracrit and other dialects silently and further killed the Urdu language through the imperialistic character in the extending policy of other areas. However I do not deny the fact that no language is claimed as permanent language of universe. There are many languages in the list of dead languages in the world. But at present Telugu language killed so many languages including Urdu language as a side effect of allowing Andhra into the land of Telangana region of Hyderabad state. Hence the demand from Andhra in any form is not justifiable. Restoration of earlier status of the Hyderabad state is primary demand and commission is requested to consider that the Telugu language is the killer language of this region and we would never allow to be continued in all respects in future

3. I strongly urge the commission to fix the Chandrababu Naidu first who signed for the formation of the Telangana state in the all floor leaders meet in presence of the present chief minister Sri .k Roshaihand. Soon after, he turned back and gave rise to its leaders in Andhra region against the congress party to gain political interest. And kindly ask him to submit his views in public to the commission. I once again urge to recommend the Telangana demand is justifiable in the light of the first point of its terms of reference.

Thanking YOU

ayub mohammed