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In my novels, I want the reader to experience places that are filled with hopes, dreams, challenges and fears that make us human. Come join me in this reading adventure!



   JE Thompson grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York and attended Bushwick High School. The sixties in Brooklyn was an era that had a personality, a feel, and a life-force that changed a generation. Mr. Thompson felt this energy and experienced these fires of social change.

      After high school, Mr. Thompson spent the next four years riding the "A" train to Harlem, in upper Manhattan, to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from the City College of New York. At CCNY, which was located just a few blocks from the famous Apollo Theater, Wednesday afternoons were hard on the undergraduates. The matinee performances of the major R&B groups of the times was more tempting than attending a boring college lecture. Most of the time Mr. Thompson succumbed to the temptation, but still earned a college degree from one of the best universities in the country.

       At CCNY, literature instructors like Prof. Thomas Tashiro, fueled the fire in him to become a writer!

       Mr. Thompson’s journey to compose a trilogy began in 1995.
The fictional journey of character Andy Michael Pilgrim from Brooklyn, to Philadelphia and finally Atlanta is now complete. In this pilgrimage, readers experience places that are filled with hopes, dreams, challenges and fears that make us human.
      The novels that make up the trilogy are A Brownstone in Brooklyn, Philly Style and Philly Profile and The Ghost of Atlanta. Mr. Thompson won the 2011 Readers Favorite National Gold Medal Award in General Fiction for The Ghost of Atlanta. Mr. Thompson also received the Georgia Author of the Year nomination for Philly Style and Philly Profile, from the Georgia Writers Association, and The Ghost of Atlanta.

      Mr. Thompson's fourth novel, Phantoms of Rockwood, was published in 2013.
      Mr. Thompson’s is working on a fifth novel which will be published in 2015: Stormy Winds. Mr. Thompson is a former Creative Writing/Publishing Instructor at Atlanta’s Evening at Emory’s Writers Studio.


Birth Place: Statham, GA 30666

Accomplishments: ***JE Thompson was nominated for the 2007 Georgia Author of the year award for
Philly Style and Philly Profile, in 2011 for The Ghost of Atlanta and Phantoms of Rockwood in 2014.
***JE Thompson won the 2011 Gold Medal for The Ghost of Atlanta in the Readers Favorite National contest in the General Fiction Category! Mr. Thompson was honored at the Readers Favorite Awards Ceremony during the 2012 Miami Book Fair Internatinal in Miami, Florida.


Jump Starting Your Inner Novelist: Published! by JE Thompson
Jump Starting Your Inner Novelist is a concise manual that provides inspiration, motivation and practical tools for crafting award-winning novels. ...

Price: $6.99 (eBook)

Phantoms of Rockwood by JE Thompson
Ghosts, who were young basketball players that died too early, are given an opportunity to return to life. They inhabit the bodies of living basketball players to inspire, motivate the starters to the coveted State Championship. As they themselves continue to learn life’s obstacles that can only be overcome in growing up....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Nook (eBook), Smashwords (eBook)
Amazon.comEbook Galore  PayHip

A Brownstone in Brookyn by JE Thompson
A Brownstone In Brooklyn chronicles the life-altering events that shape the future of Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man growing up in the turbulent sixties....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Smashwords (eBook)
Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBuy at Ebook Galore: $3.99  PayHip

Philly Style and Philly Profile by JE Thompson
In Philly Style and Philly Profile, the reader follows Andy Michael Pilgrim from Brooklyn, New York to Philadelphia where he works as a sportswriter in the seventies watching the influence of drugs and gangs destroy young people's lives. ...

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Nook (eBook), Smashwords (eBook)
Amazon.comEBook Galore Price: $4.95  PayHip

The Ghost of Atlanta by JE Thompson
The saga of Andy Michael Pilgrim, facing real and supernatural forces, ends with the publication of The Ghost of Atlanta. ...

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Nook (eBook), Smashwords (eBook)
Amazon.comEBook Galore Bookstore: $4.95!  PayHip

Stormy Winds by JE Thompson
Stormy Winds will be released in November 2015!...


Short Stories

God Bless The Charleston Nine!
 by JE Thompson
Tough Questions, even tougher answers...what will you do?...

The Inner-City Blues: Philadelphia Blazers still live in Philly Style!
 by JE Thompson
The Inner-City Blues: Philadelphia Blazers still live in the novel Philly Style and Philly Profile!...

Fever: Little Willie John's Fast Life, Mysterious Death...Birth of Soul...
 by JE Thompson
Stephen King wrote: "Writing is reading and reading is writing." I believe this and when I have the opportunity, I read as much as I can from a variety of genres. Fever: Little Willie John is an excel...

What is Stream of Consciousness in a novel? Help!
 by JE Thompson
How do you craft Stream of Consciousness in fiction?...

Enjoy Chapter 23 Podcast from Philly Style and Philly Profile!
 by JE Thompson
In the middle of Philly Style and Phlly Profile, the action continues as a character named Martha is killed. She knows too much! After Reading the chapter, please click the link and listen to Chapter ...

What kind of writer are you...your writing Style!
 by JE Thompson
Authors Must create their own Writing Style!...

A Brownstone in Brooklyn Approach 15th Anniversary!
 by JE Thompson
A Brownstone in Brooklyn will celebrate its' 15th year of publication in 2016!...


Cheryl Holloway J.E.Thompson Blog Interview!
 by JE Thompson
Enjoy Cheryl Holloway's Q/A Interview with J.E. Thompson...

Thompson On...Scene Construction: A Difference Maker!
 by JE Thompson
This is the Difference Maker in a Successful Novel!...

Thompson On...Being a Successful 21st Century Author!
 by JE Thompson
The elements of a Successful 21st Century Author!...

Thompson On...A Writer's Journey into the Digitial Revolution!
 by JE Thompson
Are you ready for the Digital Revolution?...

Thompson On...One Writer's Journey to Writing Success!
 by JE Thompson
Developing Confidence in your writing ability!...

Thompson On...Do One Thing Everyday That Scares You!
 by JE Thompson
You must take chances to achieve your dreams!...

Thompson On...Is finding a literary agent an Impossible Dream?
 by JE Thompson
Never Give Up On Your Dream!...


Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist Earns 5-Star Review!
 by JE Thompson
Jumpstarting Your Inner Novelist earns a 5-Star Review on Amazon.Com!...

The Ghost of Atlanta at Barnes & Nobles!
 by JE Thompson
The National Award Winning The Ghost of Atlanta is on another Barnes & Nobles Bookshelf!...

JE Thompson Novels EBookstore Up and Running!
 by JE Thompson
The new JE Thompson Online Bookstore is live!...

JE Thompson at Publish15 Event!
 by JE Thompson
JE Thompson networking at the Georgia's first Publishing convention...

J.E. Thompson Ebook Novels' Sale Ends May 17, 2015
 by JE Thompson
Fantastic Deal: Purchase Ebook Format for $1.00!...

A Brownstone in Brooklyn Amazon.com Book Reviews!
 by JE Thompson
These Amazon.com Reviews captures the essence of A Brownstone in Brooklyn...

PNP Authors Promotions Video!
 by JE Thompson
I'm included in the PNP Authors Video!...


Jump Starting Your Inner-Novelist To Life! 7/29/2015
Jump Starting Your Inner-Novelist to LIfe!is a concise manual that provides inspiration, motivation and practical tools for crafting award-winning novels. Coming July 2015! ...

J.E. Thompson Interview on Artist First Radio Network! 7/27/2015
National Broadcaster Doug Dahlgren will interview J.E. Thompson on his National radio show!...

Global MLT Network Interview Postponed! 5/19/2015
J.E. Thompson Featured on POWER CONNECT PROGRAM!...

The Ghost of Atlanta in the Ebook Galore Online Bookstore! 4/29/2015
The Ghost of Atlanta accepted for sale in the EBook Galore Online Bookstore!...

The Re-Introduction of The Ghost of Atlanta Book Trailer! 4/26/2015
This is the original "Book Trailer" to the National Award Winning the Ghost of Atlanta...click the link at the end of the story!...

PNP Author Spotlight 3/19/2015
International Author Spotlight!...

Write a Ghost Story and Win a Prize! 2/23/2015
Win autograph copy of The Ghost of Atlanta!...


J.E. Thompson Interview with host Denise Turney!
This is a national blog talk radio broadcast!

J. E.Thompson Facebook Fan Page!
Enjoy my updates and news on the Facebook Fan page.

Purple Phantoms National Blog Talk Radio Brodcast!
Enjoy this podcast of a National Blog Talk Radio Podcast about my fourth novel Purple Phantoms that will be published in 2012. Purple Phantoms garnered a Five-Star Book Review: "Purple Phantoms is a brilliant book that young adults and adult readers will adore."

JE Thompson Novels Website
Enjoy Julius Thompson's new website for books to read and instructions on becoming a published author!

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My goals: increase readership, a loyal readership, and use that as the basis to become a well-known Author!

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