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Todd Cheney welcomes you to worlds of imagination and adventure!


Todd Cheney grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, and has lived in the southeastern Wisconsin area all his life. He remembers his early experiences with reading and writing as good ones. He has always been fascinated with art and different forms of self-expression. Writing, in his opinion, is one of the best forms of self-expression.

He is an enthusiastic reader, and early experiences with reading, especially science fiction and fantasy novels, have inspired him to write.Cheney wrote his first novel in the year 2000, but it wasn't published for three years. The writing process took him nine months to complete, and he feels it was well worth it. He is looking forward to writing more in the future.

Cheney's second novel, The Rhythm of Nature, is a continuation of the first and he published it through the same publisher in December 2003. He is now hard at work on collecting and organizing his short stories, among other things.

The third novel by Cheney is The Risen, a science fiction novel involving a bank clerk who uncovers a conspiracy against the human race. The Risen is not available for sale.

His fourth novel, Emperors of Darkness is completed, and prototype copies including the map and glossary have been printed. They are not available to the general public.

Todd Cheney has completed his fifth novel, The Soulstone, the fourth and final novel in The Seventh Circle series.

Cheney's sixth novel--The Bracelet--is now availabe on Kindle and Amazon Createspace!


The Seventh Circle (2003, Iuniverse) -- Fantasy fiction, first in The Seventh Circle series

The Rhythm of Nature (2003, Iuniverse) -- Fantasy fiction, second in The Seventh Circle series

The Risen (unpublished) -- Science Fiction

The Bracelet (2009, Createspace/Amazon.com) -- Contemporary fiction/fantasy

The Seventh Circle - Complete 2nd edition (2013 Amazon) - Fantasy fiction. The whole story of The Seventh Circle series.





Birth Place: Brookfield, WI U.S.A.


The Seventh Circle - Complete 2nd Edition by Todd Cheney
Called through strange marks that appear on their hands and wrists, six denizens of the land shall come together to discover their fate, and perhaps change the fate of all. In a land about to be torn by war and darkness, a few were chosen to rise. Can they master the power within themselves and drive the demons out of the world?...

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),   

The Bracelet by Todd Cheney
A mechanic is sent a bracelet that can be used to wish for anything once a day....

Amazon.comBuy from Creatspace Estore 

The Soulstone by Todd Cheney
In 2000, Todd Cheney set out to write a complete fantasy series. Now, almost five years later, his goal is accomplished. The Soulstone will bring to conclusion the story began in The Seventh Circle. Buried for a thousand years under the sea, an ancient city holds the ultimate power that the Guardians must find and face. But are they strong enough to resist its temptation?...


Emperors of Darkness by Todd Cheney
Forthcoming. The third in The Seventh Circle Series. Join the Seventh Circle and friends as they battle against the forces of the Black Order, the four demons, and contiune their quest to find the Soulstone....


The Risen by Todd Cheney
From the writing desk of Todd Wallace Cheney comes a science fiction tale of betrayal and wonder....


The Rhythm of Nature by Todd Cheney
The continuing story of the Guardians of the Soulstone. Evil is afoot in the land. The Guardians of the Soulstone are charged to find an ancient artifact that has been stolen from the Hall in Evertyll. The Black Order is settig more of its plans in motion in the north, and strange omens in the weather portend a catastrophe on the horizon. ...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comiUniverse  booksamillion.com

The Seventh Circle by Todd Cheney
An ex-soldier, now turned farmer, wakes one day to find mysterious marks on his hands and wrists. All seems well until black riders appear and kidnap his family. On his journey to recover his lost loved ones and to discover the meaning of the strange marks, he will encounter hairy creatures from underground, wizards, warlocks and demons. Old friends will come to his aid and he will make new enemie...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comwww.iuniverse.com  www.booksamillion.com

Short Stories

Shiny Things
 by Todd Cheney
A dog-like alien on another world runs afoul of his elders, and is exiled into the unknown....

The view from my window
 by Todd Cheney
This is what I see from my window......

Jeremy's Hunt
 by Todd Cheney
After a near-fatal accident, a man is brought back from the brink of death using cybernetic technology, only to discover that he has been betrayed....

The Thief, the Dragon and the Unicorn
 by Todd Cheney
A thief faces down a dragon with the aid of a horned horse....


Commercial Schism
 by Todd Cheney

Lawn Street
 by Todd Cheney

Mehari Listen
 by Todd Cheney

 by Todd Cheney

 by Todd Cheney

The Shovel
 by Todd Cheney

 by Todd Cheney
Sometimes, things just seem so far away......


Another Cover
 by Todd Cheney
And here's one for the second book. I think there's too much open space in the middle, but the black shadow approach doesn't allow me to fill it with anything else....

Cover Examples
 by Todd Cheney
Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? I do it all the time!...


Smashwords versions of The Seventh Circle to be released
 by Todd Cheney
Thanks to a kind person on deviant art, I now have a better cover for my series, The Seventh Circle. It is now on smashwords....

Press Release
 by Todd Cheney
I got a free press release from pieceofcakepr.com!...

The Black Order Book I: Origin
 by Todd Cheney
After a 7-year hiatus, Todd Cheney has returned to the world of writing!...

New Cover Art
 by Todd Cheney
I will be getting new cover art for the e-book version of The Seventh Circle....

The Seventh Circle - Free Giveaway
 by Todd Cheney
In just under 3 days, I gave away over 700 copies of The Seventh Circle - Complete 2nd Edition....


Official Site
The official home page of Todd Cheney.

The Bracelet
A small town mechanic is sent a bracelet that can grant him a wish once per day.

The Seventh Circle
Amazon.com order page for The Seventh Circle.

The Rhythm of Nature
The Rhythm of Nature at Amazon.com.

Additional information

The sequel to The Seventh Circle is called The Rhythm of Nature and continues the story of the characters and the world created for The Seventh Circle. Look for The Seventh Circle and the Rhythm of Nature on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com!

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Now, for the first time, all my books are available in Kindle format. Check out the latest release, the complete story of The Seventh Circle. The Seventh Circle All four books, an over 1300 page epic. Now only $7.99!
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 Todd Cheney
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