Albert Loren

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To refrain from reading is to decline a dimension of life


I was four when I learned to read. My trick was to ask my mother what the store signs read as we passed by on the streetcar. She didn't realize that I took in her answers as reading lessons. When I turned pages in the morning paper she thought I was looking at the pictures only. One day when I was struggling with the movie ads I asked her what 'whore' meant. That's when she discovered I could read. It didn't make her happy, though. She thought it was horrible that I spoke such words.

My father sailed around the world as a chief engineer in the merchant navy so I didn't see him much during my childhood. But he was a poetry lover and guided me into the magic world of literature.

My first school year was boring. I already knew reading, writing and simple arithmetic. I never got over this aversion and after High School I decided to make a pause in my training. That pause is still going on though I learned commercial art in my late twenties.

I spent a couple of years exploring the world as a young sailor. I had been around a little with my father when I was twelve. These were very instructive periods of my life. The inexpressible poverty I encountered at some places has stayed in my mind. I realized what a privilege it is to live in a prosperous country. I happened to be in Los Angeles when President Kennedy was assassinated and shared the shock and the sorrow with the American people.

1994 I bought a little house in the forest region of southern Scandinavia where I know live with my wife. It's quite a change to leave a hectic city for countryside tranquility. I love it when the elk peacefully chews young pine trees forty yards from my house. I'm not quite as thrilled when the roe deer eats my tulips and rosebuds.

As a commercial artist I worked for shipping companies, making drawings for brochures, magazines and merchant nevy instruction films. I also took on assignments as a photographer.

The computer era changed my life in more than one way. The diagrams and maps I had made with my pen could suddenly be clicked up and altered in numerous ways by anyone - skilled operators as easily manipulated buildings and ships. But this era also gave me the opportunity to approach a worldwide audience through Internet, this marvelous communication instrument.

So, I made an old dream of min come true - I started writing fiction. Back in school, my teacher of English, a British gentleman from Manchester had seen my aptitude for language. He opened my eyes to writers like Hemingway, Faulkner, Steinbeck, Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene and others. This became the start of a lifelong devotion for Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-American literature.

Like most people who write for publishing I have a vast experience of rejection. Through the years 2000 - 2002 I published four thrillers with a subsidy publisher in England. 2004 I signed a contract for my fifth thriller 'Fragments of Decency' with Publish America. The book was published May 2005. The same publisher will release the sixth book 'On No Account' during March 2006. This gives me a feeling that my career as a writer has re-started when I moved my activities to USA.

Over the years I have had jobs like tourist informer, librarian assistant, translator and evening class teacher. Each of these occupations taught me a little more about the human nature, a learning that comes in handy when I write my stories. Watching life's theater is my favorite pastime since many years.

Thank you for taking your time to read these lines.
Albert Loren

Birth Place: Gothenburg,  Sweden


On No Account by Albert Loren
What else can go wrong? In ON NO ACCOUNT, "going wrong" is the normal state of affairs. The icy businessman Dan Allock is in perfect control of everything...his planning is so exact it appears unreal. But no one is in control of fate, and fate can really mess up things......  Barnes &  Publish America 

Fragments of Decency by Albert Loren
A rich man's body is found in a bog in a remote forest. He leaves no ancestors. A prostitute dies of heroin overdose. Her daughter is the sole heiress of the dead man through a will. Another man pops up and claims to be the natural son of the man in the bog. Private investigators Larson and Webster are commissioned to clear out the kinship problem - the police are busy with the murder case. Soon t...

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March 2006 my new thriller 'On No Account' will be released. It's a story about people who use coincidence to turn their enemies into criminals. Could happen to any of us it seems. Please visit my web site and read free chapter, excerpts and facts.

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