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I am homeless (one of the semi-affluent variety) living fulltime in an RV and writing science/thriller/disaster fiction.

Prior to retirement I spent my working life in the San Francisco Bay Area, beginning at the UC Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley. In 1970 three partners and I formed a startup software and electronics company, a novel idea back then. I am proud to say the company we began still remains. I have worked as a physicist, a computer software designer, an engineer, a computer scientist, a geophysicist, an entrepreneur, and a corporate executive. Over that time I authored a number of technical and trade articles. Today my passion is writing fiction focusing on disaster scenarios, what some people might consider old-style science fiction, something involving big science. A major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault was an easy choice, especially after observing the state of denial of many in the central United States.

Birth Place: Chickasha, OK 


Was a Time When by Sam Penny
A novel that asks, "What happens WHEN, not IF, resource depletion, population pressures, and climate change push the world of our grandchildren into a Great Collapse?...


Broken River by Sam Penny
Book 2 of The 7.9 Scenario: What happens to the rivers WHEN, not IF, a giant earthquake strikes on the New Madrid Fault beneath the Mississippi River? The story of two boat captains caught in that calamity and trying to save their passengers and crew in the sequel to Memphis 7.9....

TwoPenny Publications 

Memphis 7.9 by Sam Penny
Grad student Chris Nelson predicts an earthquake on the New Madrid Fault. His University advisor stresses no publicity. JQ cheats on seismic retrofits. Locals live in a state of denial. When the 7.9 earthquake fractures 70 miles of the fault, Memphis is destroyed. Casualties number in the hundreds of thousands. Across the central United States ninety-one million people in twenty-two states are at ...

Amazon.comBooksurge, LLC 

Short Stories

Chapter 1: Hooked
 by Sam Penny
The first chapter of my non-fiction book, The 7.9 Scenario, Analyhsis & Writing, is a story in and of itself, a story of a beginning....

Achafalaya 1, New Orleans 0
 by Sam Penny
An excerpt from my upcoming novel, Broken River 7.9, telling about When, not If, the Mississippi River changes its course ...

Out-Take: Survival On The Side Of A Mountain
 by Sam Penny
Even novels have out-takes, scenes that do not make it into the final version. I had to shorten my novel, Memphis 7.9, but I had too much fun with this scene to discard it. ...


Another Arkansas Earthquake
 by Sam Penny
Another moderate earthquake occurred May 1 on the New Madrid Fault in Arkansas. The magnitude 4.1 event was felt from Nashville to Little Rock and Tupelo to southern Illinois. Mother Nature is warning...

That Arkansas Earthquake, Don't Worry About It, Right?
 by Sam Penny
Analysis by Sam Penny: The US lags in planning and preparing for a giant earthquake in the center of the country. ...

Lessons From The Tsunami, Is The USA Missing Out?
 by Sam Penny
An Analysis Concerning a Dangerous Earthquake in the Central United States...

Penny’s 7.9 Scenario Novels Teach Earthquake Reality Through Fiction
 by Sam Penny
WHEN – Not IF – Another Giant Earthquake Strikes The New Madrid Fault Zone, It Could Destroy The United States ...

NBC’s Mini-Series “10.5”, Good, Bad, and Ugly
 by Sam Penny
"10.5" receives an F for science...

Sam Penny’s Reality Fiction Series Describes New Madrid Earthquake Dangers
 by Sam Penny
What Happen WHEN – Not IF – Another Giant Earthquake Strikes The New Madrid Fault Zone, Just 45 Miles From Memphis, Tennessee? Though the characters are fiction, the results will become real when the ...


Broken River Receives Honorable Mention in Darrell Awards
 by Sam Penny
The novel Broken River has bee awarded Honorable Mention at MidSouthCon23 for Best Science Fiction Novel of 2004 about the Memphis Area....

New Image for The 7.9 Scenario Website
 by Sam Penny
Penny's website at www.the79scenario.com has a new face, and a special feature for AD viewers....

Broken River Available September 27
 by Sam Penny
Penny's new book, which tells how a giant earthquake can destroy the U.S. economy, to be introduced at National Earthquake Conference...

Interview on "Curious Mind"
 by Sam Penny
Sam Penny Interviewed on Internet Radio Tells “Curious Mind” of His Research for Memphis 7.9...

Memphis 7.9 Available at Jonesboro Hastings Bookstore
 by Sam Penny
New novel tells what happens when a magnitude 7.9 earthquake strikes on the New Madrid Fault near Jonesboro, Arkansas ...

Memphis 7.9 receives Honorable Mention in Darrell Award competition for Best Science Fiction novel
 by Sam Penny
Sam Penny was present to receive the award of Honorable Mention for Best Science Fiction novel at the Darrell Awards at MidSouthCon 22. This is the first award for this new book. Others will be announ...

Memphis 7.9 finalist for Darrell Award at MidSouthCon 22 in Memphis
 by Sam Penny
The winner of the 2003 Darrell Award for Best Science Fiction novel involving the Memphis area will be announced March 27, 2004....


The 7.9 Scenario: a disaster that will happen
summary of books of The 7.9 Scenario, reviews, FAQs about earthquakes; signed books may be ordered from this site

RV Travels of Sam and Alice Penny
travelogues for the past six years and advice for the RVer

The 7.9 Survivor, how to be one
advice and forum for surviving a truly catastrophic disaster, both as an individual and as a country

Additional information

Published August, 2003, by GlobalBookPublisher: Memphis 7.9: What happens WHEN - not IF - a great earthquake strikes the New Madrid Fault Zone, just 45 miles from Memphis, Tennessee? Memphis 7.9 is a finalist for the Darrell Award Best Science Fiction at MidSouthCon 22 in Memphis (3/27/04)

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