Nordette Adams

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__________ "Self-mythology is not self-explanatory: Your life is allegory in this world, your hopes and fears revelatory through masks you wear." ~ Nordette Adams __________


Just in time for Valentine's Day, "Schizophrenic Love Fugue" with video.

Life is a winding road of lessons and opportunities.
Wear good shoes. — Nordette Adams

You're on Twitter? So am I.

Nordette at WSATA.


"Nordette Adams celebrated Valentine's Day 2014 by reciting "A Lovely Love" by Gwendolyn Brooks for the Poetry Foundation's Record a Love Poem event."

Film student Eric Toler's video interpretation of the poem "Colored Things" by Nordette Adams

Speakers and students have recited poems by Nordette Adams at public events for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and at anti-racism rallies. Her poem "Behind the Color Blind" has been analyzed and studied in classrooms around the world.

Nordette Adams is easily

 reachable at



"Dear Pecola and Claudia, Shirley Temple is Dead": a black woman reflects on the passing of Shirley Temple

I've been a member here for a while now, adding and deleting work, adding and deleting.  The quote in my bio is from Nordette Adams.  C'est moi.


    Raised and raising great children
    Published hard news and features
    Shingleton Scholarship Award Winner
    Sandhills Literary Magazine Short Story Award
    Webmaster Certification from NJIT
    Honors BA Graduate in English
    Produced short documentaries for government



The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth by Nordette Adams
What is the world of goddesses and skylarks? Nordette Adams releases her new CD with critically-acclaimed poet Aberjhani, The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyrinth: Presented by Rahkyt...



Woman Found with Heart Missing
 by Nordette Adams
A not-so-happy love lost poem for Valentine's Day...

Note to Self, Number One
 by Nordette Adams
An acrostic poem that is also a meditation on something we all need...

What Shall I Make of My Broken Heart? (Video)
 by Nordette Adams
This is a classic break-up poem, but it's about recovery not remaining miserable....

Aberjhani's Angel for New Orleans
 by Nordette Adams
This is video, or poetry in motion project, features of Aberjhani's poem that is included on a CD produced with Nordette Adams and Mark Rockeymore...

Poets Should Not Post Love Poems On The Internet
 by Nordette Adams
and yet another love poem from Nordette N. Adams...

Remembering A Life: A Poem Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
 by Nordette Adams
A tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) "They said to one another, 'Behold, here cometh the dreamer. Let us slay him, And we shall see what will become...

Like a Revelations Day (poem-prayer at Easter)
 by Nordette Adams
A poem prayer inspired by a multiple-murder case in Terrytown outside New Orleans, La., which included a toddler, a 6-year-old, and an 11-year-old. Sadly at Easter....

And then I Had Not One Delusion
 by Nordette Adams
Sometimes you see exactly who it is you love, and you still love him....

Reading You Again
 by Nordette Adams
A love poem of sorts in the shape of a circle...

Goddess on the Rooftop
 by Nordette Adams
a poem written while listening...

Learning Curve
 by Nordette Adams
If I am Number One, it's a damned sad spot......

First Came Darkness
 by Nordette Adams
A virgin's tale....

Old Man Speaking With Tree
 by Nordette Adams
poems should not be summarized...

Your Name Should Rhyme With Mine
 by Nordette Adams
No need for condolences. It's just a light poem that popped into my head about soul mates afraid to commit....

They Told Me a President Died
 by Nordette Adams
Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. (July 14, 1913–December 26, 2006) Wednesday, December 27, 2006; 12:30 AM Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., who became the 38th president of the United States as a result o...

A Butterfly in Winter
 by Nordette Adams
Poet's words lurk in the soul, sit--legs crossed--like stubborn children...they pout--unsaid, ticked-off. Then out they fall, splat! Words have no manners. ...Nordette Adams...

A Stroll Down the Riverbed
 by Nordette Adams
This poem woke me up this morning....

Defining Moments
 by Nordette Adams
A second poem for Africa...

Our Men Who Would Be Kings
 by Nordette Adams
NO! I haven't had a fight with anyone, but this amusing rhyme did pop into my head....

Brokenhearted Survivor's Sonnet
 by Nordette Adams
Flexing poetry muscles with sonnet poetry form on traditional love theme....

I See It Now
 by Nordette Adams
Fear of falling in love and rightfully so when the person's no good for you....

An Unhappy Christmas Poem
 by Nordette Adams
Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! This poem is commentary, but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays nonetheless....

A Long Week of Thanksgiving
 by Nordette Adams
This poem is not about Pilgrims or Puritans....

But I Feel Him
 by Nordette Adams
Another love poem of exes and ohs....

Now For Something Really Addictive
 by Nordette Adams
Poetry video of Green Green Grass using Xtranormal tools...


13 Years of Lessons Since 911
 by Nordette Adams
This is the third time the author has written about 9/11. On the 13th anniversary, she considers how her life and ours have changed since that fateful day....

Emotional Land Mines (Remembering 9/11)
 by Nordette Adams
Moving on is a good thing. Forgetting is not. Remembering 9/11...

A Poem and Essay on Race and Racism: Behind the Color Blind
 by Nordette Adams
Love your neighbor as you love yourself...(well most of us have heard the golden rule) How can you say you love God, whom you have not seen, and yet not love your brothers and sisters whom yo...

Mother of Scott Sisters Praises God for Her Daughters' Freedom
 by Nordette Adams
Evelyn Rasco, mother of the Scott Sisters, talks about her daughter's release for prison under Gov. Haley Barbour....

Michael Jackson's Mother's Book: Where to Buy Never Can Say Goodbye
 by Nordette Adams
The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson, has released book of personal memories and photos about her son's life....

The Cylons Cometh: Human-Machine Hybrids and our Impending Immortality
 by Nordette Adams
Humans cracked the code on creating new life forms in the lab, and the Singularity movement says we must prepare for the next leap in evolution. Sounds like a Science Fiction novel, but it's not....

It's the Old Spice Guy: Look at Him, Now Look at Your Man
 by Nordette Adams
Isaiah Mustafa of the Old Spice commercial is on Twitter but on TV he's making women laugh and drool....

300 Plus Words on Aberjhani, Award Winning Writer
 by Nordette Adams
Almost everything you want to know about Aberjhani but are afraid to ask....

Michael Jackson's Message on a Napkin, Have Mercy
 by Nordette Adams
The King of Pop, who died June 25, scribbled a message on a napkin in the 90s that reveals some of his emotional pain....

Making a Killing: Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse
 by Nordette Adams
Author Charlaine Harris got a 7-figure book deal for her latest Sookie Stackhouse novels, but this Wal-Mart shopper is no overnight success....

Walt Whitman's Connection to New Orleans
 by Nordette Adams
Did you know Walt Whitman has a connection to New Orleans?...

I See a Child's Blood (The Revelus Family Tragedy)
 by Nordette Adams
A 23-year-old, mentally-ill Massachusetts man killed two of his sisters, ages 17 and 5, and wounded another, age 9, on a bloody rampage....

The Eleventh Hour TV Show's Stem Cell Storyline
 by Nordette Adams
Excerpt from an article about President Barack Obama lifting the ban on embryonic stem cell research....

Slumdog Millionaire Rocked the Oscars and I Loved Every Minute
 by Nordette Adams
I'm so stoked about Slumdog Millionaire's win at the Oscars, you'd think I made the movie....

Studio 60's Christmas Tribute to New Orleans (Download)
 by Nordette Adams
This is a post from Goddess Blogs that I thought AuthorsDen members and visitors may enjoy, especially since it includes a download link for 'O, Holy Night' as played by Troy 'Trombone Shorty' And...

Twilight Vampires and The Return of Courtly Love
 by Nordette Adams
Why teen girls are so into Edward the vampire and Twilight movie and books...

In Honor of Our Mothers
 by Nordette Adams
Happy Mother's Day!...

Swim At Your Own Pace: An Open Letter To One Grieving
 by Nordette Adams
Alternate Title: Ignore callous folk......

A Parenting Tip Gleaned from the Life of the Late Gerald Ford
 by Nordette Adams
A parenting tip gleaned from the life of former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford Jr. who died December 26. Perhaps we may also find here words of wisdom for the new year as we reflect on Kipling's poem...

Will Smith's New Black-Father-Friendly Movie, 'The Pursuit of Happyness'
 by Nordette Adams
In his new film, based on a true story about a Chicago man, Will Smith co-stars with his own son Jaden and plays a single father who has custody of his son. They are evicted from their apartment and ...

Patti LaBelle's Gospel Church Tour Comes to Philly, Pa., and Newark, NJ
 by Nordette Adams
Patti LaBelle launches Gospel According to Patti LaBelle singing tour in the black gospel tradition. All proceeds of the CD go to cancer reserch, according to what Patti said to Naomi Judd in an inter...

Exceptional Journalist Ed Bradley: Farewell Sweet Knight
 by Nordette Adams
Mourning the death of African-American journalist Ed Bradley. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Blanchet....

May God Bless You Exceedingly (a sonnet for the sweet and humble)
 by Nordette Adams
A blessing on those who want to keep the dreams of justice and harmony in this world alive. Associated work: The poem and page honoring Martin Luther King, Jr....

Morehouse to Inherit MLK Papers
 by Nordette Adams
From Confessions of a Jersey Goddess and the AP Wire: King's Alma Mater receives gift of Civil Rights Leader's papers collection from Atlanta, GA, business...

Paid Internships Programs for HBCU Students at Savannah River Site
 by Nordette Adams
Links to other internship resources within the Department of Energy complex are included at the end of this article, including non-HBCU programs....


Poetry Life & Times publishes video with Aberjhani's poem
 by Nordette Adams
Two videos have been produced with poetry by Aberjhani, music by Mark "Rahkyt" Rockeymoore, and production by Nordette Adams. A European literary magazine and its sister have published both....

Review of Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls is Live at Blogher
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans writer Nordette Adams reviews Tyler Perry's movie For Colored Girls based on Ntozake Shange's iconic choreopoem. ...

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder hacks Tyler Perry, movie mogul
 by Nordette Adams
On the Sunday, June 20 episode of Boondocks, satirist McGruder took on Oprah's friend and film titan Tyler Perry. Do black people worry too much about what white people think?...

Susan B. Anthony Liked Socialists and Other Educational Info
 by Nordette Adams
The world according to books and Nordette Adams, a writer....

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Worsens
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans writer tried to avoid talking about the oil spill in the Gulf, but found she had to share her feelings on this ecological disaster....

The Solly Forell and Jay Martin Obama Assassination Tweets
 by Nordette Adams
The Secret Service is investigating the Twitter attention seekers who threatened the president's life....

A Decade of Women of Color in Blogging: What Does WOC Mean?
 by Nordette Adams
It's starting to feel like the term woman of color is being reduced to mean black woman, this and more as the writer looks at women of color in blogging...

Carleen Brice: Blogger's Novel Becomes Movie
 by Nordette Adams
Orange Mint and Honey has become Lifetime Movie Network production, Sins of the Mother, starring Jill Scott....

Michael Lewis Sees His Book, The Blindside, on Big Screen
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans native, Michael Lewis, attends movie premiere with Sandra Bullock. Article covers Lewis's thoughts on The Blindside before it became a movie....

Poet Laments Youth Violence
 by Nordette Adams
Poet Nordette Adams writes on increasing problem of youth violence....

Chris Rock's Good Hair Opens October 9
 by Nordette Adams
Books on good hair and more on Chris Rock's new documentary....

Fiction writing competition, win cash and trip to New Orleans
 by Nordette Adams
The Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans is taking submissions for its second annual fiction writing competition....

Mother's Day books, gifts for last-minute shoppers
 by Nordette Adams
a great list of books that you may find at your local bookstore or online if you dare risk them coming too late...

John Grisham on the Writing Life
 by Nordette Adams
a look at John Grisham's NOLA connections and his advice on writing....

Happy is as Happy Does: Practical Steps to Contentment
 by Nordette Adams
What are the roadblocks to happiness? Read and learn....

Calling Poets for Baracku
 by Nordette Adams
It's not political. It's poetic blessings for change and harmony....

Writer Can Smile While Mourning Mother During Holidays
 by Nordette Adams
New Orleans writer reflects on the death of her mother, how her family's coping, and the humor of Father Guido Sarducci...

Oprah's Mr. Man Revealed Early on Women's Website
 by Nordette Adams
A women's blogging site, BlogHer, named Oprah's human hankie guy the night of Barack Obama's historic win, beating mainstream media....

Faker Spotted on TV Land Show She's Got the Look
 by Nordette Adams
Contestant lying about her age and TV Land's She's Got the Look scamming viewers....

Adams' Martin Luther King Poem Used on 40th Anniversary of His Death
 by Nordette Adams
Poet Nordette Adams discovers late that her poem "Remembering A Life" was used for a service commemorating the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination....

Do you believe babies are born a blank slate?
 by Nordette Adams
Adventures in parenting from Nordette Adams...

My First Post as a Contributing Editor
 by Nordette Adams
Nordette Adams is now a contributing editor for BlogHer.Org under Mommy and Family...

Poet's Hurricane Katrina Anniversary Poem Published in Literary E-zine
 by Nordette Adams
Adams' Hurricanes of Roosting Birds poem has been published in autumn 2006 edition of Adagio Verse Quarterly. ...

Celebrity Spotting: Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard
 by Nordette Adams
What'd you miss? Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard in Westfield, NJ...

The Influential Female Poet Nordette Adams in National Poetry Month 2006
 by Nordette Adams
From NJ Spoken Word Appreciation of Nordette Adams' poetry increases...


Whose Shoes are These Anyway
Covering news, poetry, literature, and subjectivity in the post-modern era Contributing Editor
You may read blogs written for a women's network at this site.

New Orleans writer returns and blogs life.

Writing Junkie
The author's legacy website.

Additional information

In 2013 with other poets, Nordette Adams read one of her poems at the Louisiana's State Library by invitation of then-Poet Laureate of Louisiana, Julie Kane.

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 Nordette Adams
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