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"Can't Never Could!" I sincerely believe that the pen IS mightier than the sword, and that through words the innocent shall be set free. I am also a committed lifelong learner. After all, knowledge IS power! To all those who read my work and leave comments, many thanks for your words and encouragement.


I am from a culturally diverse background, father Cherokee/Choctaw/Osage/Scot, mother German/Dutch/English/American Indian. The major influence in my life was my father, and my American Indian, heritage, spiritualism and culture. I published a few things on Themestream.com, have been a speechwriter, edited and published a school newletter, as well as wrote a weekly column, in my former life.  I am also Region 2 Elder for the National Native American Veterans Association, Oregon State Director, National Association of Medics and Corpsmen, and Benefits and Logistics Director for the American Cold War Veterans Organization. I do not believe that America can afford to continue the back room racism that still exists today. I hope that we can rise above it and move forward.

Birth Place: Portland, OR USA

Accomplishments: BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, foci Cultural Environmental Psychology, AAS, Paralegal Studies, and wrote on-line for Themestream.com.


 by Lloydene F Hill
Just something that came to me about my current relationship....

Sneaky Pete
 by Lloydene F Hill

Courage and Deliverance
 by Lloydene F Hill
Dedicated to my friend and soul sister Janet Caldwell, be at peace my dear one. ...

 by Lloydene F Hill
Just a little something for those of us have a bit too much on our plates. ...

Midnight Madness
 by Lloydene F Hill
Dedicated to my muse, my friend, and my soul sister, Janet Caldwell....

Mr. Bell Ringer
 by Lloydene F Hill

Who Are You?
 by Lloydene F Hill
Self Identity ...

My Guardian
 by Lloydene F Hill
A long delayed tribute to a brother who had the thankless job of watching over me....

Magic of the Mystery
 by Lloydene F Hill
A poem for the snow....

The Path
 by Lloydene F Hill
My belief and thoughts today....

Animal Caged
 by Lloydene F Hill
Another one from the archives circa 1991. The emotions of a country girl stuck in the city, or am I in a zoo?...

The Eye of the Storm
 by Lloydene F Hill
Another from the archives, and another one which, when the mood takes me, will be reworked, revised, and reposted....

 by Lloydene F Hill
A thoughtful moment after a car accident in 1989....

 by Lloydene F Hill
Another ancient poem of mine...

 by Lloydene F Hill
Another ancient poem from my files....

Love is Like a Flower
 by Lloydene F Hill
This poem was written in 1985, while in the midst of the death throes of my first marriage....

Machine vs Man
 by Lloydene F Hill
My feeling about technology run amok. Work in progress!...

 by Lloydene F Hill
Originally this was written as a tribute to my brother who fought in Vietnam, and who died before he could ever read this poem, but it can just as well apply to the issues of today....

The Pound
 by Lloydene F Hill

 by Lloydene F Hill
Another poem about the pound puppy...

 by Lloydene F Hill

Mama's Spirit Smoke
 by Lloydene F Hill

The Vine Of Life
 by Lloydene F Hill
In the day, in the sun, it stretches moves forward time has begun. In the dark, without the light, it rests, it enfolds, it harbors us, this vine of life that sustains our soul. Clinging, g...

 by Lloydene F Hill
Just something I was feeling one day. It can be construed with environmental, emotional, or spiritual meaning. Take it anyway you want....

Envelope of Sadness
 by Lloydene F Hill
A brief ode to my dalmation that had to be put to sleep on November 26, 2004, it is a quick work in progress. It will be refined....


Learning Styles
 by Lloydene F Hill
An examination of learning styles and my personal discovery of my own....

Pedagogical and Andragogical Learning
 by Lloydene F Hill
This article compares the pedagogical and andragogical learning models when dealing with adults and children....

Alternative Educational Models for Native American Students
 by Lloydene F Hill
This article examines the need for alternative educational programs for Native American students, and offers food for thought with regard to the creation of viable guidelines for alternative education...

Which Ethical Theory Is Best
 by Lloydene F Hill
A brief discussion of the Kantian Theory....

Problem Solving, Or The Day My Septic Tank Raneth Over
 by Lloydene F Hill
Not too long after I took a problem solving class, I had the opportunity to test what I had learned in a very creative and unusual way. We had a old, old septic system. As a matter of fact it wasn't...

The Maverick Daughter
 by Lloydene F Hill
A journey into myself during the Fathers and Daughters class....

Technology and the Classroom
 by Lloydene F Hill
A brief discussion of the how technology affects the classroom....

Wounded Woman: A Discussion
 by Lloydene F Hill
As an assignment for a Fathers and Daughters Class, I had to read the book Wounded Woman. This is a discussion of my impressions after the reading....

Biotechnology and the Conscience of Man
 by Lloydene F Hill
This paper was wrote while taking a class called Decisions: Applying Ethics to Science....


National Association of Medics and Corpsmen
A veterans organization comprised of former Medics and Corpsmen dedicated to helping and supporting one another.

American Cold War Veterans
A veterans organization comprised of Cold War veterans dedicated to helping and supporting one another.

One of My Causes
This is an active site, dedicated to freeing Native American activist, author, artist, Leonard Peltier.

Seventh Generation Fund
The Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples throughout the Americas.

Additional information

Being a disabled veteran, unable to do much of what I enjoyed in life, I have managed to occupy my mind by being active through the miracle of the internet in a variety of veterans organizations. I was elected Region 2 Elder for the National Native American Veterans Association; Logistics and Benefits Director for the American Cold War Veterans, and Oregon State Director, and Service Officer for the National Association of Medics and Corpsmen. I also try and keep busy on the farm, playing with my horses, and my dogs, Baylee and Kodi. I would someday like to obtain a Master's degree in an interdisciplinary agricultural program, then pursue doctoral studies in American Indian Studies, while achieving a graduate certificate in American Indian History and Culture. I am still writing, and in my head there are several wonderful projects in the works. One of which I hope, will one day become a bestseller. As you can see I am deeply committed to veterans causes, and I sincerely believe in the American Indian way of life and try to practice the traditional ways as much as possible.

Contact Information

Native American Heritage and Unity Coalition
Medford   OR   97501   USA
 Lloydene F Hill
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