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A globetrotter since 12 years old, went through life as a soldier, sailor and many other things, going into retirement to became a writer trying to write books that give something back after holding myself apart from everybody for so long. Oil painting, sculptures and drawings fill the spaces between writing flurries. Smiles not included...not yet.

A child that lost his world of promised smiles in a home which never was sweet, and going on thirty by the age of twelve.

Started as a Navy Radio Operator, through combat Marines, graduating as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer serving in the Merchant Navy which took me around the world several times (and that's a lot of horizon to cross!)
Probably enabling me to say thank-you and please in more languages that is needed to know.
Fall in love with the gentle Japan when Bushido was honored and the waters in the garden caressed the lotus flowers that held butterflies.
Landed in Norway, after Nam, for a good chunk of years, but vagabonds feet took me to Sweden, no permanent mind you, I am filling that prickling on my soles, like a needling saying "oh boy! is time to go!"

Writing for children by the Institute of Children Literature.

Influenced by Pablo Neruda saying that he could write the saddest poem one night.

By Marquez One hundred Years of Solitude and Orwell's 1984.

Salvador Dalì could have painted my life.

Here are a list of people that I was blessed to call my friends (a word that cannot describe what they are for me)

- Liv Möller
- Ray { Not a Poet }
- Darrell and Kathy Adams
- Christine Alwin
- Dawn Anderson
- Sandie May Angel-Joyce
- Kathy Armijo
- Regis Auffray
- Ron (sketchman) Axelson
- The Bear Paw
- Joyce Bell
- Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU
- Jerry Bolton
- William Bonilla
- Tinka Boukes
- Joyce Bowling
- Cynthia Buhain
- Kate Burnside
- George J Carroll
- Cryssa C
- Ahna C
- Richard Cederberg
- Charlie
- Kathryn Collins
- Southern Comfort
- Debra Conklin
- Jackie Coupe
- H Cruz
- Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
- Bobbi Duffy
- Mr. Ed
- Jill Eisnaugle
- L. Figgins
- John Flanagan
- Jude Forese
- J'nia Fowler
- Poetess_Soulful Shee G. Immersed in Purple Passions
- Patrick Granfors
- Walt Hardester
- CJ Heck
- David Hightower
- M.Bennett Hooper (Mikii)
- Edwin Hurdle
- Tom Hyland
- Jackie (Micke) Jinks
- Poetess Of The Heart La Belle Rouge
- Chantilly Lace
- LadyJtalks LadyJzTalkZone
- John Leko
- Rebecca Lerwill
- Mark Lichterman
- Larry Linville
- Larry Lounsbury
- Liana Margiva
- Ann Marquette
- Carole Mathys
- Ed Matlack
- Bonnie May
- C. McGovern-Bowen
- Dixie Dawn Michelle
- Marcia Miller-TwifordTrack
- Abdi-Noor Mohamed (Eagle Of Hope)
- Amber Moonstone
- Joseph* OneLight*®
- Alexandra* OneLight*® Authors & Creations
- Robin Ouzman Hislop
- Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri
- Karen Palumbo
- Ch'erie de Perrot
- Felix Perry
- Rose Rideout
- Debby Rosenberg
- Rebecca Russell
- Joel Sattler
- Peter Schlosser
- Glen Schulz
- Jasmin Horst Seiler
- Susan Sonnen
- Morning Star
- * Starman * *
- Art Sun
- Carol Surber
- Flying Fox Ted L Glines
- Barbara Terry
- Ankin Timourian
- Emile Tubiana
- Andy Turner
- Sheri Uy
- Edward Val
- Kimmy Van Kooten
- Karen Vanderlaan
Romantic Poetess Victoria L. McColley
- Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
- E T Waldron
- Joyce White
- Jon Willey
- Gene Williamson

Birth Place: Sausalito, CA USA

Accomplishments: Honor Mention by the 2007 Los Angeles Book Festival.
Publish by Single Parents
Invited to three books collaboration.


Poems to read Tomorrow about Yesterday by Georg E Mateos
This book is written with today’s poems that should be read tomorrow…about Yesterday....


Portrait of a Sad Man (305 poems) by Georg E Mateos
A life travel with 305 poems, from the abused child to the old man waiting for God's final call, with some tears and some laughs, with dreams and nightmares, but not less, with the sincerity of a poet telling you how it was, how he wished it to be and the scars collected in the long journey. (This time, smiles were included)...

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Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.com 

The Sniper's Song (Trilogy #2) by Georg E Mateos
"Walther" found himself in another country ready for another hit on a different Grassy Knoll than that of Dallas. But the odds were the same, bad, after Executive Order made illegal to assassinate a high dignatary on foreign soil. He wondered if his survival was expected...or wanted....

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The Man on the Grassy Knoll (Trilogy #1) by Georg E Mateos
In 1963, a heart broken Nation cried over her shattered dreams... Camelot was dead and so was the innocence. The book takes us through the attentat's trobbing spams of conspiracy until the fatal day and beyond....

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Image of a sad man in a broken mirror by Georg E Mateos
About pain, tears and other miscellaneous, the price of a prayer, friends, family and other enemies and what is the price that children pay; with a compilation of events saddled with a final twist....

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Short Stories

The Hell’s furnaces (Die Ofen von HOlle)
 by Georg E Mateos
For the few faithful that not only read the words but feel what here was said. Thanks. ...

The song of Death (Das Lied von Tot)
 by Georg E Mateos
One of the two last excerpts to be post and that were written before my hospital waltzing. ...

Sailing in a steel coffins (Segel Stahlerner Sarg)
 by Georg E Mateos
First the hunters will roam freely as the enemy are left to multiply and perhaps next time to turn the tables. But first, a bitter price must be paid if one wish to taste the sweetness of victory....

Abraham's barbed wire (Abraham’s Stacheldraht )
 by Georg E Mateos
When we heard anti-something we think about our reluctance to accept what others wish to impose on us. But nine time of ten, that anti-something is sponsored by fanatics with an agenda totally disasso...

You too Brutus? (Und Sie auch, mein Sohn...)
 by Georg E Mateos
You go to the funeral of your brothers without wearing your uniform, a kind of rebellion against, a kind of morally spitting on the hypocrisy's face. You try not to show your pain but the pallor ...

Sigfried's Death
 by Georg E Mateos
When a love one dies the world seems to become an hostile place, a place appropriate for Wagner's apocalyptic tones which, in time could be replaced with Mozart's Lacrimosa sorrowful chorus. WWI...

Sieg Heil
 by Georg E Mateos
Will be punished the son for the sins of the father? And that evil circle...will be anytime broken? ...


Georg illness
 by Georg E Mateos
Sorry for no have contacted all of you before. ...

Four lines about Truth
 by Georg E Mateos
The truth will hit you in the face liked you it or not, there's no escape and no place to run from it. ...

Clown in an empty Circus
 by Georg E Mateos
Nothing can be more sad that a lonely clown surrounded by an empty circus, and this poem should have had "Send in the Clowns" as background music. This one was inspired by Ed Matlack and his clown...

Four lines about Stargazing
 by Georg E Mateos
When the hammer misses the nail's head but hit right on target your thumb you go stargazing with a selected vocabulary undertitles to that scene... ...

Four lines about You-Know-What
 by Georg E Mateos
Double-entendre, the French were world champions at double talk to circumvent around the laws imposed by the prudes. You think you know what I am talking about? then...your mind is dirtier than mi...

Four lines about Good-Sense
 by Georg E Mateos
For my number 780 poem, I wish to comment about something I have not, common sense, if I had one or a tiny part of it I wouldn't have hillbillies brothers, tiger sister, or loony cousins all over the...

Four lines about Humor
 by Georg E Mateos
I never claimed that my weird way of humor was a true North one but if you think about it...good humor is kind of overrated when nobody is laughing, like inside a bank... ...


List of Authors Donors
 by Georg E Mateos
The action of helping a fellow author to survive the economical crunch should be first priority, because nobody can say it will not happen to me. Don't be afraid to ask, don't be afraid to help,...

Andre Bendavi ben YEHU words of encouragement
 by Georg E Mateos
Received from Master Andrè a review of my literary, painting and sculptures work here in AuthorsDen and International Creative Thinkers. Honored and humbled that my work could awake interest and ...

The Poetry of Fraud
 by Georg E Mateos
Are we so naive that we are still buying that elixir to cope with all our problems? Are our capacity for credibility so incontestable that we can't see how grotesque we have become when we, blindl...

Letter to the President
 by Georg E Mateos
The letter was forwarded to the office of President Obama, as well as to The New York Times, Washington Post, to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, among others....

The War at Home
 by Georg E Mateos
Soldiers coming back from Iraq/ Afghanistan to a foreclosed house, to unemployment and a long string of years to get their claims right to be processed. After WWII it was an attempt to help with t...

 by Georg E Mateos

Kissing a Frog
 by Georg E Mateos
Kissing a Frog If you kiss one I hope a Prince or a Princess falls on your lap, but here we are kissing Donators that have come out the woods to lent a hand to their fellow authors. The D...


Sponsoring AD Authors Membership
 by Georg E Mateos
Some have learned how to swim, others can't, the waters are kicking furiously a storm and need our help not to drown. ...

Georg's 100 friends list
 by Georg E Mateos
I had forgotten to actualize my bio until I was reminded to do it....

Books going public
 by Georg E Mateos
Three books available now everywhere, even in Japan and India!...

The War at Home
 by Georg E Mateos
Soldiers coming back from Iraq/ Afghanistan to a foreclosed house, to unemployment and a long string of years to get their claims right to be processed. After WWII it was an attempt to help with t...

 by Georg E Mateos
virus virus virus...

We are kissing Frogs! ! !
 by Georg E Mateos
Kissing a Frog If you kiss one I hope a Prince or a Princess falls on your lap, but here we are kissing Donators that have come out the woods to lent a hand to their fellow authors. The D...

I Have a Dream...
 by Georg E Mateos
…that there will be an author friend supporting an author in need…I have a dream. Because the generosity of many we have been able to help those that needed help, giving them not only ...

Additional information

Books: IMAGE OF A SAD MAN IN A BROKEN MIRROR (poetry and prose expanding to ones life) 1963, Dallas, THE MAN ON THE GRASSY KNOLL(the alleged "second shooter" tells about the hit) Honor Mention by 2007 Los Angeles Book festival THE SNIPER'S SONG (Vietnam War, the man from Dallas, the "second shooter", are spirited to carry the job of elimination of a General) THE JOB, the third and final book of the man from Dallas doing a double feature in the US and Europe, cutting lose ends. AS TIME GOES BY (short stories with a twist, as always) THE 7-ELEVEN OUTLAWS GANG (children mixed together one summer, a book not right for those blinded by PC-) PORTRAIT OF A SAD MAN (305 poems) A literary journey with poetry on the many facets of man, from childhood to going over the border talking the natives lingo. Smiles were included here. POEM TO READ TOMORROW ABOUT YESTERDAY, perhaps we can say that love is like a bowl of porridge, that Southern Belles should have a loving Colonel or that brotherly love is best, and...

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