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God puts us on Earth to accomplish a goal and at the rate I am going, I will live forever!


The greatest influence in my life is Jesus Christ.  He died for me on a cross in unimaginable pain.  He lives now and argues my case with His father God.  Otherwise, I would have no standing with God and I don't see how anyone can survive without a loving Savior like Jesus.  I certainly can't see how anyone could live without belief in some "higher power". 

The second most important influence in my life is my wife, Kim.  I don't know if she realizes it, but being with her has brought me farther than I had come in the previous 30 years. 

Patrick, Patricia and Loren, my children, are close behind Kim.  Daily I am reminded how little I know and how much I rely on God for guidance.  Even with our differences, I love my children and am grateful for what they have taught me.

My parents helped me grow to manhood.  Many times it wasn't easy for them.  They are definitely a major influence in my life.  The rest of my family and Kim's family have taught me much about life and living.  They are all wonderful people.

Are you bored now?  I will close with saying just about everyone I meet, including you reading this now, have impacted my life in some way.  You may thing that's not true, but I get statistics on the number of visitors to this site.  Everytime the number goes up, my heart soars to think someone is interested enough to visit my site.

May God bless you always.

Birth Place: Gilmer, LA USA


I make my living as a Certified Public Accountant after graduating from Centenary College.  I have been the president many local civic and fraternal organizations.  I have even been presented with an award for meritorious service to Kappa Alpha Order, but these are really minor accomplishments. 

My greatest achievement is helping to raise my three children and provide support to the two oldest when their mom and little brother was three hours away from home fighting for his life. 

Probably the wisest thing I ever did was marry my wife, Kim.  Aside from her love for me and the children, along with the extreme patience with our failures, I credit Kim for saving Loren's life.  She had the insight and knowledge to ask the right questions to help us make the right decisions concerning Loren's care. 

Owning my own CPA firm and serving my community in the various capacities I have served are great accomplishments, but they pale in relation to what Kim, and I to a small extent, have accomplished in helping Loren live.



Cookin' At Cook (A Babe In Transplantland) by James K McClelland
Life-changing inspirational book detailing the roller coaster ride of a family in their child's first unsuccessful transplant. Told from the one-year-old patient's viewpoint, you will laugh, cry and wonder if the transplant was really unsuccessful....

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Amazon.comPublishAmerica  Author

Short Stories

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Tim Connors finds a way to overcome the abuse he experienced as a teenager from an unlikely source. Follow along as Tim learns the true meaning of power, forgiveness and peace....

Jesus Gives MPS Families Victory in Death
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The Tree
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A Horse of Another Color
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Going Home
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Dylan Smith was a beautiful little boy. Who would have known that a complication during a "routine" surgery would leave his mom and dad bereft of their precious child. If you have read "Jesus Gives ...


Hima Goblin
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This is a story inspired by my son Loren's visit to the hospital because of a low Hemoglobin count. Naturally, the word Hemoglobin is hard for a four year old child to say and in his mind, it sounds ...

Cookin' At Cook (A Babe in Transplantland) - A new twist
 by James K McClelland
Most one-year-old boys are busy learning to walk, talk, eat, sleep and...well, you know what else they typically do. With Loren, days were consumed with trying to survive his first bone marrow transp...


Author Hits the Road for Transplantation"
 by James K McClelland
What do you do after a bone marrow transplant? Read what Jim McClelland is doing to recruit donors to save lives....


Loren's Place
My son Loren's web site. My first book deals with his life and the lives he has affected. The second book is in process and, when finished, will blow you away with how good God really is. Just about anything you could want to know is located here.

James K. McClelland, CPA LLC
My firm's website. Need a good CPA? I can refer you. Need a Great CPA? Come visit us.

National MPS Society
Site maintained by the organization trying to stamp out the class of diseases that include Loren's disease (Hurler Syndrome).

Home page of National Marrow Donor Program
I can conceive of no reason to avoid either being a marrow donor or at least helping. The lives saved by just 8 million registered donors are testaments to the good of being a donor. By the way, that's less than .2% of the world's population. What could be done if 1%, 5% or more of Earth's population agreed to donate if needed. It's mind boggling.

Additional information

One's faith and philosophy of life is what keeps us going in the bad times. Since I first wrote Cookin' At Cook, I have had many "bad" times and many good ones. When the book was about to come to print, a particularly bad time hit from a career standpoint. It was then that I could truly appreciate the words "Never Stop Believing!"

Contact Information

8585 Business Park Drive 
Shreveport   LA   71105   USA

Fax: 318-798-1917
 James K McClelland
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