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The telling of our life story is the gift that we can give to others. Even though it takes courage, it blesses not only others but also ourselves.


Jeanne G. Miller has been a psychotherapist for more than 20 years. She was awarded her BSW and MSW from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, and has worked with individuals, families, and groups in a wide variety of agencies and hospital settings as well as in private practice. She received her training in Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care from The Anglican School of Theology, Dallas, Texas, and is a graduate of The Haden Institute in their intensive two-year program in the study of dreams. In addition to her ongoing presentation series of workshops and small study groups that analyze the meaning of dreams, Jeanne is an organizer and leader of local church retreats and is involved in an active ministry offering Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Care.

Following retirement from her career as a psychotherapist, she embarked on a new adventure as an author and photographer. Her first book, Dream Symbols in Waking Life, blends images and dialogue in the dream world from the perspective of images seen in everyday life captured through the lens of the camera. Her second and most recent book, Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma reflects a woman's multi-facet dilemma when an unwanted pregnancy presents itself.

Currently Jeanne is working on another book discussing emotional strength of character and the struggles that it takes to develop it. In today's society, hardships and struggles are looked upon as weaknesses to avoid. However history has proven that it is only through hardships and struggles that our character is developed.                                    

Birth Place: Beaumont, TX United States

Accomplishments: Jeanne has been privileged to have her photographs selected to hang in galleries in Texas.


Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma by Jeanne G. Miller
Life is going along without too many problems and then the intrusion of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy happens. Fear, confusion, panic, depression, loss and tears flood into your soul....

Amazon.comJeanne G. Miller 

Dream Symbols In Waking Life by Jeanne G. Miller
Have you ever had a dream with certain symbols that seem to appear in waking life? Ever wonder why this happens?...


Short Stories

Unplanned, Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma
 by Jeanne G. Miller
Life is going along without too many problems and then the intrusion of an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy happens. ...

Lives Interrupted: The Unwanted Pregnancy Dilemma
 by Jeanne G. Miller
Many books that examine the issues of pro-abortion and pro-life do so from either a strictly clinical perspective or a plethora of personal opinions....

What if?
 by Jeanne G. Miller
If physical, mental and spiritual perfection defines the value of human life, who sets the standards of measurement? ...

A Story Of My Grave Tour To Wholeness As Directed By My Dreams
 by Jeanne G. Miller
I would like to share with you a recent journey that I took in response to my dreams....

A strand of 3 golden cords dancing in a dream.
 by Jeanne G. Miller
A personal story. I would like to end with a personal example of synchronistic meaning between the dream and waking life. ...

A story about strange and mysterious dreams.
 by Jeanne G. Miller
A book report for the by by Robert Johnson "Inner Work: Using Dreams and Creative Imagination" which spoke to me along my journey for individuation. ...

Dreams and real life with a spider
 by Jeanne G. Miller
Dreams always seek to make an adjustment in the way I understand things, and this requires a constant sacrifice of some aspect or another of my personal sense of reality. The dream, as a rule of thumb...


A excerpt from my new book
 by Jeanne G. Miller
The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places. Earnest Hemmingway ...

Where does compassion end and co-dependency begin?
 by Jeanne G. Miller
Where does compassion end and co-dependency begin? There are some important distinctions here. One is between feeling and behavior. ...

Unwanted pregnancy…To abort or not?
 by Jeanne G. Miller
What drives the controversial decision to terminate the life of an innocent being? Whether that decision is equitable, reasonable or fair is often predicated on the philosophical debate about the good...

Starting again.
 by Jeanne G. Miller
A path of destiny...

Remember Me
 by Jeanne G. Miller
I am new to photography and all seems wonderful and magical. My photography interest began after a long career as a psychotherapist and recently as an author. I have discovered photography as another ...

A magnificent sunrise.
 by Jeanne G. Miller
My husband introduced to me the creative expression of photography about a year ago. I have been fascinated by the beauty of the earth seen through the eyes of the camera. As I become more sensitive t...


Jeanne Miller Photography
A website of Photographs by Jeanne Miller

Lives Interrupted
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 Jeanne G. Miller
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