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"Love to dream and seek truth. Never quit your quest, 'tho trekking many roads in life, always give your best!"


My former career in policing and private investigation are history now and probably irrelevant because the world has changed so much since my policing days.

However, There is much truth in the old saying,"Once a cop, always a cop!"

For those who might be remotely interested in what makes me tick, I am a former New Zealand Police Sergeant and later, an Inspector in The Australian Protective Service, a division of the Federal Police tasked with providing counter terrorist response and diplomatic and consular protection. I have also run various business ventures with varying degrees of success.  These days I am motivated by the desire to do something about climate change and after creating an educational website Upthem.org where anyone can ask questions, provide feedback or participate in a forum on anything remotely connected with climate change, I pulled the site down due to sabotage by pornographic idiots. I now support various environmental causes such as Greenpeace and Get Up and spread the word through my books.

I'm a proud grandfather of nine, who is immensely concern for the planet’s future and the world my innocent and beautiful grandchildren will inherit from a greedy, hedonistic and consumer mad world which by and large cares little for our ailing and fragile planet.

These days I spend much of my time working for the men's shed movement and and the founder and past president of the Joondaulp Men's Shed Inc., a registered health promotion charity. My current project is ensuring the ongoing success of the Man O'War Men's shed, Carramar, Western Australia.

Before I leave this world I want to feel I've done everything I can to aid in the fight against what I call, "the planetary cancer of consumerism." (Others call it global warming).


Birth Place: Sydney,  Australia

Accomplishments: Former Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. University Certificate in Risk Assessment, University Certificate in Security Technology.


Saving Bill Bailey by Alan Greenhalgh
A Short Story How Men's Sheds Save Lives...

Price: $0.99 (eBook)
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No One Left to Clap by Alan Greenhalgh
The story is unique because it presents the scenario of Australia’s first political assassination, nuclear war, terrorist attacks on Australian soil and treachery involving leading figures from the government of the day, the Australian Security Intelligence Agency (ASIO) unions and the Big Business....

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Always a Rolling Stone by Alan Greenhalgh
Always a Rolling Stone is a true story written with all the earthy excitement and suspense of work of fiction. Encompassing an extraordinary life of bittersweet memories, heartache, hardship and triumph...

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
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Big Bucks from Tired Dumps by Alan Greenhalgh
Easy to learn home renovation from the experts of DIY who have made excellent profits from bringing tired homes back to life....

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Gathering Wood
 by Alan Greenhalgh
A typically nostalgic Australian bush ballad based upon country life before the advent of modern technologies....

Rolleston's Revenge
 by Alan Greenhalgh
A true story based upon a foolhardy attempt to climb Mount Rolleston, one of New Zealand's most treacherous mountains....

Personal Creed
 by Alan Greenhalgh

The Ballad of Tom Findlay
 by Alan Greenhalgh
This is an Australian outback bush ballad based upon a real character who roamed the high country around the New South Wale's mining town of Captain's Flat during the 1950's....

The Shopping Trip
 by Alan Greenhalgh
A light-hearted poem about an Aussie country family's once a month shopping excursion in the 1950's. Commended by The Redlands Bush Poets Society of Queensland (1998)...


The Butcher of Jasenovac
 by Alan Greenhalgh
A remarkable tale of cruelty, courage and triumph....


Lulu Press
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A forum for budding and established writers

This website is designed to educate and empower people to become part of the solution to climate change and coalesce like-minded groups in the battle against proponents of "business as usual."

Join the battle against those who seem content on ruining our planet for short term greed.

Additional information

Read :"No One Left to Clap" a political thriller for insights into the climate debate.

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Perth   WA   6030   Australia

Fax: 0893047161
 Alan Greenhalgh
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