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Finally, Back in July 2014, I completed my first poetry anthology, "Whispers in the Wake," available on Amazon.com.


I have been writing poetry and short stories since about age 13. Poetry always has been close to my heart. My influences are diverse, including novelists, poets, singers, songwriters; among those are Edgar Allan Poe, Roger Waters, Alan Parsons, William Shakespeare, Ken Follett and John Steinbeck.

Some of my poetry is rather dark. The majority of my poetry has a romantic tint. I love playing with the acrostic formats and sonnet formats.



Birth Place: Springfield, TN US

Accomplishments: Published my first poetry anthology, "Whispers in the Wake"

Paperback: "Whispers in the Wake paperback edition"

E-book: "Whispers in the Wake" e-book


Whispers in the Wake by Jeff Mason
A collection of over 30 poems and a few short stories, romance, tributes, sonnets, acrostics....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  CreateSpace (Paperback version)  Amazon (e-book version)


needful things
 by Jeff Mason
Sometimes, no matter how much you beg forgiveness... it never comes. Isn't there a point where true friendship should trump any stupidity on either friend's part? Especially when fault is admitted; ...

Etched in Hues
 by Jeff Mason
... reminiscence -- and essence; dreams and hopes of future, mixed with thoughts of past....

loss of modality
 by Jeff Mason
"Moving on" is easy to talk about; "hanging on" is easy to do....

 by Jeff Mason
The title easily is a play on words: “soul speak” and “souls peak!” Mainly the first connotation, where two like souls speak; they are on the same “frequency,” so to… speak; and even when they cannot ...

 by Jeff Mason
... a state in which the muscles are frozen... the spirit is held... the mind is... locked. is there hope???...

 by Jeff Mason
I wrote this around Nov 2014, after reading a NewsWeek article about the "Beringia" region, where the Alaskan dog-sled race, the Iditarod, takes place. The "mushers" and dogs are cut from a rough clot...

 by Jeff Mason
...always seek forgiveness - it matters....


On Mortality and The Butterfly Effect
 by Jeff Mason
...traveling back in time - what a rush!...


Jeff Mason's first Poetry Anthology now published!
 by Jeff Mason
"Whispers in the Wake," a poetry anthology with works from 1982 to 2014, is now available....

Jeff Mason edits Al Swansons book Frozen Dreams
 by Jeff Mason
Well, it's finally available from AirLeaf Press or from Amazon.com - "Frozen Dreams" by Al Swanson; edited by me: Jeff Mason...

Jeff Mason edits Final Wishes by Dana Matthews
 by Jeff Mason
I am honored to announce that I had the pleasure of editing Dana Matthews' second novel, "Final Wishes."...


Whispers in the Wake - e-book
Jeff Mason's first poetry anthology, "Whispers in the Wake."

Whispers in the Wake - paperback
Jeff Mason's first poetry anthology, "Whispers in the Wake."

A Grain of Sand Among Ten Billion - Tribute to Deanna Love
Tribute to a priceless friend, a mother of two special girls; Deanna left this earth August 25, 2008. I miss you Deanna!!!

Additional information

To listen, yet not hear, is the truest crime of all... To hear, yet not heed, is to fear to ever fall. I love anything to do with espionage, science, science fiction, and assasins. Interestingly enough, I'm currently working on LIFE. Trying to just keep writing. You may classify me as a poet, lyricist, author and song-writer, in any particular order you desire.

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Frigga-Mall Industries
Franklin   TN   37064   US

 Jeff Mason
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