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Try FRACTURED LEGACY, my new thriller: a librarian, a Native American policeman and a couple with a marriage problems collide with twin heirs to a Cascade mountain legacy. Suspicious death and complicated personal issues swirl together, creating havoc around those who seek the truth.


With the new millenium, I moved away from the nine to five and into what was supposed to be retirement,  Simultaneously, an unexpected impetus excited my life: I wanted to find out whether I could write fiction.

Writing itself was no particular problem since I had been successful in turning out a book on executive search, another on cross-cultural learning and over 30 professional articles. But fiction? Yes, I had my mother and her several books for young teens as a model and I was a reader of all kinds of fiction. Could I now turn what I knew second-hand into my own style of creativity?

One day I sat down to answer that question and eventually found the answer in Hidden Impact (2005), Patriot Schemes (2006), Peace Corpse (October 2008) Hard Cache (2010), Dire Salvation (2012 and now Fractured Legacy (2014) - as well as in muliple poems.

And along with the writing arrived great pleasure in a daily process. What a bonus!




Birth Place: Guadalajara,  Mexico

Accomplishments: I studied international relations; was a teacher and educational administrator; director of education programs, Peace Corps, Colombia, and of the American-Russian Center, Anchorage, Alaska. I have lived in ten US States and have had professional experience in professional in fifteen countries. When not writing, I still engage regularly in two lifelong avocations: jazz trumpet playing and choral singing.


Fractured Legacy by Charles B. Neff
A murky family legacy, tribal tights and a troubled marriage swirl around a suspicious death in Washington's Cascade Mountains....

Price: $5.95 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comIsland Books  3014 78th Ave SE, Mercer Island WA 98040

Dire Salvation by Charles B. Neff
DIRE SALVATION keeps some of the characters from Neff's previous HARD CACHE and introduces fascinating new ones. The story is set in Washington State's Central Cascade mountains and is driven by a murder, a new designer drug and personal legacies from Native American hstory....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),   

Hard Cache by Charles B. Neff
HARD CACHE is Charles B. Neff's fourth thriller, Joining Hidden Impact, Patriot Schemes and Peace Corpse. Each book is freestanding and may be read without having read the others. However, characters do move from book to book, producing not sequels but overlap in the stories of a few main characers. HARD CACHE races readers through a tight spate of events that force people to e...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comBooksbyNeff 

Peace Corpse by Charles B. Neff
Itís summer in Stockholm where international youth gather to plan peace, while opponents in their midst threaten them with disruptions and with murder. Ghada Shafi from Palestine, Binyamin Dayan from Israel, and Mariela Fuentes, a child of the violence that wracked Nicaragua, have assumed leadership roles at the Youth for Peace meetings. Negotiations that cross language barriers and cultural diff...

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comiUniverse 

Patriot Schemes by Charles B. Neff
Four individuals in as many locations discover pieces of a conspiracy in progress; they meet, share information, and work together to avert the plot....

Amazon.comIsland Books 

Hidden Impact by Charles B. Neff
In summer 2004, Jim Nordberg revisits the village in Nicaragua where he lived in the 1970s, and nothing is as he expected. Kris Behr, once a friend and now a possible nemesis, wants Jim's help in finding a diary that survived an old plane crash. It reveals the secret, and possibly illegal, activities of wealthy Nicaraguans, the CIA, and unknown others, any of whom may kill to get their hands on th...

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Five Stages of Rewrite
 by Charles B. Neff
A new book finished! I rejoyced! But faithful early readers did not. "Not so much, this time", they told me. Shock. A whole new experience. Finally, a different story, part new and part rescued, takin...

 by Charles B. Neff
We all know the types, miserable loner and high-energy social butterfly. What about the rest of us? An article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention (Elizabeth Bernstein, "Not An Introvert? N...

Reimagining The New Year
 by Charles B. Neff
Sure, we all live by the same calendar. But you can create your own, too....

 by Charles B. Neff
Getting started with a new book is hard - at least for me. Once I get going, the bit's between my teeth and I'm at full gallop. feeling the rush. But before I'm at that point, I seem always to need...

Balancing Act
 by Charles B. Neff
We, as a country, a world and, in many cases, even as communities, need to find common ground again. Here's one take on that condition and perhaps on how to find commonality again....

Intelligent Life
 by Charles B. Neff
Humnankind has always been at war, sometimes in small parts of the world, sometimes across the world itself. In the past, the goals were limited in purpose and the end of a war arrived, even if it too...

Clan Reunion
 by Charles B. Neff
Every two years over the last forty-seven years members our clan have gotten together. Originating in Ohio in he 1880s, the clan. now in four branches, is spread over the United States. This year we m...


Neff Novel Praised on Goodreads
 by Charles B. Neff
Sheila Deeth (Sheila Deeth -- http://about.me/sheiladeeth), author, coach, reviewer and tireless champion of good reading, has written a very positive review of Charles B. Neff's latest thriller,...

Midwest Review: Neff Impressive, Highly Recommended
 by Charles B. Neff
The Midwest Book Review posted a review of Charles B. Neff. DIRE SALVATION (Bennett and Hastings, 2012) citing it as "highly recommended" for its good writing and complex plot....

Amazon Top Reviewer Praises Charles B. Neff's FRACTURED LEGACY
 by Charles B. Neff
Grady Harp is one of Amazon's top reviewers. This is a fourth book of mine that he has read and given high praise....

Neff's Thriller Highly Recommended By Leading Blogger
 by Charles B. Neff
A popular reviewer/blogger, Basso Profundo (Luke Sherwood), praised and recommended Charles B. Neff's new book, FRACTURED LEGACY. See an excerpt and a link below....

Neff, Fractured Legacy, A New Thriller
 by Charles B. Neff
Charles B. Neff's new thriller, FRACTURED LEGACY, will be out in two weeks!...

Island Books Celebrates 40 Years on November 3
 by Charles B. Neff
Despite economic ups and downs, the internet, and massive changes in public taste one bookstore retains a revered place in the heart of a community....

Seth Gordon on Neff's New Thriller
 by Charles B. Neff
Hollywood writer-director-producer praises DIRE SALVATION....


Author site
At www.booksbyneff.com meet author Charles B. Neff, via a photo and bio; scan reviews of HIDDEN IMPACT, PATRIOT SCHEMES and PEACE CORPSE; read the first three chapters of Neff's newest thriller. HARD CACHE.

Internet book seller
HIDDEN IMPACT, PATRIOT SCHEMES and PEACE CORPSE are for sale on Amazon and through Authorsden. HARD CACHE is also available at AuthorsDen and Amazon and orderable from Ingram and Partners West. All books can also be ordrred at www.booksbyneff.com, including the option of a signed copy and frr shipping by choosing the link to Island Books.

Poetry at Authorsden
Charles B. Neff has entered poems at Authorsden, some poems are drawn from three printed collections, and others form an eight-poem cycle. More poems will be added over time.

Additional information

Keep an eye on the Authorsden news. I try to post frequent entries.

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Mercer Island   WA   98040   USA
Fax: (206) 230-6624
 Charles B. Neff
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