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Lover of Life, but not of Love; curse misfortune, and smile


In Memoriam: Lawrence Lux 10-09-49 to 7-08-11

Larry was born 10-09-49.  Graduated from Shelby Ne high in 1969.  Graduated with a Masters in Libray Science from Kearney State College Kearney Ne in 1985.  Wrote many plays, poetry, and books.  Took care of his parents in their later years.  Moved to New Mexico in 1998 where his Mother had always wanted to live.  They lived together in Los Cruces until her passing in 2003.  He then moved to his favorite place a border town called Columbus NM.  In 2005 following a major heart attack we moved him to Columbus Nebraska where he lived till his death.  In April 2009 he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed from this world on July 8 2011.  Larry had never married but was devoted to his nieces and nephews especially the twin boys who were born a month after he returned to Ne.  They were his great nephews.

A History buff who had managed to swallow almost five hundred volumes of History and historical novels by Graduation from High School. There may have been two thousand since. Inspiring authors have been Ian Fleming, Louis L'Armour, Zane Grey, Alistair McLain, Jack Higgins, Leon Uris, Robert Heinlien, Issac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Gorden B. Sheriffs, and Taylor Caldwell. Many of the Classics have been read as well; but did not particularly capture taste, except for Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain.

Birth Place: Columbus, NE U.S.A.

Accomplishments: Masters in Education


Forms of Taxation by Lawrance G Lux
A basic review work of traditional and current tax systems; describing their method of operation and impact. It presents insight into collection problems, economic pressures of application, and magnitudes of potential revenues....


In Search of the Perfect Economic Matrix by Lawrance G Lux
An Evaluation of the current Economy with theoritical proposals to alter economic performance. It provides insight into the historical economic position of the United States, how it derived, and what failings caused recessive conditions. It finishes with a proposed tax system to improve the Economy....


Two boys grow up in a Midwestern city, united by a Mafia hit man, who is Father to One, and lover to the Mother of the other. One follows in his Father's footsteps, the other becoming a Cop. Their love for each other survives all....


Inflation: Roots of Evil by Lawrance G Lux
The Primar to understand how you lose up to twenty percent of your purchasing power per year, due to modern business accounting procedures....

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Terrorism, Ethics, and Modern Society by Lawrance G Lux
A handbook for discussion of the violation of Ethics, by the use of Terrorism; examining the development of the anti-social ideology behind Terrorism. ...

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Budget Considerations by Lawrance G Lux
The Federal Budget keeps growing, with no predicted end in sight. Why can't the Budget be restrained. This Work provides some answers, if not solutions....

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Short Stories

Space Mercenaries
 by Lawrance G Lux
What happens with cultural class of Alien races. This may turn into an eventual novel, and I would like feedback on whether it is a good effort to accomplish. lgl...

The Christmas Season
 by Lawrance G Lux
Not your common garden-variety Christmas story. Put off reading this One until after Christmas, if you still wait for Santa (By the By, this is not indicative of my own state of mind, as I am...

Slawn Green of Bellowed Wood--Unedited much
 by Lawrance G Lux
The Story has little part of my own, but is the cooperative effort of many authors at AD. Originator is Andrew Ceroni, Contributors include Hanley Harding, Peter Bensen, Erin the Fox, and other Tortur...

 by Lawrance G Lux
Do you possess a Road map?...


The Toothless Carnivore
 by Lawrance G Lux
That last lonely degradition into death....

Foul Wind Blows
 by Lawrance G Lux

 by Lawrance G Lux
Playing around with thoughts of the integration of minds....

The Trail Ends Here
 by Lawrance G Lux
Philosophy for Life...

The Laughter of Life
 by Lawrance G Lux
Why are We here, and where does it lead?...

Here Stands the Devil
 by Lawrance G Lux
No feeling Good, not feeling Bad; it just smacking of indifference which I cannot abide. Displeasure sounds through my words with dissonance...

Name the Risk
 by Lawrance G Lux
A short expression of fear of the dreams of Us all, some great and enjoyable; some filled with the dread which comes from the psychotic. ...


Work Station Mechanics
 by Lawrance G Lux
I am basically providing my Readers with my thoughts on removing Production labor from the actual Production line, circa 1999....

Economic Forces Preface
 by Lawrance G Lux
This is my preface to my newest work...

 by Lawrance G Lux
Keynesian theory has been with Us since Keynes proposed it in the 1930s. It was a hoped solution for the Great Depression, but showed little success when attempted. It has continued to be advocated an...

The Coming Political Campaign
 by Lawrance G Lux
What We anxiously await, for What?...

Benefits of Trade
 by Lawrance G Lux
This is only a sketch of my ideas, and does not make pretence of being literature....

Tax Cuts
 by Lawrance G Lux
Current data indicates Q3 growth rate was 8.2%, and Q4 growth rate will be 4%. The following may present real reasons why Economic performance does not produce Jobs, or any viable length Consumer Dema...

The Gap Between Bush Claims and Reality
 by Lawrance G Lux
This expresses the serious need to reexamine current Economic policy....


An Adventure novel of a Nebraka State Patrolman becoming the head of a Government Assassination team.

A historical novel of returning Vietnam veterans, as seen from the Blue Collar class; where 95% of them came from and returned to.

Momentary Lapses
A garage mechanic becomes a Government assassin through mischance and misfortune.

A group of Assassins gather for the funeral of one of their own. It causes a serious number of funerals, so four decide to retire. The funerals continue.

Additional information

Lawrance George Lux has written six novels, two economic monologues, and two volumes of Poetry. The novels are three adventure, one historical novel covering Vietman, and a new Science Fiction work soon availabe. The Author has to reviews the galleys.

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 Lawrance G Lux
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