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Call me Trickster. My work ranges from children G to adults R (I probably incorrectly rate these). Read accordingly.


Oh, I think I've done it. Yes, I'm certain I have. One aspect of writing that I love is the twisty trickery, the unpredictability, taking the reader one direction only to bring them around to an entirely unsuspected ending. Yes, I think I've mastered it in some of my works and I like to show it off once in a while.

Writing has been my life since I learned to hold a pencil.  Poetry was always a favorite while I was younger, then I started writing short stories, leading up to novels.  I love writing and fully enjoy becoming my characters and living through their experiences.  Sometimes I think I would rather write than breath, It's very difficult for me to quit writing, though many times I swear I am quitting.  I guess you could say writing is my drug of choice.

Animals play a part in most of my books, especially those for young readers. My preferences are dogs and horses.

Altruism is also part of my life. Currently, I'm sponsoring a scholarship contest tied to the first two books in my series, The Gifted Ones. The contest begins in September 2014 and ends in May 2015. Visit my website to find out more. I'm hoping to give away three scholarships in May 2015 from the sales of the two books. 

Birth Place: Buena Park, CA USA

Accomplishments: My first children's book, No More Stinkbugs, was released August 15, 2009.


Runt and Arnold Slay Monster Hognose by P. G. Shriver
The sequel to No More Stinkbugs. An animal fantasy about an unlikely friendship and adventures....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Gean Penny Books 

Master Stinky Dances by P. G. Shriver
Master Stinky is hungry, but he smells bad. He's a stranger, too! Should the kittens share with a stranger? They don't think so. The kittens soon learn that Master Stinky has a special talent, though, which earns him friendship and fills his tummy....

Projector Books Publishing 

The Gifted Ones: The Fairytale by P. G. Shriver
Cheater seeks the only place connecting her and her late family--Paradise. Her mother's compassion, her unknown power and the fairytale her only inheritance, but death claims lives wherever she goes. She must remain alone, until she encounters Jazz--will he die, too?...

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Amazon 

The Gifted One: The Dream by P. G. Shriver
Six teens, brought to their current place and time by their nemesis, connect through a flaming dream. Part of the Young Scholars' Contest sponsored by the author....

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com   

Bobby Jay: Stick and Stack are Alive! by P. G. Shriver
The third book in the school humor series featuring the troublemaker Bobby Jay....

Price: $3.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com   

Dead Perfect by P. G. Shriver
Even in love, all is not as it seems....

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Amazon 

Moon Thief by P. G. Shriver
It's bad enough that Moon Child is so different from other children that he's never been able to play with them, but then his father suddenly disappears into Nothingness on the night of his eleventh birthday, leaving him alone with his mother in a village that doesn't allow single parents. Now, just before his twelfth birthday, his mother must follow the laws of the village, marrying the o...

Amazon.com  Projector Books Publishing 

No More Stinkbugs! by P. G. Shriver
Arnold is a tiny spider with a large stinky problem. After being shunned by his family, he leaves in search of a new home and meets some interesting characters along the way, one of which becomes his friend and helps him solve his smelly problem in a very messy way....

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  James A. Rock Publishing 

Short Stories

The Last Gift
 by P. G. Shriver
The best gifts are made with love, wrapped with hope, and filled with tears....

Vale of Fergiveness
 by P. G. Shriver
An excerpt from the new fantasy book I'm writing....

Fancy's Tale
 by P. G. Shriver
I swore I would never do it again. I swore before all the powers of Earth, but swearing didn't matter. Swearing was useless. My heart had its own designs....

The Tiger Ate My Goats
 by P. G. Shriver
A short story that leads to a big project....

Later, Sucker!
 by P. G. Shriver
A short story about gambling, thievery and marriage....

 by P. G. Shriver
Memories of him fill her days. Will she ever again encounter the gentle touch, the fire within, the spontanaeity that was once theirs?...

The Funeral in My Backyard
 by P. G. Shriver
A row of graves lines the fence in my backyard. I put them there. Who's in them?...


Christmas Waits
 by P. G. Shriver
Christmas waits for the return of joy to a woman who's lost many....

 by P. G. Shriver
This is a poem of love, inspiring hope and a return to carefree days of romance....

My Tears
 by P. G. Shriver
For those I've lost and those I will soon lose....

A Hair
 by P. G. Shriver
Life gives us mysteries daily....

Free Me
 by P. G. Shriver
For Candice...

How Do You Say I Love You?
 by P. G. Shriver
For my grandmother....

Mariah Said
 by P. G. Shriver
Lost to the world at an early age, though found to heaven, this poem is for Mariah....

The Lonely Chair
 by P. G. Shriver
Grandpa's chair is old and worn, but Grandma keeps it to hand down to her grandson. I'm publishing this one as a picture book....


 by P. G. Shriver
Two days of travel, two hours of nerves, two interesting souls, one great place....

Taking Your Books to the World
 by P. G. Shriver
An article on book festivals, school visits and no-box events....

Terror in My Own Backyard
 by P. G. Shriver
A horrible event enlightened me just before Christmas 2014....

My Altruistic Event
 by P. G. Shriver
Each year I try to do something for education in my area. This year is a big plan....

Free Stuff: Does it Really Work?
 by P. G. Shriver
Should you give away free items on your site to increase business? Does it work?...


Contest Time!
 by P. G. Shriver
New contest for the third book in my series....

Character T-Shirt
 by P. G. Shriver
Out of the box marketing idea....

Special Project for Special People!
 by P. G. Shriver
This is my Spring picture book project commemorating a terrific group of people....

The Gifted Ones Book Three Chapter 1 Rough Draft
 by P. G. Shriver
The first chapter of book three in my series The Gifted Ones, still in rough draft stage, is complete. If you enjoy YA fantasy, take a look and tell me what you think....

Moon Thief in Paperback!
 by P. G. Shriver
Release of Moon Thief in paperback!...

Moon Thief Released!
 by P. G. Shriver
My newest book, Moon Thief, is out....

Release of My New Book!
 by P. G. Shriver
My new book will be released in a few days. ...

Release Date: No More Stinkbugs!
 by P. G. Shriver
No More Stinkbugs! will be released August 15th, however, it is available now for online purchase through barnesandnoble.com. Please visit this site for your copy today!...

No More Stinkbugs! Doing Well!
 by P. G. Shriver
Gean Penny does interview on the Morning Buzz, KWTX local station....

Agent/ Editor Rejection Letters
 by P. G. Shriver
Understanding it all?...

New Youtube Video Promo
 by P. G. Shriver
I've posted a video!...


Take 190 West 3/7/2015
This is an art and craft event featuring local authors and artists....

Brehnam Author/ Poet Luncheon 2/27/2015
This event is hosted by the sixth grade G/T class in Brehnam....


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Additional information

My goal for this 2015 is to give away some money to students seeking college funding! I would love to pay their way.

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