William S. Cottringer

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Get twice more by doing half as less...Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too..Go from Surviving to Thriving and find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by exploding your full potential...run faster and bring the finish line closer both at the same time!

Graduate degrees in Psychology; 40+ years of management experience (applying positive psychology and spiritual maturity for success) in a variety of careers including law enforcement, corrections, college teaching, sport psychology, private security, business consulting, and building maintenance. Attending and giving hundreds of personal/professional development workshops, having a relentness will to grow, and reading over 4,000 books in my lifetime has greatly influenced my thinking. Passing the 60 year mark, I realize I am more of a student than a teacher...I've learned that all I think I know may not necessarily be so! My passion is to openly seek truth, experience problems, and discern wisdom from the outer fringes of reality, bring it back and experience it firsthand to achieve success, and pass on what I learn to others as an unselfish service. Resume

Birth Place: Camden, NJ U.S.A.


Reality Repair by William S. Cottringer
This is a book to help readers plow through the enormous overload of the 95% nonsense to find the 5% common sense that is hidden away, which is needed to sustain long-term success in solving today's problems....


Reality Repair Rx: Knowing What's Up and What's Not by William S. Cottringer
This is a book of free verse poetry that addresses the seven main tests in life and offers some sensible solutions to passing those tests with minimal discomfort....


Do What Matters Most by William S. Cottringer
This book summarizes life's ten toughest tests with ten passwords each to pass these tests. The current overload, speed of change and chaos are all summarized well enough to get to the Land of Simple on the other side quicker than usual....

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P Point Management by William S. Cottringer
This book helps managers focus on doing the little things that get the biggest results with the least side effects....


The Bow-Wow Secrets by William S. Cottringer
Dogs follow seven laws that lead to happiness, peace of mind and success. These simple laws are quite adaptable to human life too....

Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com   

You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too. by William S. Cottringer
This book reveals the main mental mousetraps in life with some practical solutions. It is based on the original conspiracy between chaos and order....

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Short Stories

We are all Prisoners In The Vicious Circle Tit For Tat Bullying Tag Game
 by William S. Cottringer
Here is a very destructive game kids are showing adults how to stop....

Doing What Matters Most:: Simplifying Your Overload
 by William S. Cottringer
Here is the Introduction to my new book--Doing What Matters Most. This is my attempt to simplify the self-development process....

Success by Default
 by William S. Cottringer
Success by default is a valuable lesson we learn when we stop and view things through the rear view mirror on our drive through life...

Finding a Title to Your Book
 by William S. Cottringer
We are each writing our own story in the Book of Life. Finding the right title is an important part of our story....

Hannah's Christmas Wish
 by William S. Cottringer
Hannah was growing up quickly and this year she had to seek Santa's help to figure out what she wanted for Christmas....

The Dream
 by William S. Cottringer
This story weaves an unusual dream through several people's lives and you begin to wonder when the characters are living and when they are dreaming and just how connected people are with dreams....

My Brick Wall
 by William S. Cottringer
My Brick Wall By William S. Cottringer, Ph.D. Being unemployed use to be the worst nightmare I could imagine. In fact, twenty-five years ago I wrote it down at a self-develo...

The Two Things God Wants From You
 by William S. Cottringer
INTRODUCTION Understanding and Accepting God’s Way of Life "Good propaganda must precede real events" (Erich Ludendorff). It was 6:05 p.m. Friday night September 12, 2...


Going Up of Down?
 by William S. Cottringer
Sometimes you are too close to see where you are going....

A Photographer's Eye
 by William S. Cottringer
Life is a never ending canvas for artists...

The Familiar Stranger
 by William S. Cottringer
We all know who this is......

Default Man
 by William S. Cottringer
Default living is a choice to unmake....

The One Thing to Check
 by William S. Cottringer

Suicide Survivor
 by William S. Cottringer
Suicide can never really be understood, just forgiven and lived with love...

Choice of Rebirth
 by William S. Cottringer
The cycle of rebirth...

 by William S. Cottringer
Dealing with the loss of a loved one...

My Best Teacher
 by William S. Cottringer
Here is my journey to finding out who my best teacher in life is......

What Is Time?
 by William S. Cottringer
Understand the true nature of time and you have unraveled the mystery of life...

Where Did Common sense Go?
 by William S. Cottringer
Something is wrong, something is lost, something is missing......

Awful Addictions
 by William S. Cottringer
This poem is all about breaking the near-impossible cycle of addiction....

Want To Change the World?
 by William S. Cottringer
Sure Prescription for changing the world....

ADHD Mind Oh Boy
 by William S. Cottringer
Here is a quick slice of one minute of an ADHD mind via a short poem...

Reality Repair Rx
 by William S. Cottringer
The way of reality repair...

The grand Illusion
 by William S. Cottringer
We all want our cake and eat it too, but......

The grand Illusion
 by William S. Cottringer
We all want our cake and eat it too, but......

What to Say?
 by William S. Cottringer
A little poem about words getting in between seeing things and enjoying them....

We Not Me
 by William S. Cottringer
Short poem about losing my to we....

 by William S. Cottringer
An injustice with the justice system to ponder....

Smiling In Bad Times
 by William S. Cottringer
It will get worse before it will get better; tim,e to learn how to endure adversity with a smile....

An Uncommon Pursuit of Happiness
 by William S. Cottringer
A Poem that captures the happiness pursuit we all have....

I Wanna Help
 by William S. Cottringer
Little poem about helping...

What is Self?
 by William S. Cottringer
A little poem about ourself....

Broken Brains
 by William S. Cottringer
Good advice: Delete the stuff of broken brains....


20 Writing Tips for Better Results
 by William S. Cottringer
Improving written communication is a high demand challenge today. This article offers 20 useful tips for meeting this challenge....

Elements of Critical Thinking
 by William S. Cottringer
Critical Thinking requires awareness of many very common mental biases that interfere with getting to the truth....

 by William S. Cottringer
Step up your game and go from surviving to thriving....

Five Pillars Of Happiness
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are five sound ways of being that are guarnteed to bring a greater amount of happiness in your life....

Little Laws 4 Big Success
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are ten little life laws that guarantee to increase your success and abundance when applied:...

The Cllenge For Returning Veterans
 by William S. Cottringer
Returning Veterans face some serious challenges in adjusting from what they have grown used to...

Be Your Best Self By Not trying To Be A Better You
 by William S. Cottringer
Understanding this paradoxical challenge is the door to abundance in life and getting the real prize at the same time....

 by William S. Cottringer
Here are ten sure, easy-to-apply tips to increase workplace success and satisfaction....

Staying Happy in Hopeless Situations
 by William S. Cottringer
Sooner or later we all get confronted with hopeless situations. Maintaining happiness is not easy during these times but it can be done with a little work....

The Tao of New Information Age Time Management
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are some ideas for catching up with the new Information Age way of dealing with time....

Two Questions Worth Answering
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are two important questions to ask and answer; the answers determine the quality of life you get to enjoy....

The Best Way To Love
 by William S. Cottringer
The main challenge in life is to build a strong character of courage, hope and the right perspective to enjoy the fortunes without letting the misfortunes get in the way....

Trapped Under the Middle Part of the Bell Curve?
 by William S. Cottringer
This article is about the power of having the right perspective, especially in the four main elements of success....

The Obvious But Most Misunderstood Quality Behind Success
 by William S. Cottringer
Empathy is the common denominator behind all success in life, work, play and relationships....

The World’s Worst War: The Bullies vs. The Bullied
 by William S. Cottringer
In today's world, some sort of bullying is the most common problem to overcome because of our inability to give up our addiction to a win-lose mentality...

Common Sense Time Management Learned The Hard Way
 by William S. Cottringer
Good time managment starts with the right attitude towards time and its management....

Make Your Point
 by William S. Cottringer
Today babble has become the norm. We all have an obligation to work on better communication that is simpler and clearer....

God’s Five Favorite Hiding Places
 by William S. Cottringer
God has five special hiding places from us. You are guaranteed to find God if you put forth enough effort to look in these hiding places....

The True Master Of The Clock & Calendar Has Neither!
 by William S. Cottringer
Good time management is necessary for success; good time managment starts with rethinking your idea of time....

How To keep A Job In Tough Times
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are seven solid common sense tips on how to keep a job in tough economic times....

Do We Have a Common Purpose Here?
 by William S. Cottringer
Does Life have a common purpose for all. Read and find out and then vote yes or no......

Why Some Religions Are Dying While Others Are Thriving
 by William S. Cottringer
Religions that are growing and thriving follow certain success principles; ones that are dying don't....

Building Common Sense
 by William S. Cottringer
Here are seven simple common sense ways to build more common sense and assure long-term success....

Live, Love & Laugh
 by William S. Cottringer
By doing three things well--living, loving and laughing--you will greatly improve the quality of your life for yourself and others, and edn up having more success and happiness....

Common Sense Life Mission-Based Alignment
 by William S. Cottringer
This article explores the need for more common sense and how to find it and apply it to solve problems and be successful...


The Prosperity Zone
How to get more by doing less- loaded with excellent, thought-provoking managment and personal development articles.

Wisdom Tree Publishing
New Books.

Likability Research
Learn to improve your likability and increase your success.

Anil Bhatnagar's Site
This site is loaded with valuable and fantasitic personal, professional and spiritual self-help wisdom. A must visit!

Additional information

Recently published books: The Bow-Wow Secret: How Dogs Live Simple Lives and People Don't (Wisdom Tree Publishing--http://www.wisdometreeindia.com/) and You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too (Executive Excellence Publishing--www.eep.com; www.amazon.com) Five other books and 75 articles. Interested in motivation, success, power communication, likability (SQ & EQ), successful thinking (creativity, logic, common sense), spirituality, executive intelligence, leadership, energy and rapport building.

Contact Information

Puget Sound Security
13417 NE 20th Street Suite 200, 2nd Floor
Bellevue   WA   98005   U.S.A.

Fax: (425) 455-0098
 William S. Cottringer
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