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In essence I communicate down to earth stories that shed light on everyday life.

My name is Ernie Heavin. I’m passionate about serving people and writing. I have 30 years of serving as a pastor/chaplain and 20 years as a library assistant at Georgetown College. My writing experience includes publishing four books (three from a traditional publisher) and various articles for Kentucky Christian Magazine, the Georgetonian and Lexington Herald Leader among numerous human interest stories on my website. In essence I communicate down to earth stories that shed light on everyday life.

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Birth Place: Enid, OK USA

Accomplishments: I've been married to the same woman for 30 years. I have two wonderful Christian daughters. That's quite an achievement!


Are You In The Transformation Mode? Jesus Then and Now by Ernie R Heavin
Too often, we view Christ's great works THEN as exalted and his power today, NOW, as questionable. ...

Kindle (eBook)  Barnes &   

World 1 & World 2, a study of 1st Peter by Ernie R Heavin
Imperishable inheritance.....broken dreams....freedom.....suffering....we live in two worlds...  Barnes &    Writings From Heavin On Facebook

Grace With Skin On It/Grace With Power by Ernie R Heavin
A study on Romans for the 21st century...   

Short Stories

The Resurrection of Christ: history or hoax?
 by Ernie R Heavin
To this day, the body of Jesus of Nazareth has never been found. ...

A Strong Vision, maturing mentally, part 3
 by Ernie R Heavin
How do you know which ideas are a truthful reality and which ones are deceitfully fictitious? ...

Bethany’s Challenge: what a 12 year old can teach us about conflict/life
 by Ernie R Heavin
“Bethany’s Challenge,” there is nothing random about it because it is something you have to do on purpose. And so I came to grips that day, that if a dying twelve year old could treat people, even mea...

A Strong Vision: maturing in hope, part 1
 by Ernie R Heavin
Where are all the smart people today? How much closer are we to peace than one year ago? How much closer are we to eliminating poverty, hunger, ignorance and crime? We are more educated than ever in t...

A Strong Vision: Maturing In Hope, part 2
 by Ernie R Heavin
“Before I draw near to that stone, answer me one question, O spirit. Are these the shadows of the things that may be or must be? Otherwise, why do you show me these things if I am past all hope?”...

 by Ernie R Heavin
rather than the focus be on “the job” it is going to be addressing “the fear.”...

They Smell, They're Dirty, And Should Be Held In High Esteem
 by Ernie R Heavin
What if I was in the very presence of greatness (by God’s standard) and had not noticed? ...


The Blame Game
 by Ernie R Heavin
I have no idea if Adam was black or white or red or green, but I do know one thing, when it came to playing the blame game he was a natural, an all-star, a pro. ...

 by Ernie R Heavin
Some might surmise that our best days are gone....

Yes, I Do!
 by Ernie R Heavin
A card I wrote to my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary...

I Promise
 by Ernie R Heavin
A dedication poem I wrote to my wife in 2006...

A Prayer From Ezekiel 36:25
 by Ernie R Heavin
remove our stony stubborn hearts...

A Prayer From 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 & 4
 by Ernie R Heavin
May our eyes not be fixed on what is seen, but the unseen. ...

A Prayer For Spiritual Wisdom And Insight
 by Ernie R Heavin
Philippians 1:9-11...


What Is It Do You Think That Offends God The Most, Today?
 by Ernie R Heavin
(and I'm not going to say what you think I'm going to say)...

God’s Power On God’s Terms and Lighthouse Ministries
 by Ernie R Heavin
In the bible God is saying, “You won’t always understand Me, but you can always trust Me. And if I surprise you with trouble, I will surprise you with joy. You may struggle to believe that right now. ...

Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
 by Ernie R Heavin
The resurrected television game show once again is becoming a smashing hit with the Far Left Zealots and Far Right Dogmatist alike...

Our Problem In America Goes Beyond Being Skin Deep
 by Ernie R Heavin
And I don’t believe we appreciate just how difficult it is to rid ourselves of a prejudicial mindset, nor is it easy to always recognize it in ourselves, myself included, but think about this:...

The Senseless Evil Killings In Charleston
 by Ernie R Heavin
If you can’t get the average law abiding good citizen to obey a speeding law, how can we expect those who have a dark lawless mindset to obey a gun law of any kind?...

SAVING FACE: from gangster, guns to Glory
 by Ernie R Heavin
If you ever wonder if someone is beyond redemption, then you may want to read, Saving Face....

God’s Looking Out For Us, Even When Picking Through The Trash
 by Ernie R Heavin
One friend at our bible study stated I most likely hadn’t been hired because the position God was going to give me wasn’t available yet. She was right and that all changed two weeks ago....


Oasis Pastoral Care
I am a retired pastor of 29 years and for the past 19 years have been working at Georgetown College and for 16 years have served as a volunteer chaplain for the staff. I have had several books published but now just write short stories and articles. I think outside the box, but tend to look in it from time to time to see what can still be used.

Oasis Ministry at Georgetown College
Pastoral Care Ministry (for staff) is dedicated to help each staff member to have a Strong Vision—in his/her vocation and calling in life. The Oasis Ministry is dedicated to help each student to have a Strong Vision—in his/her vocation and calling in life
Contact Information

Georgetown College
400 East College Street 
Georgetown   KY   40324   USA

 Ernie R Heavin
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