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In essence I communicate down to earth stories that shed light on everyday life.

My name is Ernie Heavin. I’m passionate about serving people and writing. I have 28 years of serving as a pastor/chaplain and 18 years as a library assistant at Georgetown College. My writing experience includes publishing four books (three from a traditional publisher) and various articles in the Georgetonian and Lexington Herald Leader among numerous human interest stories on my website. In essence I communicate down to earth stories that shed light on everyday life.

Thank you for visiting my website,



Birth Place: Enid, OK USA

Accomplishments: I've been married to the same woman for 30 years. I have two wonderful Christian daughters. That's quite an achievement!


World 1 & World 2, a study of 1st Peter by Ernie R Heavin
Imperishable inheritance.....broken dreams....freedom.....suffering....we live in two worlds...  Barnes &  Crosslink Publishing  Writings From Heavin On Facebook

Grace With Skin On It/Grace With Power by Ernie R Heavin
A study on Romans for the 21st century...   

Are You In The Transformation Mode? Jesus Then and Now by Ernie R Heavin
Too often, we view Christ's great works THEN as exalted and his power today, NOW, as questionable. ...

Kindle (eBook)  Barnes &  Crosslink Publishing 

Short Stories

The Day God Saved Us From God
 by Ernie R Heavin
One of his friends replied, “That was your best day? Then what was your worst day?” He responded, “Same day.”...

Football, Politics and a little of Jesus, Part 2
 by Ernie R Heavin
Let me make it perfectly clear, I believe God is just as outraged at what happens to the 1% as He is the 93%. My concern is that we as a nation are not....

Football, Politics and a Little of Jesus
 by Ernie R Heavin
Who knows, maybe the Democrats have some valid points to make regarding this latest issue. Who knows, maybe the Republicans have some valid points regarding this latest issue. Who knows? ...

 by Ernie R Heavin
My grandparents received the telegraph from Western Union on February 11, 1942, waiting two months to learn of their son’s demise....

More Than Conquerors? An overview of Romans 8
 by Ernie R Heavin
Try to read Romans, and especially chapter 8, as if the Holy Spirit is personally writing a letter to you, not just some audience in Rome over 2000 years ago....

My Very First....
 by Ernie R Heavin
but, the one thing I am quite certain of is this; as long as I am alive and well the many firsts that have occurred in my life will not be my last. ...

Saying nothing and just listening
 by Ernie R Heavin
Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. (Stephen R. Covey)...

What makes the good old days the good old days?
 by Ernie R Heavin
So my hunch is, don’t long for the good old days, live the good old days--Today! ...

Eating of the best rules for engaging in conflict
 by Ernie R Heavin
Eating crow isn’t always too bad....

The Psalm of, If Only
 by Ernie R Heavin
If only it was like the days before the illness, before the death of a loved one, before the financial dismay, before the divorce……………….if only....

Truth And The Gospel Of John--the resurrection
 by Ernie R Heavin
The Resurrection: History or Hoax?...

THE BLAME GAME: It’s the oldest game around
 by Ernie R Heavin
I have no idea if Adam was black or white or red or green, but I do know one thing, when it came to playing the blame game he was a natural, an all-star, a pro. ...

 by Ernie R Heavin
to be employed by a company whose word is good as gold...

Bethany’s Challenge: what a 12 year old can teach us about conflict/life
 by Ernie R Heavin
This is not about random acts of kindness. There is nothing random about it. It has to be done one purpose!...

Politics As Unusual and the Heavin Family
 by Ernie R Heavin
Fried chicken had a profound effect on my family that could bring peace to any political dilemma. ...

They Smell, They're Dirty, And Should Be Held In High Esteem
 by Ernie R Heavin
What if I was in the very presence of greatness (by God’s standard) and had not noticed? ...


 by Ernie R Heavin
Some might surmise that our best days are gone....

JOINING AA--Adults Anonymous
 by Ernie R Heavin
“Hi, I’m Ernie and I’m an adult responsible for my own behavior and actions.”...

Yes, I Do!
 by Ernie R Heavin
A card I wrote to my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary...

I Promise
 by Ernie R Heavin
A dedication poem I wrote to my wife in 2006...

A Prayer From Ezekiel 36:25
 by Ernie R Heavin
remove our stony stubborn hearts...

A Prayer From 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 & 4
 by Ernie R Heavin
May our eyes not be fixed on what is seen, but the unseen. ...

A Prayer For Spiritual Wisdom And Insight
 by Ernie R Heavin
Philippians 1:9-11...


AN AMERICAN SNIPER ( I give it 5 stars and that's just for starters)
 by Ernie R Heavin
and learn how to pray for our enemies while our enemies prey on us, if for no other reason than, because Jesus said it should be so....

R.I.P. .........Rest In Peace????
 by Ernie R Heavin
I haven't seen him or his wife for over 25, maybe 30 years and he was quite strong and healthy back then. What I find incredible and amazing is that the next time I see him, he will be stronger, healt...

2014 and 2015
 by Ernie R Heavin
How I ended 2014 and how I will begin 2015...

6 Things That Will Never Change
 by Ernie R Heavin
and change is just around the corner in 2015....

A Couple Of Thoughts About Temptation and New Year's Resolutions
 by Ernie R Heavin
It is easier to resist temptation if you have thought through your convictions well before the temptation arrives. ...

A News Story You Won’t Hear From The Media Today
 by Ernie R Heavin
This is for you, Casey Newcomb...

Another Informative Yet Unnecessary Heavin Christmas Newsletter
 by Ernie R Heavin
it’s one thing to witness God merely speaking creation into existence, but this, to see with their own eyes the Creator of the universe become flesh, God with skin on it, if you will. ...

Grace With Skin On It
 by Ernie R Heavin
From an angel's perspective...

The Ferguson Challenge
 by Ernie R Heavin
Something we can all do for the companies looted and burned at Ferguson....

Has Our Government Become Just A Crapshoot?
 by Ernie R Heavin
How sad that too often they and we replace the secret wisdom of God with mere information....

Election November 2014
 by Ernie R Heavin
One way that God judges a nation is by depriving them of worthy leaders (Isaiah 3:7). ...

The More You Have To Win, The More You Lose!
 by Ernie R Heavin
This is an antidote to this sickness...

Karen's Dream about Jesus and Miracles
 by Ernie R Heavin
"Karen. I KNOW how to perform miracles!"...

McDonalds' Is Good For You!
 by Ernie R Heavin
The irony is the only thing I order at the restaurant is the coffee....

When Two Old Friends Meet For The Last Time
 by Ernie R Heavin
Both in the Autumn years of their lives....

Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken
 by Ernie R Heavin
Being yourself doesn’t mean you don’t improve on yourself, but it does mean you don’t try to be someone you are not....

The day I decided to go undercover……as a servant
 by Ernie R Heavin
In all of the job interviews I have ever had, the word, “poopy” never came up, not until now....

To Judge Or Not To Judge
 by Ernie R Heavin
It is a scriptural verse widely known to Christians and non-Christians alike....

Stuff I Just Don’t Get On Facebook
 by Ernie R Heavin
Folks who post comments to their spouse or significant other on Facebook when they’re both in the same room...

 by Ernie R Heavin
Two rules for breaking confidentiality: Rule # 1: If a life is in danger. Rule # 2: If a law is being broken. ...

The talk is………………gossip
 by Ernie R Heavin
The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust.(Josh Billings)...

HOW YOU LOOK: Inside and Out
 by Ernie R Heavin
The words that proceed out of your mouth will reveal more than any mirror....

 by Ernie R Heavin
I peeked in a few open boxes that contained old black and white photographs and marveled as I stared at this young beautiful woman in her 20’s thinking, “Is that her?” She’s now 84. Time goes by fast....

Be The Change You Wish To See In The World (Mahatma Gandhi)
 by Ernie R Heavin
The Blame Game ...

If You Tell The Truth, You Don’t Have To Remember Anything (Mark Twain)
 by Ernie R Heavin
I’m Not Upset That You Lied To Me, I’m Upset That From Now On I Can’t Trust You ...


Oasis Pastoral Care
I am a retired pastor of 28 years and for the past 18 years have been working at Georgetown College and for 16 years have served as a volunteer chaplain for the staff. I have had several books published but now just write short stories and articles. I think outside the box, but tend to look in it from time to time to see what can still be used.


Oasis Ministry at Georgetown College
Pastoral Care Ministry (for staff) is dedicated to help each staff member to have a Strong Vision—in his/her vocation and calling in life. The Oasis Ministry is dedicated to help each student to have a Strong Vision—in his/her vocation and calling in life
Contact Information

Georgetown College
400 East College Street 
Georgetown   KY   40324   USA

 Ernie R Heavin
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