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It is better to live to write than to write to live.


"The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say."

Words of wisdom by Anais Nin . I believe in storytelling. I am a storyteller. There can be no more satisfying career than to be able to entrance and captivate by the use of words. It is not necessary to painfully sculpt Great Literature. Simplicity is the key to storytelling. I believe that. I hope you enjoy my books. The other material on this site is here to entertain you, shock you, make you think, but most of all it is here to stimulate you. Thank you for coming to my page. As a full time professional author I too need to make a living. I do not 'protect' my work with anti-copying software, nor do I condemn those who have no money to pay for the joy of a good book. But I would ask you to consider this. If writers cannot live on the proceeds of their work, there will be no writers. If you read my books for free, please consider a small donation too. If every reader of every book donated just one dollar to that author, YOU will be the better off. Thank you for coming. Please enjoy.

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Birth Place: hull,  england

Accomplishments: no comment, but have a degree in lit.


Picking Up Peas With Chopsticks by Graham whittaker
The New Anthology of Short Stories now available on Smashwords, Amazon, Lulu, and other selling sites....

Price: $2.99 (eBook)
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The Girl From Kosovo by Graham whittaker
Caught in a world of drugs, prostitution and human trafficking, Nikita Tarasov plans her escape....

Price: $4.99 (eBook)
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The Butterfly Effect by Graham whittaker
The exciting new stand alone novel in the Kosovo series. Available in July 2013....


IT'S SHOWTIME: by Graham whittaker


Short Stories

Into White
 by Graham whittaker
A short short piece written about 11 years ago......

A Christmas Tale
 by Graham whittaker
An Australian version of an old favourite...unless you are conversant with Aussie idioms, you may not know that "strewth" is an exclamation of surprise...and VB is Australia's most popular beer, most...

Planting Seeds
 by Graham whittaker
A story about how we sometimes unknowingly plant a seed...and what happens when it finally flowers. ...

When It's Over... It's Over
 by Graham whittaker
Put yourself in .... the victims place?...

Thursday Night Roast
 by Graham whittaker
A story about having your roast and eating it too......

Katies Ride
 by Graham whittaker
Life is a ride we take. Sometimes you must take a risk. ...

Holy Spirit Tours
 by Graham whittaker
Someone asked "If He comes again what would happen?" Same old same old probably....

Better Late Than Never?
 by Graham whittaker
Some things are better left unsaid... I think...

Picking up Peas With Chopsticks
 by Graham whittaker
Nothing is black and white...and hope comes in all colours...

 by Graham whittaker
Not really Humour. Parody. I was really annoyed at some silly woman professor that I dumped marks... got a 62% and then appealed explaining that this bit was not part of my assignment.. it was a bit o...

Thursday night roasted again
 by Graham whittaker
it's getting a little warmer in the kitchen!...

Tarp Jumping Updated August 16th
 by Graham whittaker
This is a new story in the making. It started off as a short but seems to be making inroads into the field of "long fiction". Tarp Jumping is a metaphor I suppose. In 1989 Moles and Dra...

The Importance of Good Grades
 by Graham whittaker
Larry fingered the buttons on Leonie’s skin-tight jeans. In his eighteen year old mind, he cursed the stiff, unyielding material......

 by Graham whittaker
I think I published this in Woman's Day all Women's Weekly or woman's something or other... anyway it paid a couple of bills!...

not finished... trying to find pages!
 by Graham whittaker
this is a long ago written parody written for my son when he was 9. He is now 32 and I can't find the pages.. Please be patient....

 by Graham whittaker
I love the horror genre. And this is truly my idea of horror...

The Withchfinder
 by Graham whittaker
Set just a little in the future... and a lot in the past. This is based on a true story I read in a very very old book printed in the late 1600's. The lady was real... Perhaps the story is... or not!...

The Girl Most Likely
 by Graham whittaker
When a class act shows up at a class re-union......

The News Said...
 by Graham whittaker
THE NEWS SAID: By Dora Graham ...

The Strip
 by Graham whittaker
A short story...

Aphrodites Mirror
 by Graham whittaker
Previously called TRISH and published by as Aphrodites Mirror (which I like better) Be warned.. THIS IS EROTICA. Please do not read if offended!...

It takes all kinds of people
 by Graham whittaker
An encounter while travelling......

 by Graham whittaker
A very special pregnancy......

A New You
 by Graham whittaker
What happens when you take exercise too far.....

Mick's Revenge
 by Graham whittaker
A story about the enduring power of love...and revenge!...


Waiting in the Wings
 by Graham whittaker
This is not a poem. It's a song I had in me, but as I'm not a musician, it's a NAKED poem....

The Leader
 by Graham whittaker

A Cyber-curse on Bank Managers
 by Graham whittaker
Tongue in cheek...

 by Graham whittaker

 by Graham whittaker
Haiku written during a ten minute exercise entitled "write a poem about Love without using the word love"...

 by Graham whittaker

My Desire For You
 by Graham whittaker
The formatting is intentional...

The Ballad of Rolly Rat
 by Graham whittaker
Rolly Rat Earl Sebastian Whittaker would never clean his room. It had been a month of Sundays and looked just like a tomb. Bits of food and dirty socks, and grime around the walls. <...

Andy and Me
 by Graham whittaker
One from the Long-Haired Hippy Lout. The first couple of lines are mine because I found the work incomplete.Andy and the Lout were first cousins and inseperable....

 by Graham whittaker
This is just a bit of double-entendre. Written with tongue firmly planted in cheek...

 by Graham whittaker
Withernsea is a small town on the East Coast of Yorkshire. Now knowns as Humberside. This is just a memory of more than 40 years ago. And the style is a deliberate tribute to my hero Sir John Betjamen...

 by Graham whittaker
I was asonished to find this, written in 1973 when I was just 15. Was I so serious? And how have I become so flippant?...

Just Like Pop
 by Graham whittaker
another piece of fluff....

A Dieter's Lament
 by Graham whittaker
just a bit of fluff......

 by Graham whittaker
At 19 the end of the very first love affair. ...

My Body
 by Graham whittaker
I went to the gym. I jogged. I toned up. I did all of that. ...

 by Graham whittaker
Moments in time are fleeting. Should we take it while we can.. or should we always be true to that thing that we are told we must believe?...

My Father
 by Graham whittaker
My best friend, my poets father....

One For Dora
 by Graham whittaker
He would wait by the post office to collect my letters everyday. He was my poet.. my muse. My best friend....

 by Graham whittaker
I told him I loved him. He said he loved me too. But he told me the truth in this poem....

The Spaces In Between
 by Graham whittaker
My friend suffers from Manic Depression. (Never say Bi Polar disorder!!) I tried to ask him where he "goes". This is his answer almost word for word....

And The Dream Is Broken
 by Graham whittaker
My friend lived alone and built a huge stone house with his bare hands.. gathering rocks each day, and making gardens. An action of despair and creation... until he knew he had to leave. That she woul...

Divorcing The Judge
 by Graham whittaker
A friend of mine was married to a Judge. He divorced her and used the law to strip her of everything. This is just a tale about xmas...

Lost In The Bush
 by Graham whittaker
The loss of a partner either through death, separation, divorce, war... is awful. But think of the awfulness of having ones entire innocent family bombed to death. This poem is an indulgence!...

Seeing... or Believing?
 by Graham whittaker
I really don't know what this is about!...


What is a futurist
 by Graham whittaker
I recently wrote this small article for a company newsletter. The response from their clients has been quite amazing. Really I did very little, just chatted to this amazing man about his vision for th...

 by Graham whittaker
A story about the lowest paid star of all time......

 by Graham whittaker
Internet dating might be the new way to score...but you can't beat good old fashioned flirting...

 by Graham whittaker
I just wanted to tell you ALL...

Passion - a reflection
 by Graham whittaker
My own observations about an emotion that can build or destroy with equal intensity....

 by Graham whittaker
If you are on ebay let me suggest why you should leave. If you are not on ebay let me suggest why you should not be....

Is This What I Have Feared All My Life?
 by Graham whittaker
Fear Is the Glue? It really is? I had long feared for the Long Haired Hippy Lout. Yesterday in Miami a man lost his life, shot by an Air Marshal because he was Bi-Polar. Not unlike England My...

England My England!
 by Graham whittaker
As I write this I am blinded by tears. Let them take me as they will now. ...

Confessions of a Writeaholic
 by Graham whittaker
As a writeaholic...I remember clearly the time I took my first ink....

I Hate Writers
 by Graham whittaker
Just parody! It's only for fun! ...

What's In a Handbag...?
 by Graham whittaker
All of life's essentials of course......

Alien Visitation
 by Graham whittaker
There's always room in your life for one more......


New Professional Review for The Girl from Kosovo
 by Graham whittaker


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Just listed, my new novel THE GIRL FROM KOSOVO is now available at in ebook format (pdf) and in Hardback, and softcover. Before looking on Amazon, you will get a better deal on the latest edition here. Thanks to Angela Hoy.
This is a new web page and not much to it yet, but in time will have some validity when I can get the time to spend on it.

The Butterfly Effect
Currently writing the second book in the Kosovo series, entitled The Butterfly Effect. This will be the second and last in this small series.

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 Graham whittaker
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