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"Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition" now selling for $4.00 at gipubs.com!



"Tuffy's Heroes - Revised Edition" -  I'd like to post an email I received on October 30th from an individual I have never met before...his name is Bruce Alford:

 MSgt Tofuri,

Sir, I just read your book, "Tuffy's Hereos-Revised Edition", and I have to say it was the best book I have ever read in my life!!  I am 21 years in the USAF, 4 active duty, 17 in the Air Force Reserve with another year of active duty for Post 9-11. My AFSC has always been Fire Protection. When I left Lackland Air Force base in the early morning hours of 16 November 1990, I was kind of a bitter person towards BMT. My experience there was not so great and I was very thankful to have made it out of there without having been recycled. I went on to be a very successful Airman and separated Active Duty in 1994 and transferred to the USAFR. Fast forward to 1999. I had just been hired in the Civilian world as a Firefighter/EMT with Henrico County Division of Fire in Richmond, Va. One of the Firefighters I was assigned to work with is a guy named Paul Pavey, brother to CMSgt Jay Pavey, former MTI and Blue Rope. Later that year Chief Pavey stopped in the station to see his brother. When introduced I immediately informed CMSgt Pavey that I still could not fold a t-shirt in a 6 inch square but somehow was managing to have a successful Air Force career and just starting a civilian job as a Firefighter. He just kind of shrugged at that. Now after reading your book, almost 21 years since I graduated BMT, I finally get what you guys were trying to do. Let me tell you, the more I read your book, the more I appreciated that very difficult and traumatic time in my life.

Its kind of ironic in a way because I do still practice the lesson of attention to detail daily in my job. Now as a  Engine Company Lieutenant, I preach this every day to my Firefighters. As well, when I put on my Air Force uniform and report for duty at Langley AFB, I do the exact same thing. I have always worn the uniform with pride and go through a lot to ensure that my uniform always looks 100% top notch. But this book really has made me appreciate my time at BMT and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing it. I just always thought TI's were a bunch of sadistic hard assess that just wanted me to fail. Now I see the light when it comes to MTI's. Within the pages of your book, I was able to relive my days as a trainee at BMT. For years I suppressed a lot of that. Now I am at peace with BMT and to be quite honest, I am fired up about. I even have pulled out my old Flight photos and will display them finally after all these years. 3707 BMTS Flight 005.  If possible, I would like to send my copy of Tuffy's Heroes-Revises Edition to you so you can autograph it for me. 

MSgt Tofuri, again, I thank you for your book. Totally an awesome read that has given me a new outlook.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

 S. Bruce Alford, TSgt, USAFR
Readers, this is one of the finest and definitely most motivating emails and reviews of my new book that I've ever received!
All right, folks, I received a phone call from "Gunny" R Lee Ermey in early August of 2011.  He advised me that he posted an article about how he and I first met and about "Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition" in TACTICAL WEAPONS MAGAZINE.  Below is the link to click on to see his photo and read the article.


NOTE ONE: My original book, "Tuffy's Heroes", is no longer in print, or available, anywhere.  Click on the following link to purchase my revised book, TUFFY'S HEROES-Revised Edition


 NOTE TWO: "Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition" is exactly-the-same-book as the original "Tuffy's Heroes",  with five-huge-exceptions. 1. Fifty additional pages of fantastic military humor.  2.  A new book cover design3.  A completely new opening sequence4.  A price of $4.00 vs. $27.95 for the original version, NOT including the $2.95 shipping cost!  5.  My new version has the endorsement of none other than the great "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey!   Click on the link provided below to purchase Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition  and read three pages from within the book.

 I could not tolerate a purchase price of $27.95 plus $2.95 shipping costs for a paperback novel at all these on-line bookstores, including at my previous publisher.   So I purchased my contract back, and went with a new publisher, Mentor Enterprises, owned by a retired Army Command Master Chief, who understood my pricing dilema.  My new book is ONLY available through my publisher's book store at the link I've provided for you, at Amazon.com, and at Army and Air Force post and base Military Clothing Stores around the world.


I spent almost 21 years in the Air Force, retiring in October of 1983. Fourteen of those 21years were spent as a Drill Instructor (T.I.) at Lackland AFB, in San Antonio, TX.  The experiences I derived during those 14 years of training basic recruits in the 60s, 70s & 80s, set the stage for what was to come in my life.

I met many individuals at Lackland that had a profound influence on me.  People such as Chief Master Sergeant Edward B. Kourt (deceased), and retired Chief Master Sergeant Dave Wilhelm, my mentor, are just two of the "special" individuals who guided me, and taught me the true meaning of dedication, integrity, honor, and loyalty.

These influences have remained with me, and for the past 17 years, have been a stead-fast platform for my work as a Massachusetts licensed Private Detective.  All that I learned from these great men, and the years I spent training young men and women, aided greatly in my professional work as a PI.

My first book, THE NINTH COMMANDMENT, is the true story of four very difficult cases I worked in and around the Boston area during the mid-90's.  The results of the homicide case within the book caused me to leave the Commonwealth of Massachusetts forever, and move back to San Antonio, TX.  The death of the young child in that case filled me with a multitude of varied emotions, to include a sense of rage that lingered for a long time.

Although a small book of only 168 pages, each page is packed with hard-boiled emotion, and depicts the true nature of the actual work of a Private Detective.  The book is labeled as "fiction" because names, dates, locations, etc, were changed.

TUFFY'S HEROES, my 2nd book,  took me almost 30 years to complete it, and the results were truly fantastic!  I’ve been receiving e-mails from G.I.s deployed all over the world, including Iraq, who praise the book and just love the read! 

This book is like no other written about military basic training. The training scenes are hard-core and relentless.  However, the humor involved in the "up close and personal" associations between basic trainees and their T.I.s is like nothing you've EVER read before!  It is military humor at its best!

The book does not have any "dead time" or time consuming lengthy paragraphs.  There is something happening on each and every page of TUFFY'S HEROES!   And most important, you don't have to be in the military or have been in the military to enjoy the book.

There is a specific character within the storyline named Airman Basic Mike Plopper.  He is a very small, timid 18 year-old basic trainee with the lowest self-esteem one could possibly imagine.  His T.I. notices this situation almost immediately upon Plopper's arrival at Lackland AFB.  The six week "rocky" road the T.I. makes Airman Basic Plopper traverse to eliminate his low self esteem, develop his character, and build a strong foundation based upon self-discipline, is breathtaking! !  You'll feel shock, sadness, anger, humility and then...Well, you'll just have to read all about Airman basic Mike Plopper's road to success!

 Airman Plopper has become quite the “charmer” when it comes to the women who have read TUFFY’S HEROES. Many of the e-mails I receive from women talk about how much they adored the small trainee!

Major Chin Ho Wok appears to be the most popular character in TUFFY’S HEROES-Revided Edition according to all the e-mails. This 5’ 3” tall Chinese American basic training Squadron Commander has actually taken the reading public by storm!  His “ill” temper and manner of speech has readers in stitches!  I shall not disclose anymore about this outstanding character except to quote the good major’s favorite words and the words being echoed by all who have read this book…”puckin’ hat!!!”

So readers, order your copy of  TUFFY’S HEROES-Revised Edition now, and dwelve into the world of Air Force basic training in the 1960s, filled with the greatest group of fantastic characters you’ll ever read about!!

This book is a perfect gift for Memorial Day, my friends!  Click on the link provided below to purchase Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition.  When you click on the link you will also be able to read three pages from within the book.


Birth Place: Woburn, MA USA

Accomplishments: 22 years service and retired Master Sgt (Vietnam vet),with numerous awards & decorations; 14 years as an Air Force Basic Training MASTER Training Instructor(TI)with numerous awards such as: Instructor of the month, instructor of the quarter, drill instructor of the month; Was the only Buck Sgt ever to be selected to teach in the TI school(Instructor Training Branch), Air Training Command(ATC) MASTER Instructor, Basic Military Training MASTER Military Training Instructor(blue rope), (see www.usafmtia.org). Go to my POETRY section and check out a picture of the ole sarge back in '81...what a rush!!!


Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition!! by Joe Tuffy tofuri@swbell.net
Gunny Ermey says..."Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition is Out--Standing!!" Now selling for only $4.00 at gipubs.com! Follow the side-splitting mis-adventures of a new flight of Air Force basic recruits, their hard-nosed T.I. and their hilarious 5 foot, three inches tall Squadron Commander, Major Chin Ho Wok! This is military humor at its very best! Available now at the low price of $14....

Mentor Enterprises 

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My dream comes true on 12-30-04 when my home phone rang and it was the "Gunny"!!!...


Air Force Military Training Instructor Association
This site talks about the begining of the Air Force basic training system and some of the T.I.s from back then and now. To check-out a much younger, military Joe Tofuri, go the the MY POETRY section of my den...studly, absolutely studly!!!

Marine Captain Jason Grose
This is my friend, Captain Jason Grose's Marine corps site, and my friends, it is outstanding!!!

Mentor Enterprises
Publisher of "Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition".

Additional information

My original book "Tuffy's Heroes" is no longer available or in print. I have rewritten and distributed it through a new publisher (GiPubs.com) with 50 additional pages, and it is now entitled "Tuffy's Heroes-Revised Edition".

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