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The vibrating strings of the heart resonant the rhythmical cords of emotion that the writer must interpret into the written word. The writer must be sensitive to the orchestrated picture that is being played out and be faithful in the interpretation.


I am what you call a late bloomer, an old farmer turned author. If I had to describe myself, it would be, "A Christian Farmer Storyteller", if I could leave a legacy that would be good enough for me. I was sixty-three when I started to write my first novel, "Archomai, The Prince, The Scepter, And The Shield." I have always wanted to write, and now I am seeing that dream come true. My third book was released this past fall, November 25th; it is a Christmas story, "The First Snowflake." My first book published was a collection of poetry, the title, "The Old Corner Post." It is a thirty-year collection of poems and ballads. I am thankful to my publisher, Tate Publishing, who has been a tremendous help to a fledgling writer.

I have spent most of my life on the farm, and I do love working the land. There is a spirit of freedom on the farm that surpasses anything I have ever experienced. I have had many jobs, from truck driving to managing a plastic plant and most everything in between, but I always seem to drift back to the farm. I am truly blessed by God.

With my wife, our four children and five grandchildren, we live the country life. Our family is within twenty miles of each other, so we get together often. Family has always been important to me and gathering together especially on holidays is a high point of my life.

I kept my writing to myself over the years, only sharing with my family. But the desire to write was never completely dormant. My desire would rise and fall as providing for my family would allow. Seeing a story in nature or people would spark my imagination and send my mind off on an adventure. So many times I would run great lines through my head only to forget them and not be able to bring them to mind for writing. I decided to keep a notebook close and take the time to write my thoughts down. This has given me much comfort and material for the books we have put together.
Each day on the farm never ceases to amaze me with all the wonder.
There have been a couple of people over the years that have inspired me to write. One, in particular, that has had the most impact on me was a Language Arts teacher. I had decided to take a night course in Language Arts when I was in my late thirties. The teacher was an advocate of creative writing. The first assignment was to write a short children’s story and have a moral of the story that applied to your work. We handed in our assignments and the following week we received our stories with her grade on them. I remember her leaning on her desk and addressing the class. She said, “In creative writing I never give an A plus except on very rare occasions. One of you has received that mark on your paper. The person who wrote the story used good imagery and description and probably does not know what those words mean. Schooling is not everything; talent is the first ingredient in becoming a great writer." It was me, and she slipped the paper to me when no one was looking, which suited me very well. What I never told her was that I had forgotten to do my assignment. I sat outside the classroom before class and wrote the story in ten minutes then handed it in. She encouraged me to write as often as I could. That encouragement is what caused me to compile a large amount of poems and ballads. I will always be grateful to her and the interest she showed. The poetry book that was published has many of the poems she graded in it. I hope wherever she is, that one day she comes across the book and recognizes some of the poems and realizes she had a part in its birthing.


Birth Place: Wheeling, WV USA


Archomai by T. A. Cline
Archomai (ar'-khom-ahee) is in a battle for its very existence. The keeper of the Light must face the Lord of the Dark World....

Price: $29.99 (eBook)
Tate Publishing  Amazon

The First Snowflake by T. A. Cline
A short story about Christmas and family during war time. And the absolute faith of a child....

Price: $7.99 (eBook)

The Old Corner Post by T. A. Cline
A eighty-seven page book of poetry and ballads. Second Edition...

Price: $9.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook)  Amazon.com  Barnes & Noble.com  Tate Publishing  Amazon


I, Alone
 by T. A. Cline
Facing ones self....

The Christmas Tree
 by T. A. Cline
The CHRISTmas Tree...

Hope’s Heart the Journey to Free
 by T. A. Cline
When dreams become reality....

Moon Lit Mountain
 by T. A. Cline
A night scene....

The Old Rusty Gate
 by T. A. Cline
Friends of the Heart...

Evening Star the Call
 by T. A. Cline
A new poem being added to my book. ...

Every Step of the Way
 by T. A. Cline
He will never leave you or forsake you....

Adam Blinked
 by T. A. Cline
A new poem from my updated book, "The Old Corner Post"....

Irish Choir and Bow
 by T. A. Cline
A new poem for my soon updated book....

When I Was Young
 by T. A. Cline
A young heart escapes to the perfect dream. ...

When No One Knows
 by T. A. Cline
A veteran's memories of war....

The Winter Tree
 by T. A. Cline
Life passes for all things....


The web site for the novel Archomai.

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I have been picked up by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. A local paper wrote a story on me, I have included the link. Just copy and paste in your browser. http://www.morningstarpublishing.com/articles/2013/09/02/grand_traverse_insider/news/benzie_area/doc52242a656f726520791490.txt?viewmode=fullstory

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