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I would like to take this time to thank all the poets and book lovers for your support and your compassion.  I will continue to write and produce some type of publication.  We all want to achieve the same goal and that is to be published and remembered for a masterpiece or a book or CD Recording.  I want the same for myself. May the work I've done speak for me, and the life I live speak for me.

Razors Edge Entertainment Resources


Professional Resource Service-Music and Video Industry

  Since the early eighties, a group of musicians and writers would gather together and create music and write songs.  That group is us.  Then, we were just friends with a dream of doing something wonderful and great. 

Today, we are Razors Edge Ent.,  a group of professional individuals with a mission in mind.  The mission to create a hit CD or great film, a great videoor write a hit score for a movie.  Some of us are even doing our own publishing. 

Razors Edge Ent., has been fortunate to land a networking relationship with various companies in the music industry.   Check out our Songs on NumberOneMusic.com


Here are some of our projects:


  • Designed & Created Logo on Caps and Tee's

    Shoestring Productions, Hollywood, CA

  • Produced by:  H B Barnum & Orchestra
  • Sycuan Casino Indian Reservation - Danny Tucker & LOVE PO-Shun
  • Credit of CD cover 2004


  • Bio Video Footage

             Client Referral

  • Shoestring Productions, Hollywood, CA
  • Produced by: H B Barnum & Orchestra
  • Live Studio Recording - Private Island Studios
  • Marla Gibbs-Actress, TV, Movies, Singer & Songwriter, Activist
  • Rough video footage recorded in a live studio - transfer to DVD 
  • Design DVD/CD Label, 2006
  • Create a short video
  • Shoestring Productions, Hollywood, CA
  • Tony Alamo Jazz Band, Pastor, Singer, Musician, Songwriter
  • Credit on CD cover
  • Professional Services Performed:
  • Rough video footage recorded in a live studio - transfer 
  • Design DVD/CD Label, Spine card, Inserts , 2007
  • Create a short video

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However, we promote other products and give our opinion of the service provided by our sponsors. The Information is essential to us in our everyday lives. 

Razors Edge Ent wants you to be well informed. Visit our Blog Page at http://poetrybyme112.blogspot.com, where you can see the progress in our new business adventure. 


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We are not responsible for the sponsors product.  From time to time our company will participate surveys.  This helps all of the consumers who buy everday products.






Gospel Choir Director Mr. H B Barnum





Music Charts & Orchestrations

Shoestring Productions



Gospel Concerts

LIFE Choir NonProfit  Looking for Talent for your event



 Send your comments to razorsedge_90093@yahoo.com  let us know how you feel about us.  We appreciate your comments and will not post if you not comfortable. 



 This is a place where you have many options with many different ideas that might help you make the right decision when self publishing. 

Do your thorough investigation and happy hunting for your new career venture. 

You will become the next Book Publisher.

 Linda Smith, Author & Songwriter



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NOTE:  Point of Interest                                     

Hope this will be helpful to all the readers and storytellers, who wants to publish their work.  Be strong and remember all stories and poetry has  to have an Introduction, Plot, Message: Ending. 

 What is your story?  Need Help with your Book, proofing, publishing ideas.   Tell us or contact:  razorsedge_90093@yahoo.com


Birth Place: Baltimore, MD USA

Accomplishments: Alfred%20B%20Threats

PROMOTION AL B THREATS - New CD Debut "Posterity" On Sale Now: ITUNES.com


International Library of Poetry, Editor's Choice

Poem: I Have A Reason To Smile, 2001
Poetry In Sound, Recorded to Spoken Word

I. L. P. Editor's Choice Award
Poem: Agree To Disagree 2002

I. L. P. Editor's Choice Award
Poem: Her Majesty America 2002

I. L. P. Editor's Choice Award
Poem: The Heckler 2005

I. L. P. Editor's Choice Award
Poem : Cause I'm Action

I. L. P. Editor's Choice Award
Poem: You Give Me Love 2001

Noble House Publishing, Editor's Choice Award
Poem: Betrayed By You

We know that, when writing books you need a way for people to know about you and your book,
Promotion & Marketing. Sometimes we bring you useful information to get you on your way.


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I Have A Reason To Smile by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
This book is about Poetry. Many different kinds of fables, short stories about life experiences, laughter, drama, children, humor, love, inspiration and some urban styles of poetry....

Amazon.comBarnes & Noble.comChapters.Indigo.ca  BookData

Short Stories

Last Time I Saw My Father
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
True Story of a love lost, reality and understanding life as we live it......

Aretha Franklin The Queen of Soul IN L A
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
LIFE Choir will be special guest performers....

Americas' Got Talent - My Audition Los Angeles, CA
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Real Story of an actual person who will tell her story of how she auditioned....

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Song
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Song RAVENS of Baltimore youtu.be/dmZ9jhiUnWc Link to song...

Change In LIFE Is Evident
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
What do you change about you?...

Video email...Everybody's Having Fun!
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
You are about to experience Technology that has been long over do. Like The Jetson's of the Sixties, when they could look at TV/Video from the telephone. They could see who was calling before they ...

Writers Beware - Reviewers a Solution
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Get Reviewed - Improve on your writing skills...


Longing For Passion And Love From You
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

A Woman’s Intuition
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
"My gift to all the Ladie's in the world. Stop, Look and Listen to your own first mind."...

Longing For Your Love
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Love & Lust What's the Difference?...

Agree To Disagree
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Agree To Disagree (Published by the ILP for Best Poets 2001) We don't always agree on things But some times we do, We agree that there's a Heaven and Earth, We agree that Je...

4 Sure That Baby Ain't Mine
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Put it to music and call me when you got a track. No offense Ladies - I see this happen alot. Some are my Friends....

An End Not Justified
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

Aunt Inez's Scrambled Eggs
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
As I sit at my dinning room table, I ponder about the time my aunt came to live with us. She just got a divorce and she had a daughter. They moved from Virginia to live with us in Maryland. This is ...


Baltimore Ravens Football League
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

The News About Ethos FR
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

First Stream Business VideoEmail
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Better Business Solutions are here for you. Video Email the FUTURE. ...

Devine Pleasure Richart Chocolates to Die For...
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
RICHART gourmet French chocolate collections combine the finest chocolate and best ingredients the world has to offer in beautifully presented specialty gift chocolate boxes (ballotins). An unforgetta...

Calabasas Alcohol & Drug Care Programs
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
California Access to Recovery Effort For Young Adults Ages 12-20...

Your Cash Central
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Do you NEED CASH NOW for bills, repairs, emergencies, travel, etc.? Now you can get a QUICK CASH ADVANCE of up to $500 on your next paycheck. A cash advance provides you with emrgency cash...

Helpful Car Shopping Advise and Help
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Subject: Need a New Car? Get a quote from a local dealer From: Ready to Deal Are you thinking about buying a new car? Visit Here for your Complimentary New Car QU0TE <...


helloWorld Products
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

Ethos FR is the Liquid Gold Mine Get It Now
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Stop Paying High Gas Prices Start thinking Smart ETHOS Fuel Reformulator The FUTURE Fuel...

SureFire Marketing Educational Courses
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Razors Edge Entertainment Services has provided resource information to our visitors since 1987. Surfing out the web to find a way to improve Marketing technics and improve our sales. Small ...

Welcome to the World Erica Scott Actress
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
ERICA SCOTT - New Child Actress AGE:10 Looking to be casted in the movies Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA ...

Wanted People For Ranch Employment
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
Summer Job on a Ranch with Horses and Cowboys and Ranchers....

Razors Edge Ent. Promotion
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher

Looking For A Home Business
 by R.E.E.S Blogs & Linda Smith, Publisher
We are looking for YOU. Kall Me on the BUTTON at >>>>Helloworld...


Jazz Artist Al B Threats
JAZZ Artist Promotion Alfred B Threats www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/2764227/1804950/Artist/1804950/Artist/link *Show him some love and support on his first CD Single "Cry'N Hart" on the CD titled "POSTERITY" Buy it on ITUNES NOW!

LIFE Choir Gospel Group
Love, Inspiration, Faith, Everlasting Means LIFE...Help us to Help others. Give us your support and we do all the work. All donations are tax deductible records are public and your donation is greatly appreciated. LIFE Choir, P O 93082, Los Angeles,CA 900930082

Trafford Publishing Company
Get your book published. Recommending, Peter White my Agent. Get great results. I did. Currently, writing a second book. Just keep going from there. Just keep writing.

Wall Art Canvas Art Posters
Let us work for you. Check out our Sponsor. We have Partnered with Google Adsense and Blogger. Moving Forward.
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