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Roland Allnach has always been fascinated by the creative process. His stories depict strange people in strange situations.


Roland has been writing since his early teens, first as a hobby, but as the years passed, more as a serious creative pursuit.  He is an avid reader, with his main interests residing in history, mythology, and literary classics, along with some fantasy and science fiction in his earlier years.  Although his college years were focused on a technical education, he always fostered his interest in literature, and has sought to fill every gap on his bookshelves. 

By nature a do-it-yourself type of personality, his creative inclinations started with art and evolved to the written word.  The process of creativity is a source of fascination for him, and the notion of bringing something to being that would not exist without personal effort and commitment serves not only as inspiration but as fulfillment as well.  So whether it is writing, woodwork, or landscaping, his hands and mind are not often at rest.

Over the years he accumulated a dust laden catalog of his written works, with his reading audience limited to family and friends.  It was only recently that he decided to become serious about publication and the pursuit of a writing career.  After deciding to approach this as a profession and not a hobby, the first glimmers of success came along.  Following the decision to move forward in Fall 2007, he has secured publication for numerous short stories, received a Pushcart Prize nomination, received Editor's Choice nods for several stories, built his own website, and in November 2010 realized publication for an anthology of three novellas, titled Remnant, from All Things That Matter Press.  He followed this with the 2012 publication of his second book, Oddities & Entities.

His writing can best be described as depicting strange people involved in perhaps stranger situations.  He is not devoted to any one genre of writing.  Instead, he prefers to let his stories follow their own path.  Classification can follow after the fact, but if one is looking for labels, one would find his stories in several categories.  Sometimes speculative, other times supernatural, at times horror, with journeys into mainstream fiction, and even some humor- or perhaps the bizarre.  Despite the category, he aims to depict characters as real on the page as they are in his head, with prose of literary quality.  His literary inspirations are as eclectic as his written works- from Poe to Kate Chopin, from Homer to Tolkien, from Flaubert to William Gibson, from Shakespeare to Tolstoy, as long as a piece is true to itself, he is willing to go along for the ride.  He hopes to bring the same to his own fiction.

In respect to those regards, both Remnant and Oddities & Entities have received critical acclaim from numerous reviewers, among them Bestsellersworld.com, SanFranciscoBookReview.com, FeatheredQuill.com, ReaderViews.com, RebeccasReads.com, BookReview.com, Foreword Clarion, Midwest Literary Review, and Readers Favorite.

Furthermore, both books have received award recognition:
**Finalist, Science Fiction, 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards
**Bronze Medalist, Science Fiction, 2012 Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards

**Award Winner--Finalist, Science Fiction, 2012 USA Book News Best Book Awards
**Bronze Medal, Short Story, 2014 Feathered Quill Book Awards

Oddities & Entities:
**Bronze Medalist, Horror, 2012 Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards
**Finalist, Paranormal, 2012 Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards
**Award Winner--Finalist, Fiction/Horror, 2012 USA Book News Best Book Awards
**Award Winner--Finalist, Fiction/Anthology, 2012 USA Book News Best Book Awards
**Bronze Medal, Horror, 2012 ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards
**Finalist, Short Stories, 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards
**Winner, Horror, 2014 Pacific Book Review Book Awards

Full reviews can be read on the author's book pages.

Birth Place: Kings Park, NY 11754

Accomplishments: Roland's publication chronology consists of the following:

"After the Empire", Summer 2008 issue of 'The Armchair Aesthete'
"11", Fall 2008 issue of 'Allegory'
"Icon", January 2009 issue of 'Midnight Times'
"Creep", Spring 2009 issue of 'The Storyteller' (Pushcart Prize nominee)
"Return", Fall 2009 issue of 'Lullwater Review'
"Flowers for Colleen", April 2010 issue of 'Absent Willow Review'
"Memento", Annual 2010 issue of 'Reed Magazine'
"Shift/Change", July/August 2010 issue of 'Aphelion'
"The Great Hunter", September 2010 issue of 'Foliate Oak'
"Apogee", Fall 2010 issue of 'Rose & Thorn Journal'
"The City of Never", October 2011 issue of 'Aphelion', also reappearing in February 2012 'Editorial Best of 2011' issue
"Conquest's End", serialized in 'Bewildering Stories' starting with issue 477; Quarterly Editor's Choice
"Turn the Wheel", 'Garden Nettles' issue of Midwest Literary Magazine (7/2012)
"Beheld", August 2012, 'Raphael's Village'

"Remnant", anthology, November 2010 (All Things That Matter Press)
"Remnant", award recognition in National Indie Excellence Awards, Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards, USA Book News Best Book Awards, and Feathered Quill Book Awards

"Oddities & Entities", anthology, March 2012, All Things That Matter Press
"Oddities & Entities", award recognition in National Indie Excellence Awards, Readers Favorite Book of the Year Awards, USA Book News Best Book Awards, ForeWord Reviews Book Awards, Pacific Book Reviews Book Awards

Roland Allnach placed in the 2013 edition of '50 Great Writers You Should be Reading'


Prism by Roland Allnach
'Prism' combines author Roland Allnach's award winning published short fiction and new, previously unpublished fiction....

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Amazon.comAll Things That Matter Press 

Remnant by Roland Allnach
Remnant is an anthology of three individual novellas, linked in theme. The novellas reside on the border of speculative fiction and science fiction. Remnant is Roland Allnach's debut publication in book form....

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Nook (eBook),  Amazon.comAll Things That Matter Press 

Oddities & Entities by Roland Allnach
A critically acclaimed, award winning anthology of six novellas bridging the supernatural, paranormal, and speculative....

Price: $5.99 (eBook)
Kindle (eBook),  Nook (eBook),  Amazon.comAll Things That Matter Press 

Short Stories

 by Roland Allnach
"Beheld", a short story by Roland Allnach, depicts the history of the universe as seen through the eyes of a supreme being. Part philosophy, part science, part evolution, "Beheld" is a thought provok...

Turn the Wheel
 by Roland Allnach
In "Turn the Wheel" a young man divulges a traumatic experience from his youth, and how life in his dysfunctional family resonates through his adulthood....

Conquest's End
 by Roland Allnach
In this tale of mythic fantasy, two other worldly forces clash in a fateful duel laced with tragedy....

The City of Never
 by Roland Allnach
From the editors of Aphelion webzine: An eccentric genuis plans to create his masterpiece, the most beautiful city in the universe. In order to fulfill his dream, he must inject an element of sor...

 by Roland Allnach
In "Shift/Change", the new employee of a hospital morgue holds a number of secrets, only to have them exposed through the decrepit people around him....

 by Roland Allnach
Henry was a deserter, a soldier lost in a war that had forgotten all humanity, until he seeks to reclaim his own humanity by confronting the twist of fate that has hollowed his soul....

The Great Hunter
 by Roland Allnach
A young boy sits in school, his imagination wandering in the tedium of another day. But where he goes, and what happens as a result, catch him by surprise....


Roland Allnach's third book, 'Prism' released!
 by Roland Allnach
Multi-award winning author Roland Allnach announces publication of his third book, 'Prism'....

Cover reveal for Roland Allnach's new book, 'Prism'
 by Roland Allnach
Author Roland Allnach's third book, 'Prism', is soon to be released. A diverse collection of award winning fiction....

Author Roland Allnach receives eleventh national book award
 by Roland Allnach
Author Roland Allnach's second book, 'Oddities & Entities', named Winner/Horror in the 2014 Pacific Book Review Book Awards....

Author Roland Allnach receives tenth national book award
 by Roland Allnach
Author Roland Allnach's book 'Remnant' places in Feathered Quill Book Awards...

Author Roland Allnach named among 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading
 by Roland Allnach
The final results of the voter based contest, "50 Great Writers You Should be Reading" have been announced!...

Contest: 50 Great Authors You Should Be Reading
 by Roland Allnach
Author Roland Allnach asks the favor of your vote to place among the finalists of this contest....

Author Roland Allnach releases new short, Soulmates
 by Roland Allnach
With “Soulmates”, award winning author Roland Allnach offers the surreal tale of a shut-in who learns that feeding his inner self is far more involved, and far more revealing, than he could possibly i...


The Long Island Writers House presents: Roland Allnach 7/18/2015
The Long Island Writers House presents an author reading by Roland Allnach for his third book, 'Prism'....


Roland Allnach's homepage
Roland's website is a resource for all concerns of his published works. The site not only includes links to his works, but background information about the creative process for each work, some advice for fellow developing authors, an email link, and news regarding his writing.

Roland Allnach's author page at Bestsellersworld.com
Includes an author bio, essays regarding the creative process for each of his published works, purchase links for his books, reviews of his writing, and interviews with the author.

Roland Allnach at LibraryThing
LibraryThing is a peer built database of member 'libraries', where both readers and authors can share their reading tastes. Find an evolving list of Roland Allnach's library to get a feel for his literary influences.

Roland Allnach at Facebook
A facebook page with relevant links, and background information about Roland. An evolving project, as are all facebook pages.

Additional information

Roland Allnach's books have brought home two more awards, marking a combined total of eleven national awards between his two titles, 'Remnant' and 'Oddities & Entities'.

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 Roland Allnach
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